Hopes For The Future

Legion weddings were typically fraught with tension and the occasional (though not unexpected) mini-battle against whichever bad guy decided to stage an attack.

The wedding of Querl Dox, one Brainiac 5, to Laurel Gand, once Andromeda, now Sister Andi, had more than its fair share of tension involved in the planning, but went off without a hitch. Well, the bride and groom got hitched, but that was different.

"To my people, logic is the ultimate in life's goals," Brainy said, his gaze holding Laurel's as determinedly as his hands held hers between them. "When I fell in love with you, my usually logical trains of thought were thrown into chaos. And yet, for all that, falling in love with you was the most logical thing for me to do. Because I could not live my life without you in it, Laurel."

Eyes shining brightly with unshed tears, Laurel smiled tremulously as she said her own vows. "My people are known for their strength. But I have never been stronger than with you by my side. My love for you allowed me to come out of the shell I hid myself in for so long. Because I could not imagine a life where I wasn't allowed to love you, freely and without reservation."

"Do you, Querl Dox, take this woman, Laurel Gand, to be your lawfully wedded spouse under United Planets law?" the minister asked.

"I do," Querl replied, tone soft but voice loud enough to ring through the room. His eyes never left Laurel's, and his hands squeezed hers.

The minister turned to Laurel and repeated, "Do you, Laurel Gand, take this man, Querl Dox, to be your lawfully wedded spouse under United Planets law?"

"I do," Laurel replied happily, eyes shining, lips unable to keep from smiling.

"Then, by the power invested in me by the United Planets, I now pronounce you wed," the minister stated with just a touch of smugness in his satisfaction. "You may now–" he stumbled as he saw Laurel grin and grab for Querl at the same moment as he moved towards her, "–continue snogging the living daylights out of each other," he finished in a mutter, as cheers erupted from the gather Legionnaires.

The only recently ordained Reverend R.J. Brand of the United Planets Church of the Cosmos (Reformed), smiled as he watched these two lost souls floating in mid-air, wrapped up in each other both literally and figuratively, both too happy to keep control of their exchanged flight rings. Laurel's parents had disowned her for marrying an outworlder, and she would never be able to take either her husband or future children to Daxam without facing extreme prejudice. The Coluan Council had not gone as far, prejudice not being logical (unless, of course, it pertained to intelligence, as in this matter) but had banned any of Brainiac 5's offspring from attaining Coluan citizenship unless they proved to have at least an intelligence rating of 11 (which wasn't as severe as they thought, considering how well Querl could manipulate biomatter on a molecular level).

However, once those proclamations had been enacted, nothing stood in Laurel and Querl's way as they had made their plans for marital bliss. The results of which had turned out to be an elegantly simple ceremony full of brief, sincere words, and were soon to be followed by one of the spectacularly room-rocking parties for which the more gregarious members of the Legion were known for throwing.

"By damn, I do hope they'll be happy together," R.J. whispered, a single tear rolling down his cheek. Those two crazy kids could use all the luck they could get.

And so could their children, in all probability the Legion's future.