Dear loyal, patient readers of this fanfiction,

I started CDDDHBEC a year and a half ago. Looking back, I think it was a right-place right-time kind of endeavor, for a wrong-amount-of-experience kind of writer. It was my second ever real fanfiction, following one misconception of FFN's guidelines and preceeding two really stupid Twilight oneshots, and my writing was, to say the least, horrible. My characters were blank and empty, and my plotlines made as much sense as drinking soup with a fork. Still, reviews escalated and escalated and I thought I was doing really good. I suppose I was, but for the wrong reasons. I look at really fantastic writers now, with very little reviews, and I think "I broke 500 reviews with a badly written ffic, while these amazing people get zilch."

I decided last night that I would fix CDDDHBEC, and I intend to follow up on that idea. I plan on rewriting each of the 25 chapters of this fanfiction with new jokes, new adventures, new characters, and new tears. My writing might not have improved very dramatically from what I wrote a year ago, but my insights have, and I hope to turn this fanfiction into a story worthy of it's previous success. And then when I rewrite Chapter 25, I will give you the fantastic, climactic battle between good and evil that has been building up all this time.

Chapter one is already up. To make sure an email alert gets sent out to subscribers, I will "delete" and "repost" the chapters when they get rewritten.

I hope you guys will stick with me, and this story will be better than ever!


Chapter 2 is up!