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Chapter 11: The Hunt for Fumio and Kiyoshi's Mystic Weapons

Back in the Fire reading room

"I think they are coming to," Hitoshi's voice registering with Jamie and Rowen as they began to wake up from their out of body time travel.

"Jamie," said Yuriko relieved to see them awake, "are you alright?"

"Geez," said Rowen sitting up slowly, "don't bother asking about me."

"Yes we are fine," said Jamie as she inched closer to Rowen. Her emotions were a mess and she was trying to hide behind Rowen.

"Jamie," asked Fumio worried. "What is wrong?"

"I'm sorry," said Jamie, her voice was muffled by Rowen's cloths as she hid behind him. "Toshiko tried to prevent my vision and the result was Rowen and I being sent back in time."

"Don't worry," said Ryo smiling reassuringly at Jamie. "No one is mad at you Jamie. We are just glad you are home safely," everyone agreeing with what Ryo said.

"Jamie do you want to rest before explaining what happened," asked Kayura.

"That would be a good idea," said Rowen standing up bring Jamie with him. "Jamie has some things she needs to sort out some things before talking to everyone. Please excuse us." Rowen and Jamie leaves to go to their rooms.

"Jamie must be shaken up pretty badly," said Kiyoshi after the two left.

"What do you mean," asked Yuli looking confused. "She didn't seem any different then usual. I've seen Jamie shaking and crying before." Both Fumio and Kiyoshi looked at Yuli startled. Jamie had broken down to tears and they weren't around for her.

"Jamie does tend to react differently according to each situation she's in," said Fumio sadly. "This time she preferred to hide and avoid talking. Last time she broke down and cried."

"Anyways," said Kiyoshi smiling and changing the subject. "It is late and we should be in bed sleeping."

"Yuli," said Mia, "in bed know. It's way past your bed time mister."

"Ah, Mia," pouted Yuli has Mia and Ryo carried Yuli to his room.

"Fumio and Kiyoshi I'll show you two to your room," said Kayura. "Seeing how Mia and Ryo have their hands full with a reluctant Yuli."

"Thank you Kayura," both the boys said and followed her out. Everyone else decided to head to his or her own rooms and sleep the rest of the night.

Shebajay's Passing thought:

Shebajay: I can't remember if I told you who share a room together. Mia, Ryo, Jamie, Hitoshi, and Yuli have their own room. Shared rooms are Rowen/Sage, Kento/Cye, Yuriko/Kayura, Madoka/Ayama (Madoka won't kill Ayama like Jamie or Yuriko would if they got mad at Ayama) and last but not least Fumio/Kiyoshi (they are hardly ever separated when they are together).

End of Shebajay's Passing thought

Early Next Morning (Around 5)

"Sheba," called Jamie softly to her friend, she was dressed in sweat pants and a black t-shirt. "Shall we go for a run this morning before everyone wakes up?" Sheba let out a soft meow sound. Jamie walked out onto her balcony with Sheba right beside her. She decided it'd be a lot easier to escape this way without being noticed. Sheba and Jamie jumped down and started their two-hour run.

Two hours late

"That was a good run," sighed Jamie as she and Sheba walked through the front door (they really don't have a reason to lock it, since the mansion is in the middle of no where). "We really need to do this more often. Right, Sheba?" Sheba rubbed her head up against Jamie's leg.

"Good Morning Jamie," said Cye as he came out of the kitchen followed by White Blaze. "I didn't know you were up this early."

"Yeah I've been up for two hours already," said Jamie with a tilt of her head. "I thought a run with Sheba would help clear my mind. Not to mention Sheba loves to run for about two-three hours with me."

"White Blaze is like that," said Cye. "I take him and run for an hour and then Ryo usually runs another hour or two with him when he wakes up."

"Hmm… Maybe I should see if Ryo would take Sheba with him," said Jamie making Cye laugh. "It would definitely help me out. I usually run twice a day with Sheba. Well she usually lets me ride on her in the afternoon, so I guess it's not too bad." Jamie looked down at Sheba who was eyeing an empty food dish. "Sheba are you hungry my love?"

Sheba sent a look that said 'of course I am, now feed me.' Jamie began to laugh. "Okay my love, give me a few seconds." Cye was laughing softly at the interaction between Jamie and Sheba.

"It's been awhile since I've seen her relaxed this much," said Rowen as he entered the kitchen to stand next to Cye. Jamie was to busy with Sheba who decided to be cute and pounce on her charge.

"Sheba," said Jamie gasping in laughter. "Okay you win. Let me up so I can feed you." Sheba moved and Rowen helped her up smiling.

"Are you alright," asked Rowen with sarcasm present. Jamie and Rowen busted out laughing when she decided to punch Rowen lightly in the arm. After that everyone ate and waited patiently for Jamie and Rowen to explain what happened yesterday.

After Explanation: (Shebajay: Go read chapter 10 part 2 &3. I'm too lazy to down grade the whole thing.)

"So, Toshiko has ten generals with weapons that have elemental powers that are like you mystical armor," said Sage to sum up who the new threat is. Jamie and Rowen nodded. "Not to mention Jamie still doesn't know about her second armor."

"Hey," said Jamie pouting cutely. "The main reason Rowen and I were sent back to the past was to see who Toshiko's guardians were and where Fumio and Kiyoshi's mystic weapons were located. I had no intention finding out what the Leafe armors second form was."

"Well any way let's move on," said Fumio. "What did you learn about the location of where their weapons are located in?"

"Let's see," said Jamie looking at Fumio. "Fumio's Air Hankyu is located in a cavern where the light shines the brightest in the darkness and Kiyoshi's Wind Katanas are located in a cave behind a waterfall where the king sleeps. I assume they belong to a legend of ancient Japan." Jamie stopped and looked at the Ronins (well except Rowen and Kayura) who were gabbed smacked at the clues to where they needed to find the mystic weapons.

"Well this shouldn't be too hard to locate them," said Kento smiling, "and here I thought we'd have to look all over Japan to find them." Jamie looked at Rowen confused.

"Both places were where we found Sage and Kento when Talpa separated us," explained Ryo smiling. "They are the origin of where the armor of Halo and Hardrock created."

"Well, that makes things somewhat easier," said Ayama smiling softly. "At least we know the where about of Fumio and Kiyoshi's mystic weapons. Now how do we go about finding them?"

"It would be best to split into two groups and look for the weapons," said Hitoshi.

"Doing that could be dangerous," said Mia a little concern.

"I agree with Hitoshi," said Ryo carefully. "It may be more dangerous if we split up. However, it would take a lot longer if we all searched for them in one location." He looked at Mia understanding her concern. "I have a feeling we don't have much time to find Fumio and Kiyoshi's mystic weapons." Ryo had a far off expression with the last statement.

"Ryo," asked Sage worried about their leader, "what was your nightmare about?" Everyone looked at Sage and then Ryo confused with the interaction between the two.

"Sage," said Ryo in a calming voice, "what makes you think that I had a nightmare?"

"Ryo," said Sage getting somewhat irate with him, "how long have we known each other?"

"Ugh," said Ayama deciding to stop the million question game. "Would you two stop asking each other questions. Ryo, just tell us already." The Ronin gaped at her. "What," she snapped. "Jamie and Hitoshi act the same way as you two. Especially when Jamie doesn't want to worry us and the result is us worrying twice as much." Jamie by this time had zoned completely out as she tried to figure out who should split up with whom.

"I got it," said Jamie out loud all of a sudden startling everyone and distracting them from Ryo and Sage.

"Um, Jamie," asked Yuli looking at Jamie with big wide eyes, "what do you got?" Jamie blushed at her sudden outburst.

"Sorry," said Jamie quietly. "I had just been thinking of the best way for us to split up."

"And…," said Madoka pressing Jamie to continue.

"I was thinking that Ryo, Sage, Yuriko, Ayama, Madoka, and Kayura should go with Fumio. While Cye, Hitoshi, Kento, Rowen, and I should go with Kiyoshi," answered Jamie.

"Mia and Yuli can go with Ryo and his group since he can tap into Inferno if he must. As for Sheba and White Blaze we all know they will each accompany their charge," said Rowen.

"That sounds like a good plan," said Kayura agreeing with Jamie and Rowen. "Hitoshi and I can transport our groups to the locations we need to go. It'll be much quicker then riding in those so called cars."

"That's what I was thinking," said Jamie smiling softly. "I really don't want to be stuck in a car for hours on end." This made everyone laugh.

"Okay since we all are agreed," said Ryo smiling, "call on your sub-armors and let's getting this over with." The room was filled with multi-colored flashes of light for a minute and all the Ronin were in sub-armor. The group split up into their search teams and Kayura and Hitoshi each transported their teams to their locations.

Toshiko's Castle

"That meddling Leafe brat," cursed Empress Toshiko. "Not only don't I have the armor of Leafe, but know that brat has two more guardians who should be under my control."

"My lady," came a deep dark voice trying to soothe the pissed empress. "The light guardians were weak and couldn't get over their little priestess. We will have no problem with taking care of her and the rest of the Ronin as well."

"Tadashi," Toshiko called out to her head dark general. A young man with long brown hair that went to his waist and his eyes gray and frigid as the bleak side-walks during the cold winter appeared bowing in front of his empress. He was cloth in black armor (all of the dark generals wear it) that was similar to Hitoshi's ancient armor. "You and your group of mystic soldiers better not fail me. If you even lose one Mystic Weapon heads will begin to roll." Her power flared and the castle shook with such force from her anger. "Now send one of your men to each of the locations the Ronin are head for." Tadashi bowed out and returned to his chambers.

Dark Generals Chambers

"Sadao and Iwao," called out Tadashi as soon as he entered the Dark Generals personal chambers. As soon as the two appeared in front of Tadashi, he gave him there orders. Sadao who had short black hair that looked like a mushroom was growing out of his head and piercing green eyes. Iwao had long silver hair that was just below the nape of his neck and he had piercing red eyes. "Iwao, I want you to go to the kings throne," Tadashi said and then addressed Sadao, "and I want you Sadao to go to the caverns. I want to take Fumio and Kiyoshi's Mystic Weapons at any cost. Don't lose your own, our lady will be displeased. Don't bother returning if you are missing your weapons." Tadashi's voice was as cold and deadly as steel. Both Sadao and Iwao bowed and vanished to face off with their targets.

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