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I love you Nanami and sincerely hope that you go to hell

"So a half demon, a holy monk, a reincarnated Miko, AND a demon slayer you have got quite a combination here! So who is the leader?" asked Nanami.

"Not really we don't really have a leader we all just stay together, like a family!" said Sango, "But I want to correct you on a misconception, there is nothing holy about the monk!"

"But there must be a head; there are two males in the group who is the strongest?"

"Obviously it's me" yelled Inuyasha.

However Miroku remained silent, "Wont you object to that" Nanami asked him.

"We never had a real fight so no one really knows, then again just because Inuyasha says so doesn't mean I am weak does it? He says so all the time!" said Miroku.

"Why don't you settle your differences with a fight right here right now?" Nanami's comments made both Sango and Kagome a little careful.

"No I don't think that's necessary, besides both of them helped each other on numerous occasions, I don't think anyone of them is better than the other" said Kagome hoping to calm the two males.

"Really", said Nanami turning to Miroku, who wasn't really bothered by the entire situation, "Is that so Miroku?"

"Well I am but a human so I will leave others to be the judge, I don't believe in judging my own self, and being a monk I don't believe in unnecessary violence."

"You have got quite a few high morals in your life don't you?" said Nanami.

All of the group almost tumbled over her comment, Sango was almost struck by lightning, 'that lecherous monk is behaving like a perfect gentleman! Was that possible?'

"You could say so" said Miroku ignoring the open jawed stares.

'Whats wrong with him?' Thought Sango 'I am sure that he has developed some kind of scheme to seduce her'

….After a while…..

'Whats wrong with Miroku? It's been almost two days since Nanami joined our group still Miroku hasn't tried anything with her, did he really give up on womanizing after proposing to Sango or is he sick?' Inuyasha thought to himself and almost at the same time….


"Finally, I knew you would not be able to check your hands" yelled Inuyasha with a sigh of relief "Nanami don't walk beside the guy" he said not bothering to look.

"But I am not walking with him" Nanami's voice was heard and almost immediately everyone turned their eyes towards Sango. Yup if it hadn't been Nanami then it had to be her! Miroku walked on with his read cheek as if nothing had happened but as those two were at the far back of the group so perhaps Nanami didn't understand the whole situation.

As another hour of walking came to an end the group came to a beautiful place by a hillside.

"Lets camp here for today" suggested Kagome

Though unwillingly Inuyasha agreed. As they settled Miroku and Inuyasha returned with the firewood and the news of a hot spring not far away. As the girls made their way to the spring Inuyasha and Miroku sat beside a giant tree. Inuyasha was the first to break the silence.

"Miroku do you think you are alright?" said Inuyasha with a genuinely concerned looking face "You haven't tried anything with Nanami, is it some lecherous scheme of yours or have you really corrected yourself before Sango leaves you permanently?"

"Neither" said Miroku with a half smirk on his face, "Hey Inuyasha don't you think there is something strange about Nanami?"

"No, why whats the deal?"

"Well for starters even Kilala stayed away from her, Nanami is a girl from Sango's past, so Kilala should be utmost friendly with her but that's not the case, and then again she was almost too friendly with me! Tell me Inuyasha if you were a woman and you meet a long lost friend like Sango who asks you to stay away from a certain man what would you do?"

"Stay away from him, I guess" Inuyasha with a bit of uncertainty in his face.

"But Nanami is almost trying to force me into groping her"

"But maybe she has fallen for you!"

"So quickly? I don't think so; I don't like two types of women, Inuyasha, those who take a long time to fall for me, and those who fall for me instantly."

"For once monk I think you have a point, so what do you think her intentions are?"

"I think we will have to wait and find out."

….Meanwhile at the hot spring ….

"Are you sure you are done Nanami? The waters fine why don't you sit here for some more time?" asked Kagome as Nanami prepared to exit the spring.

"No it's allright, besides someone has to cook dinner and as I am new I better start making myself useful."

As Nanami left Sango asked Kagome, "Hey Kagome what do you think is wrong with Miroku? Don't you think he has been acting strange?"

"You are right, you know I am in doubt as to whether Nanami is a female or not cause if it had been so then Miroku should have atleast earned one slap from her by now!"

"Men are weird" muttered Sango as they dropped the topic.

…..At the camp…..

"Nanami, you're back so where are the others?" asked Inuyasha.

"They will be back, hey Miroku do you think you can accompany me to the hotspring, I think I left my boomerang there! Please help me find it"

Miroku looked over to Inuyasha and winked, Inuyasha nodded as Nanami and Miroku made their way to the spring.

…..At the spring…

"So where do you think you left your boomerang?" said Miroku.

"It must be around here somewhere but do you think it's that important?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well after all, it's quite a romantic full moon night, and better things can be done other than searching for a boomerang" she said untying the upper part of her kimono a little exposing her cleavage.

"Well if you insist how I can say no" said Miroku approaching her with some intent.

He almost raced towards her pinning her now shivering body against a tree. He firmly held her hands behind her back as his eyes started to roam over her well toned and structured body. He then lowered his head as he soft kissed the bend of her neck. He could feel her breathing get heavy. "I can keep on going for as long as you want baby" he whispered into her ear as he slid his hand behind her to fully untie her robes, her visage which was now dripping with perspiration as he continued to play with her. He kneaded her breast lightly and stroked his thumbs over two small bulges that protruded through her top. As her kimono became undone she could hear his words as he said "Baby I am gonna make you scream my name so loudly that even Inuyasha will envy me!" And as soon as he was finished much to her surprise he stepped back, her now bare bosom almost whimpered and stiffened. She looked at him with somewhat disbelief in her eyes.

"Too bad you were not human otherwise all what I said could have been true" said Miroku and almost instantaneously "Windscar" came a noise as Miroku shifted his position in a second, a wave of pure energy surrounded the area and in less than a second the ground on which she stood on was covered with her dead carcass which attained it's true form of a hideous demon"

Meanwhile the commotion had already brought Kagome and Sango there who saw her once best friend turn into a demon. Inuyasha came out from behind the bushes. "You boys have some explaining to do" said Sango turning over to the boys.

….At the camp that night…...

"So what you're saying is that Nanami wasn't the old friend Sango knew but another puppet of Naraku who was literally trying to create differences within this group!" said Kagome as she sat beside the fire.

"Yes and we wouldn't have found out if it hadn't been for Miroku!" said Inuyasha as he patted him on his back.

"How did you even start to suspect her?" enquired Kagome, "Naraku did such a good job out of her that even Inuyasha couldn't smell Naraku's stench, and there was no spider mark on her back as well!"

"Well Naraku did a good job at hiding his trail but he could not cover it entirely!" said Miroku in a coy tone, "Nanami could hide herself as long as she was conscious but when she slept the spider mark reappeared on her back, though it was a little faint but after some observations I was sure that she had some kind of connection with Naraku, after that when I asked Hachiemon to go look for your old friend, the real Nanami, he returned with the news that a girl named Nanami supposedly an ex-demon slayer had returned to the slayers village and now she is married too and has kids!"

"So that sorts it out then" sighed Kagome with a feel of relief, "Naraku must have dug up some information on Sango and used her weak spot against…."

"Hey wait a minute!" Kagome's words were cut off by Sango, "How did you see Nanami's bare back?"

"Well" said Miroku, the nervousness and fear in his voice was understood even by the rocks and trees, "I…I….I can explain…..it's like this that eh…."


"Well when the entire group slept I couldn't resist and decided to… well…..caress her when accidentally her kimono got loose and I happened to notice the spider! I will never do it again I swear!" sweat was dripping from his forehead as he said this but no one really had the time to notice as he embarked on a frantic run.

"I will kill you today and make sure you don't do this ever again" yelled Sango as she chased him like a mad woman, Hiraikotsu in hand!

"Sango" pleaded Miroku as he continued to run, "If you kill me now you will become a widow even before you are married!"

"I don't mind staying a virgin for the rest of my life if that's what you are pointing at"

"But I do" shouted Miroku as the pair got out of sight.

"And I thought he was finally becoming a gentleman" sighed Kagome, "Do you think they will be allright Inuyasha?"

"Yup, they'll be allright, by the way how do you think they will make up this time? I bet it's gonna take atleast a month"

"Nope, they will probably start talking in less than a week"

"Well all I care right now is the food ….Hey where is it?" Inuyasha almost gasped.

"I thought Miroku was about to prepare it…wait a minute….oh no the supper is burnt, COMPLETELY!" complained Kagome.

"Why does this happen to us?" both whined staring up at the heavens.

Authors note:

I know that some of you might have forgotten Hachiemon but I am leaving a description of him to rake your brains:


Hachiemon: Miroku calls him Hachi(I think). Hachi is a very loyal friend of Miroku! In one of the episodes he took the form of Miroku to sell fake seals and exorcisms and have his way with the ladies. The eventual result was that while Hachi was being assaulted by a weasle demon, Miroku intervened and saved Hachie from the is a shape shifter (most probably) and sometimes takes the group from one place to another by changing into a…..well…..inflated balloon like creature.

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