A/N This is actually beta'd (which isn't a word) instead of some rambling thing written in the middle of the night. It used to be 150 words but my beta/friend/birthday-gift-giver added words so it's just a random word drabble now. :) This is my first Gilmore Girl fanfiction so I'm not sure who will read, but I have a little hope for this.


He hated not knowing.

oOoO- By: Lobaa – Beta : Autumn Aremega -OoOo

When the first snowfall descended upon Stars Hollow, Christopher Hayden was in Hartford watching the father he had never been close to die. Gigi was playing with her grandmother, who loved Gigi more than him. The tension in the air grew to an almost unbearable weight. It was suffocating, like a hospital, but the only place he ever hated even more than hospitals was the home he grew up in. There still, even now, were too many bad memories. He couldn't take it; he just couldn't stand being sorry for the horrible relationship that he didn't cause. How was this his fault? Why should he be guilty? So he got into his car to visit the daughter he loved, knowing an unpleasant reaction was waiting. But it had to be better than this. Chris knew nothing about his first daughter. To him, she was still a little girl. He knew more about his two-year old than her. When Christopher went to Yale to surprise her, she blew him off, and he found out he knew even less. She had always at least been nice but not today. He didn't know that the automatic kindness he had always seen when he visited was out of politeness. He didn't know her favorite color, or her favorite food. He didn't even know how she took her coffee.