Jagged Pieces

Chapter 12: What's In A Name?

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Time Line - Sometime during Season 4

Word Count - 1180

POVs - Seeley Booth

Special Agent Seeley Booth.


Agent Booth, Mr. Booth.



All variations of my name. I can list all the people that have called me those variations in the past.

"Special Agent Seeley Booth" is how I would introduce myself at a crime scene, to the families of victims, to suspects, to my superiors etc. and have only ever been referred to as that when being introduced by my partner or superiors too.

My impression? It's too formal.

"Booth." My most common and frequently used name. Everyone calls me it, from my superiors to my colleagues to my friends…my partner. Like I said, it's the most commonly used.

What do I think? Yeah, it's my favourite…the most comfortable. Not too formal, not too informal. Just the way I like it. Casual.

"Agent" or "Mr. Booth." Now they are annoying. Why? Mostly because, nine out of ten times I'm referred to as an "Agent" or "Mr." Booth, it either means I'm being scolded or something bad has happened. For example, "AGENT BOOTH" is what drills into my ears as the Deputy Director of the FBI busts my ass for stepping outta line and "Mr. Booth" is when I'm being told by a doctor to get the hell back into bed when I try and sneak out to see if Bones is okay.

My thoughts? I'm not a fan of either of them…but I think I'd prefer the "Agent." No guy, especially someone who calls me "Mr." or "Sir" is going to keep me the hell away from my partner. If I wanna get out of the bed, then I'll get out of the damn bed!

Then there's "Seel." God, that has to be the worst outta them all. Well, one of them at least. There's only one person who ever has the balls to call me something so…stupid. My brother. Jared. Needless to say, I do get him back a little, by calling him Jerry, but still…nothing, and I mean nothing, could out-embarrass the name "Seel." Trust me. I mean what the hell am I anyway? A frickin' slimy mammal that claps and makes wailing noises at water shows? I mean, come on!

And last, but certainly not least, is "Seeley." Now, as you can imagine, growing up with a name like that was well, not that easy for a kid. But, in true "Booth-fashion" I learned to deal with it and not let it bother me. I still don't let anyone call me it though…with the exception of my mother (when she's around that is.) I mean, it's not like I need to worry about what my father calls me, usually it's something like "you" or "boy" even though I'm in my thirties.

Cam of course, tries to get away with it. But then I just call her Camille and we have our "don't call me Camille," - "don't call me Seeley" conversation, so that soon puts an end to it. So yeah, I don't have to worry about anyone referring to me as Seeley.

Especially my partner. Bones.

But, do ya wanna know something weird? As much as I hate my christen name (God forgive me), I'd give anything…anything to hear her call me Seeley, just once.

Yeah sure, once she did call me "Sir Seeley" when I got 'knighted' but that sure as hell doesn't count… neither does referring to me by my full title "Special Agent Seeley Booth."

Just once, I'd like Bones…Temperance, when in one of our…'moments' to just put her hand on mine or hug me or smile at me and say, "Seeley."

That would make me flash my most charming grin.

But as I let myself fantasise about what it would be like to hear my name roll of her tongue, other images but the same voice, hers - only slightly different begin to form in my brain and I almost let myself imagine what my name would sound like being screamed from her at the top of her lungs as I made her orgasm…or how it would sound all raspy and breathy as she curled up to my chest, worn out by our intensive love-making.

And that's when I know that I have to stop wishing, that one day she'll call me it…because I know, that unless she murmurs my first name lovingly, passionately or sexually, I'll be disappointed.

I'd still smile my charming smile, my heart a little warmer but it wouldn't ignite. That much I know…

Seeley and Temperance, Temperance and Seeley. Yeah if ever we got that far, in the bedroom, we'd be Temperance and Seeley. It just sounds…right.

But for now, I'm fine with just being "Booth" to her "Bones", that felt right too. For now.

And hey, now that I think about it, Temperance and Seeley are some weird-ass names.

Weird, yes, beautiful, definitely, but most of all - they fit.

In their own little way, just like Booth and Bones.

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