A Fallen Star

A Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fanfic

Summary: Kiryu Kyosuke, Yusei Fudou, Jack Atlus, and Crow Hogan were once part of a historic dueling team in Satellite called Team Satisfaction. They were known as the strongest dueling team in Satellite and have conquered many dueling teams in their quest for peace in Satellite. However, towards the end of Team Satisfaction, Kiryu's ambitions for the team begin to change for the worst. However, the events that led to it will impact the team for life. Slightly A/U in terms of following the plot line.

Chapter 1 – Fate's Cruel Test

The day is perfectly calm as the blue sky hugs Satellite, the city dominated by poverty and hopelessness. There were machines everywhere and people are working in the factories creating machines that the people in Neo-Domino, the city located just across the Pipeline, would use. Ever since the accident seventeen years ago that became known to Satellite and Neo-Domino citizens alike as Zero Reverse, the people of these two cities had been at odds with each other. Since Neo-Domino had grown prosperous even after Zero Reverse and Satellite didn't, the two peoples of both cities had grown racism towards each other. Then, a law was passed that any Satellite citizen that crossed the Pipeline uninvited by a Neo-Domino citizen would be arrested, discouraging the Satellite people very much.

However, while many just sat around in hopelessness, many youth have gained hope that one day, Neo-Domino and Satellite will be united as one and Satellite citizens will have the same rights as Neo-Domino citizens. Most of the children were under the care of Martha, a woman that gladly took in all the children who were orphaned thanks to Zero Reverse's destruction. Under Martha's care, most of the children gained a positive outlook on life and the belief that Satellite and Neo-Domino will eventually become one.

Many of the youth that have grown up have went off and formed dueling teams in order to create hope in Satellite and show Neo-Domino that they were worthy of having the City's benefits. This brings us to the story of Team Satisfaction.

Team Satisfaction was formed by a pale blue haired teenager with pale skin and golden eyes named Kyosuke Kiryu. He had found three other teenagers close to his age that had nearly lost all hope in life.

"What do you three think you're doing?" Kiryu yelled at them that day. "Sitting around like you've got nothing better to do? Despicable!"

"Yeah. What are YOU going to do about it?" A blonde haired, purple-eyed, pale-skinned teen named Jack Atlus had inquired. "Clearly, we can't get into Neo-Domino and there's nothing good to do around here but make junk. So I say let us sit around like we have nothing to do."

Kiryu, clearly disgusted with this kind of behavior, replied, "How about I make a deal with you guys?"

"Yeah, like what?" An orange-haired, gray-eyed, somewhat peach-colored skin teenager named Crow Hogan had asked.

"How about we form a dueling team and battle the other teams? Each team we conquer, we're a step closer to conquering Satellite and making it a better place." Kiryu had replied. "That way, Neo-Domino can realize Satellite's true potential and they would take us more seriously and not see us as scums."

The third teen, one with raven-colored hair with gold streaks, somewhat darker than peach skin, and navy blue eyes, the most serious of the three teenagers, named Yusei Fudou, rose up an eyebrow in interest.

"Interesting proposal. But, finding all these teams will be difficult, won't it?" Yusei asked.

"I already mapped out Satellite into sections. We can conquer each section by defeating all the dueling teams located in that section." Kiryu responded. "So, what do you guys say?"

"I'm in." Yusei responded, almost immediately. "I don't have anything better to do around these parts."

"I guess if we're just bored out of our minds, I'll join in too." Crow grinned.

"Fine. I guess I'll join in too." Jack sighs at the sight. He wasn't particularly fond of the idea, but he didn't want to be by himself, so he went along with the other two's decisions. "Crow's right. We might as well make use of our boredom."

Kiryu smiled at the fact that he was able to attempt to improve the lives of three more people. "Alright. Our name will be Team Satisfaction and the name alone should create fear in those who hear it. We will be able to satisfy our quest for a righteous Satellite through thick and thin. Am I right?"

The other three nodded together in unison. And from the day forth, Team Satisfaction set out to conquer each section, twenty six in all, of Satellite. They have only conquered sixteen at this point in our story, but many dueling teams have begun to fear even their name, just as Kiryu had predicted in the beginning. Whenever their shadows approached other dueling teams' eyes, they normally hid in fear. For the brave ones, they would challenge the four of them to a duel, but the chances of those people winning were almost none. The four of them have also formed strong bonds with each other, through their recognizable uniforms, a furry brown jacket with white at the shoulders, and through their personalities. Whenever one of the dueling teams picked on one of the members, the other three would interfere in almost no time at all.

Jack, Crow, and Yusei all regard Kyosuke Kiryu as their savior, their liberator from the hell that is Satellite. However, several events in Team Satisfaction history will test these bonds of theirs in the most unimaginable of ways. Our story begins with the first of these events.

The team's hideout was an old house with a refrigerator, a table, and some windows. It was a plain house, but it served them well as a hideout.

Kiryu opened the fridge door in hopes to find something to eat or drink inside. But when he looked inside, it was bare.

"Crow!" Kiryu exclaimed. "We're out of food again! Mind getting us some more food before you visit the kids?"

Crow was looking through his deck, a deck he had recently required from an old friend of his who was recently murdered. He had heard Kiryu's request, but he irritably sighed. Getting food was the last thing he wanted on his agenda.

"What do you take me for? Some kind of food supplier?" Crow retorted. "Is that my only purpose in being on this team?"

Yusei sighed tiredly. He replied, "Crow, must you ALWAYS try to start a fight with people that seem to get on your nerves? We're out of food. Kiryu's just asking you to go get some while you're outside."

"Besides," Jack intervened, joining in the conversation, "you steal Duel Monsters cards from the Security Warehouse. Is it such a bother for you just to get a couple crackers or something?"

Crow, having been outnumbered in this friendly argument, sighed and replied to the three of them, "Good point. I'll find some food on my way towards the orphanage and bring it back here. Just save me some, alright? Last time, there was no food left for me!"

"Yes, yes. We'll leave you some." Kiryu said quickly, not knowing how much longer he could last without a bite of food. "Now, go! Before I lose my patience!"

"Fine, fine!" Crow sighed while walking towards the door. "I'll be going now!"

However, when Crow opened the door, he found a masked stranger waiting there.

"Who . . . who are you?" Crow gasped. But, instead of replying, the masked stranger threw a punch toward Crow's stomach, instantly knocking the wind out of him and making him unconscious.

"CROW!" Kiryu, Jack, and Yusei gasped in shock.

"Who do you think you are, showing up like this?" Jack demanded. "Answer me!"

At that moment, Kiryu's right arm began to glow a purple shade and form a pattern, somewhat like an overgrown owl or an astronaut and the stranger's left arm began to glow also in a uniformed pattern, except the pattern was of a monkey.

Oh no. This mark had to show up NOW? Kiryu thought angrily to himself. But . . . why? Kiryu snarled silently at the sight of the mark on his arm. Yusei had noticed the mark on his arm, but he had no idea what it could be. But he could clearly see, by Kiryu's face, that the mark was not a good sign and that trouble could ensue because of the birthmark's appearance.

"I do not reveal my name to unworthy people such as you." The voice replied gruffly. The stranger was tall and was wearing a cloak on top of a black shirt and black pants that wielded a yellow pattern. "However, I will give this is warning for you and the rest of the people in Satellite. Take heed and leave for a far away land before it is too late!"

"What? What do you mean by that?" Yusei interrogated angrily. But the stranger gave no reply. Instead, he threw the unconscious Crow over his shoulders and walked away from the house they were staying at.

"Wait!" Yusei exclaimed, but the figure and the unconscious Crow were gone. Jack, disturbed by what had just happened, snarled from his throat, almost growling. "That asshole! Who does he think he is, threatening us like that? That kind of act is unforgivable!"

"While I agree with that statement," Yusei nods, "we have trouble even under our own roof." He pointed towards Kiryu, who was kneeling over in a corner, clutching his right arm. Kiryu's right arm was still glowing and he was still in agony over the mark burning strongly on his arm. He couldn't even breathe, even though his heart was beating at a normal rate. It was like someone was choking him out of thin air.

"Kiryu!" Yusei cried, running next to him. He placed his hand on Kiryu's shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Kiryu nodded slowly, but it was clear that he was in tremendous pain. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

"Kiryu . . ." Yusei whispered. You always say that when you're in incredible pain. He added silently to himself. However, as soon as the thought came, Kiryu's mark disappeared asunder – into many pieces before disappearing completely. Before Yusei could ponder on this event, Kiryu stood up, sighed, and told the remainder of the three comrades that fought alongside him, "Well, we can't just stand around here and hope the figure comes back with Crow. That figure didn't look that forgiving."

"If you're implying that we have to search the ends of Satellite for that punk, then I'm all for it." Jack nodded. "But, where do we begin? The punk and his kidnapper could be anywhere by now."

"Maybe . . ." Yusei began, looking at Kiryu. He didn't want to sound like he was accusing his friend – his best friend – of a crime that he didn't commit. But, the stranger and he had similar birthmarks. There had to be some kind of connection there. "Maybe . . . Kiryu has an idea where we should look, about Crow's whereabouts."

Jack and Kiryu were surprised at what they perceived as an accusation.

"Yusei Fudou, what on EARTH are you talking about? You saw the crime committed with your own eyes, didn't you? Why would Kiryu know something about this? He was just as clueless as the rest of us about this matter! Why would the same guy who saved our sorry little asses not too long ago participate in such a hideous activity?" Jack retorted almost immediately.

"Jack, enough." Kiryu silenced him. "Let him speak." Kiryu knew that Yusei was right, but he didn't want to worry Yusei or Jack with the matter. At least, not until Yusei spoke his thoughts.

"I had noticed," Yusei resumed, staring at Kiryu, "that Kiryu's right arm and the stranger's left arm both had a similar kind of mark on their arms. They both were glowing purple. However, once the figure disappeared – and the mark possibly – so did Kiryu's mark. Jack, I am not saying Kiryu was an accomplice to the figure. I'm just saying that Kiryu might know something about where Crow is that WE don't."

"Yusei . . ." Kiryu murmured. He knew that Yusei was right, that HE did know something about where Crow was that the other two did not because like the figure that appeared, whom Kiryu knew as Demak, Kiryu was a Dark Signer, a type of person that was for the destruction of this world and the rebirth of a new and powerful world. However, unlike Demak, Kiryu was not a 'full' Dark Signer. But the fact that he is part Dark Signer haunted Kiryu day in and day out.

"Kiryu, I'm sorry. I didn't want to make any accusations against you." Yusei says after a long silence. "I was only pointing out something that I had noticed."

"Yes, and that is something Jack - "Kiryu glanced at the blonde haired teenager standing over by the door, "should realize, I agree. No harm in pointing out what you see, Yusei. To be honest, I am not exactly sure where Crow might be, though I am definitely sure he is still in Satellite. Why would the stranger come and invade our hideout if he didn't know Satellite very well? The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, you know. I have a reason to believe that Crow wasn't kidnapped just for the joy of it. There has to be some kind of reason behind it."

"Yes, but what? What could that man – and his company if he has any – want to do with Crow?" Yusei inquired

"That, I do not know." Kiryu sighed.

However, at that moment, Kiryu heard a sound – a sound that resembled a single heartbeat – which he thought for sure was coming from underground. However, he knew that he was the only one who noticed as he noticed that Yusei and Jack did not change expressions.

"Yusei, Jack." Kiryu called their attention. "I have a reason to believe that Crow is a lot closer to us than we originally thought. In fact, I believe he's only a stone's throw away from us!"