True Love Yet to be found

Golden Lass

Chapter 3

The rest of the team smiled as Alex took Spencer to the dance floor. Hotch looked at Alex with hatred in his eye.

Hotch wanted to be the one dancing with Reid not Alex. The team ordered their food.


Spencer was smiling. He couldn't believe he was doing this and in front of his friends. Spencer looked at Alex's eye as the song continued. That spark was there. Reid couldn't help it though the eyes were sparkling with interest. Reid smiled as the song came to an end.

"Thanks for the dance Alex."

"Sure, no problem we should do it again sometime. Maybe Saturday. Without the others if we aren't busy."

"Sure I'd love to." Spencer said blushing.

"Okay, if we aren't busy I'll pick you up at eight."

"Yeah." Spencer said as they walked back to the table. Spencer and Alex ordered their food. They talked to each other and everyone enjoyed it except for one.

Hotch looked at Reid and Alex they were laughing together. Hotch looked at his plate why was this happening his feelings were suppose to stay in check. He didn't show his feelings. Yet he didn't like the way Alex was looking at his Spencer. His Spencer where did that come from? His cell phone rang. It was Jordan and she had a case to go over and needed the team's approval. Hotch cleared his throat. "We got a case guys. Jordan is ready for a briefing."

The others groaned they didn't want to be on a case especially now. They were having so much fun. They got up and headed to the BAU.

"Ohh…first case this is going to be fun." Alex said.

Spencer smiled at Alex. "You'll think that now but wait till you've done a couple of cases. It's not all it's cracked up to be." Spencer continued to walk when Alex stopped him. Spencer looked up blushing a bit. "So does that mean you will always be there if it gets tuff." Alex asked.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows?" Spencer said.

The others continued their walk to the cars. Hotch looked back seeing that Spencer and Alex were speaking and that did not make him happy.

"Reid, Marks lets go. Now!" Hotch said.

Reid looked up to Hotch with fear in his eyes he knew better then to keep his boss waiting.

"Come on Alex. We got to go." Reid said.

They got to the cars. Hotch, Rossi, Marks, and Reid in one car. And Derek and Emily in the other car.

In their car Derek and Emily began to talk.

"Hey what do you think is wrong with Hotch, Morgan?" Emily asked in their vehicle.

"Well if you ask me I think Hotch is jealous that Marks has had Reid's attention since he got here. But you know our boss doesn't show his feelings." Morgan said.

"Well if you ask me Gracia, Jordan, JJ, and I are going to have a talk with our little Reid."

"Go for it I'd do it myself but I think Hotch needs my help."

"Why would Hotch need your help?"

"Because he my dear is in love with our dear Dr. Reid."

"Oh, and your going to try and persuade him to go after Reid."

"Of course I would."

"Unfourtunally does Reid feel the same way about Hotch?" Emily asked.

"Don't know." Morgan said.

When they got back Jordan was in the conference room awaiting them. They walked up to her and sit around the table.

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