Jagged Pieces

By wired2damoon

Chapter 1: When It Rains

A/N: Okay, this is my very first drabble series (I am not used to writing short passages at all so forgive me if they're crap) ever, so I decided to do my first one on my favourite couple Booth/Bones. There will be some friendship chapters and some Angela/Hodgins too, though. Hope I don't disappoint. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All Bones Material Belongs To FOX and its creator Hart Hanson. Not me. Sigh…

1 - When It Rains

Time Line - Following Events Of Wannabe In The Weeds

Word Count - 520

POV - Temperance Brennan

One, solitary tear rolled down the soft, lightly-crimson cheek. The cerulean eyes flickered towards the window and the frown that graced the beautiful, pale face, deepened. Specks of water hit the glass harshly, whilst a flash of lightening streaked the darkened, cloud-filled sky.

An uneven, almost inaudible sob escaped the reddened lips and the teeth darted out to clamp down fiercely to try and muffle the sound. Again, the head snapped up to the clock that lay on the unnaturally white wall.

Five hours. Six minutes. Twenty two seconds.

Yes, counting was good. It kept her mind from reeling with worry. It kept away the alarming images of her partner sprawled on the floor, gasping for breath, deep, thick, blood oozing from his chest…

The eyes snapped shut and another tear escaped, trailing down the side of the nose. Quickly, the hand - that remained stained faintly pink from trying to stop the bleeding, rose up and harshly banished the tear from her skin.

The rain had eased up a little. She could see a doctor slowly approaching, halting a few feet from her and - with lowered eyes, removed his surgical mask.

"I'm so very sorry, we did everything we could but…Agent Booth didn't make it…"

Vaguely, Temperance was aware that someone had started sobbing loudly beside her, whilst someone else calmed them with a frantic tone, and others began pacing and quizzing the surgeon.

But the anthropologist blocked out all of that. She compartmentalised. The words kept ringing and ringing in her head but she had already began to shut down and began focusing on the rain. Yes, this was the perfect distraction. Rain. So beautiful, so entertaining, such a sight - like a billion, tiny tears.

And at that precise moment, the doctor promised herself, that she would wait until she was entirely alone, in the confides of her apartment to truly let her emotions show…

But only…when it rained.

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