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Chapter 1

I'm starting to get impatient, Alice told me they would be back at 4:30, and it's now 6.

I still have to talk to Bella about yesterday's …. Visit.

Stop being so paranoid, I can hear your foot tapping from up here.

"Sorry Carlisle" I spoke just loud enough for him to hear. I sighed and remembered what happened yesterday.


"I've got to go now Bella, I'm going hunting with everyone." She turned around, with a pout – which may I ad is my favorite Bella face – on her pink lips. She was wearing dungarees that Alice had bought, the moment she saw Bella buy the paint cans. I must say she looked cute.

"But, we haven't finished painting my room yet!" she giggled, and flicked paint at my face.

We had just covered the 3rd wall in – as she put it – cookie dough. It's her new favorite colour.

"How long will you be gone" she made her way towards me.

"I should be back before tomorrow morning"

Walking and talking at the same time, was never one of Bella's skills, so I caught her before she hit her face on the sheet covered floor.

"Thanks" she mumbled and blushed a deep cherry red. I cuddled her to my chest before pressing my lips to hers.

After a few minutes of this, she stood on her toes and attempted to deepen our kiss, by rubbing her tongue against my bottom lip. I sighed and opened my eyes.

"not that I don't want to carry on Love ,but I need to hunt." I pushed her away, as gently as I could, and pecked her forehead.

"Fine, but when you get back, we WILL carry on from where we left off" I grinned at her attempt to be demanding.

"ok, now I must leave before my family raid the house."

I jumped out the window, as I was already late, and sprinted off towards the woods.

Finally! What were you doing!?

"sorry Emmet!" I laughed.

What about the rest of us! We've been out here waiting too!

I sighed trust Alice to want a speech of apology.

"Sorry guys, I got a little held up but we can go now."

It's ok, but you have paint on your nose, and in 10 seconds Emmet's going to come up with a line about it, and you won't hear the end of it.

I tried to wipe it off without anyone noticing, and gave a nod of thanks to Alice. No matter how annoying, she always has my back.

"Alice, what's with the translating?" I asked as we passed the border into Canada.

We were running in our own little groups:

Carlisle and Esme

Emmet and Rosalie

Me, Alice, and Jasper

"I was just keeping myself entertained" She smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

I could tell jasper felt her unease as well, as he slipped a hand in hers. I sped up to run in front of everyone, and spent the rest of the journey thinking of my angel back at home.

"Edward she would want you to have fun, so stop sulking and join in." Alice sat next to me on the bolder. I had already drained two mountain lions, and I wasn't thirsty anymore.

"What is she up to?" I stared into the distance, only glancing quickly at Alice when she closed her eyes.

"Urmmmm, just painting her room" she said at vampire speed, then shot off.

She's worried about something.

"Thanks Jasper, would you be able to get it out of her?" I said as he leaned on a nearby tree.

Oh I have my ways ;)

"ok I don't need details, just tell me when you find out"

Jasper disappeared after Alice and I was left alone again.

(10 minutes later)

I finally thought it was safe, to check Jaspers mind.

Jacob is helping Bella finish painting her room. Alice doesn't want you to be angry. Please don't go, I'm the only one she's told and I can't stand it if she gives me the cold shoulder for telling you.

"Did she tell you if he hurt her?" I whispered hoping he was close enough to hear.

Do you really think Alice would still be here if he was going to hurt her?

The guy had a point.

"Ok Jasper, I won't go but if anything changes tell me!" I lay back and tried not to think about back home anymore.

We had just made it to the edge of the forest back in Forks, and I could smell the dog. I let out a small growl.

I'm going to take Bella shopping for a couple of hours, calm down for when she gets back.

"I'm not annoyed at her." I said through my teeth.

"But if you show your angry at him, then she'll be upset!" she walked towards the house and I ran home ….


I was brought out of my memories by the sound of tires on the drive, I looked out the window to see Alice in her bright yellow car.

Bella is at her house.

I nodded and set off to confront Bella…. She was never to see Jacob again.


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