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Reunion of the slayers

"Is anything wrong?" Kagome asked Inuyasha as he stopped all of a sudden.

"It's a demon! I can smell it." He retorted back picking up his fighting stance.

"I can also sense it. And it seems we are in for some action." Said Miroku in what was almost a carefree voice. He had been traveling for a long time with the group and it was obvious that it had become a sort of daily routine for them.

"Miroku!" Sango exclaimed in what was a sort of concern in her voice "I don't think you should take these demon things so casually." As she said she also got her Hiraikotsu ready.

Miroku was about to say something as a loud "KAAAA" was heard in the distance! It was a bird demon and it was definitely not in any playing mood.

It raced towards the group, Inuyasha just managed to dodge it as it came back for round 2.

"Windscar" yelled Inuyasha as he drew his sword.

"Inuyasha I think you need a little more target practice" chuckled Miroku as he saw the energy attack miss the demon.

"Oh yeah" he growled back as he saw the bird going for the Houshi "Lets see what YOU can do."

Miroku was far from intimidated. As expected he dodged the bird even hitting it with his shaft in the process wounding it. But his celebration was short lived as the bird headed for Kagome inspite of its injuries.

"Kagome watch out" yelled Inuyasha when Sango came in between Kagome and the bird. In one leap he landed next to Kagome and helped her out of the danger zone but Sango was completely knocked out.

'If something happens to Sango I will never be able to forgive myself' thought Miroku as he raced towards Sango to protect her, the bird came back for the unconscious Sango. Miroku was ready to suck the preying bird in his wind tunnel when all of a sudden a strange yet familiar sound echoed all over. 'No, it cant be' thought Miroku as he saw a boomerang much similar to Sango's only black came out of nowhere and slashed the bird into two.

The bird gave out a huge wail in its dying moments but Miroku was to preoccupied to see that. As he and the others turned around they saw a tall woman in a demon slayers costume standing there. She was almost like a mirror image to Sango.

"Uh…..hhhhhhh" cried Sango as she regained her consciousness.

"So long time no see" said the mysterious girl as she walked over towards Sango and helped her up "Remember me? My dear Sango " she said in almost a mocking tone.

"IT'S YOU" Sango said, her eyes shot up, there was clearly a look of disbelief in her face, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"


"So you mean to say you two know each other" said Inuyasha in his usual cocky yet relieved tone "Let me get this straight you two were friends when you were children and even learnt your demon slaying lessons together"

"Yes and then one day when the day came when one of us were about to be chosen as the future leader of our tribe they chose Sango over me, and from that day I left the village in search of my own adventures" finished the mysterious Ex-Slayer who named herself Nanami.

"But why did you leave" asked Sango as the others looked on "Was it because of me?"

Her words were cut short by the other slayers immediate response "NO! To be honest I never wanted to be a demon slayer, I always wanted adventure and the monotonous 'Slay a demon as some wealthy lords wants so' life did not appeal to me, throughout the time I stayed I always wanted to do this so when I was not elected I decided to fulfill my dreams and hit the never ending road."

"But you never told me anything about her to anyone" complained Kagome to Sango.

"I never really pondered over my past and so it never ever came to my mind to be honest" replied Sango.

"You should have atleast told me about it" said Miroku.

"So that you could drool over Nanami too you lecher!" mocked Inuyasha.

"So are your other friends this beautiful as well" said Miroku turning towards the semi blushing Nanami who obviously liked the compliment although disguised her reaction quite well for anyone to notice, it was again obvious that Miroku completely ignored the hanyou.

"Don't get any ideas monk" warned Sango "She is much more violent than me and besides she is definitely harder to reach than anyone you even tried so if you know whats good for your health you better watch your step."

"I am Miroku and let me introduce you to the rest of the group" said Miroku as he grabbed the other slayers hand and kissed it earning a dirty look from Sango, "let me introduce you to the rest of the group." As he tried to ignore Sango's 'I am gonna screw you bigtime' look deep inside him a voice whispered "Miroku, this is gonna be all the more challenging and all the more fun."


"So you are practically demon slayers who are looking for Naraku"


"So now that we have finally met what are you going to do henceforth" Sango asked.

"Why don't you come with us" Kagome suggested.

"Not a bad idea "replied Nanami after some thought "But only if the group wants me"

"Oh come on it will be so much fun" Kagome was persistent.

"We should not force her" said Sango almost as if she didn't like the idea, her mind was now revolving entirely around Miroku, two females in the group was bad enough but if the Boy:Girl ratio started to increase theres no telling where his roaming hands could go, and she would have some stiff competition even within the group, as if all the other women outside the group weren't bad enough!

But to her disappointment none of the group seemed to resent Nanami's inclusion and especially Miroku, it was as if he was on cloud nine. She herself could not resent it as she didn't want to make her old friend think that she hated her or something!

"Now I bet the houshi's cheeks are going to be slapped all the time" joked Inuyasha.

Nanami was obviously clueless about what Inuyasha was talking about but she was going to find it out sooner rather than later.

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