Description: A new threat appears and a new Ronin shows up to help out. What's up with the new armor and why does the dynasty want it so bad?

Disclaimer: I don't own Ronin Warrior. However I do own Jamie and her protectors, also the new evil threatening the world.

Hello this is Shebajay. Just to let you know this my first story I've actually uploaded for people to read. I've been working on four stories, which I doubt I'll put up. Anyways, lets get on with the show, I mean story.

Chapter 1: A New Ronin Appears Temple of Leafe

In a Temple hidden deep in a forest somewhere in Japan, a young girl was staring into a fire trying to see what hunted her dreams. The young girl looked like she was eighteen or nineteen. The girl had long blond hair that reached down to her waist, and green eyes that were like emeralds. Jamie wore a shrine maiden kimono that was green and black with a hint of purple.

"Jamie," came a voice. The voice pulled the young girl out of her trance.

"Hitoshi," Jamie said as she turned to see who called her. The voice that had called to Jamie belonged to a young man. He had long brown hair that went to his shoulders, his eyes were gray and his face showed no emotions. "Is something wrong," she asked.

"Hitoshi was worried about you," three girls entered the temple. "We were all worried about you."

"Ayama, Madoka, and Yuriko," Jamie said puzzled. "Why would you worry about me?"

"Because," Ayama said, "You have been meditating for so long." Ayama has red hair that went to her waist. Her eyes were gray like Hitoshi's eyes.

"Not only that," said Madoka. Madoka had black hair that went to her just below her shoulders. Her eyes where like sapphires, blue and clear.

"You know we are your guardians," Yuriko finished for Madoka. For some reason Yuriko's hair was green, it ended at her shoulders. Her eyes were brown with a hint of red in them. No one knew why her hair or eyes had contained these colors (Some one want it that way, cough-author-cough).

" I can take care of myself," Jamie sighed. "After all…"

"We know," said Ayama, "You are a Ronin Warrior. The armor of Leafe chose you."

"That's not what I was going to say," Jamie said. "You know that armor can't fall into the hands of the dynasty. And that's why this temple is protected from the outside world." Jamie looked at everyone. "Beside, I've been trained my whole life to fight. It's my duty as a Leafe priestess to protect the armor."

"Jamie," Hitoshi said. "Leafe guardians are meant to protect you."

"I know," Jamie sighed. She looked at Hitoshi and smiled. "I'm thankful for your protection. Just don't over do it."

"By the way," said Madoka. "What were you doing in here for so long?" Everyone looked at Jamie with curiosity written on everyone's face.

"I had a dream last night," Jamie answered. "The worst part of the dream is it's more of a premonition the a dream."

"What," said Yuriko. Everyone looked at Jamie with the same expression of being startled. "So what's going to happen?"

"I'm not sure," Jamie said. "All I know is my armor will be needed to help save the world."

"Do you mean a new threat will be coming," asked Madoka. "If so, aren't the other Ronin Warriors in danger?"

"Yes," Jamie answered. "But the dynasty wont attack them first. They will be coming here."

"Are you sure," asked Hitoshi, everyone was worried about what was about to happen.

"From what I've seen in my dreams, yes" was Jamie's answer. "The temple will be brunt to the ground and everyone will be killed regardless of the Leafe armor being handed over or not." Everyone flinched at her words they came off really cruelly.

"My lady if this is to come to pass you should leave," said Ayama. "We can't let the Leafe armor fall into their hands."

"I'm not leaving," said Jamie, her voice full of command. "They would only follow me." She looked at everyone with a look that said don't want to hear it. "Please tell everyone to leave the temple and head to our sister temple. They will be safe there. Also, have some one send word to the Ronin Warriors."

Temple of Leafe: Three Hours Later

Everyone was evacuated and the only ones left in the temple were Jamie and her four guardians. Just then a white tiger came rushing into the temple making everyone flinch.

"Sheba," Jamie said. "Is the dynasty here already?" Sheba growled in response to Jamie's questions. (A/N: I know what you are thinking, and yes Jamie had to have a white tiger as well. I mean what fun would it be if she didn't right?)

"Jamie," Said Hitoshi. Jamie ran to the alter in the room and removed the crystal orb that held the armor of Leafe. " The enemy is here."

"Jamie," said Yuriko. "You should escape as soon as possible."

"No," Jamie said. Just then the orb in Jamie's had began to glow. Her kimono dissolved and the Leafe sub-armor appeared. The sub-armor was purple and black; it fit her nicely showing her curves off a little. Everyone looked and saw Jamie wasn't going to back down from this fight.

"Alright," said Hitoshi, his gray eyes seemed to sharpen and looked more deadly. "Lets show these dynasty losers they messed with the wrong warriors." Everyone nodded. In a matter of minutes close to 200 dynasty soldiers appeared. Of Course must of them were outside the temple seeing how only seventy-five could fight inside the temple.

"This isn't good," said Ayama. It was hard for them to maneuver in the small space they were in. "At this rate we don't stand a chance." She took out five out the soldiers that were close to her.

"Damn," said Madoka. "Each time we defeat one, another just takes its place." Madoka dodged an attack and took a soldier out.

"Man," said Yuriko. "We have to find away out of the temple or we will be trapped." She was fighting five of the soldiers at one.

"I don't think it'll be that easy," said Hitoshi. He looked over towards Jamie who seemed to have the enemy drawn to her. Hitoshi was fighting to get closer to Jamie in order to protect her.

"There is no end to them," Jamie said. She had just taken out ten guys in five minutes. For granted for a highly trained warrior the dynasty soldiers were nothing more then an annoyance, but still with so may popping up even Jamie was have difficulty dealing with them. "Damn it, this isn't working." She was getting frustrated.

"Jamie," Hitoshi said as he reached her. Everyone was struggling in this battle. It has been over an hour since they had begun fighting.

"Hitoshi," Ayama yelled out, "get Jamie out of here. You are the only one with that power." Sheba growled when Jamie was almost got hit after she took out a dynasty soldier.

"We are counting on you to protect her," Madoka and Yuriko said pleadingly.

"But," Hitoshi protested only to be cut off.

"Don't worry about the three of us," said Ayama calmly. "It's our job to protect Jamie."

"We knew something like this was bound to happen," said Madoka. "That's why we aren't afraid to lose our life." Jamie froze at those words.

This can't be happening, Jamie thought, all of this is my fault.

"The three of us decided we wanted you, Hitoshi to be with Jamie," said Yuriko. "That's why you have to take Jamie and leave with Sheba."

"Please hurry," the three girls begged Hitoshi. Hitoshi nodded and grabbed Jamie and put his hand on Sheba's head. Jamie was in a daze while Hitoshi began to glow and the three of them vanished. "Bye," was the last thing Jamie heard.

Yeah chapter one is over. How was it? Let me know if you liked it. By the way the others will show up next chapter I promise.