A Fallen Star

A Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fanfic

Summary: Kiryu Kyosuke, Yusei Fudou, Jack Atlus, and Crow Hogan were once part of a historic dueling team in Satellite called Team Satisfaction. They were known as the strongest dueling team in Satellite and have conquered many dueling teams in their quest for peace in Satellite. However, towards the end of Team Satisfaction, Kiryu's ambitions for the team begin to change for the worst. However, the events that led to it will impact the team for life. Slightly A/U in terms of following the plot line.

Chapter 3: The Dark Secrets! A Painful Decision!

Kiryu looked at his comrades Jack, Yusei, and Crow. He knew he had to tell them everything one day. He knew that he was obliged to let his comrades know what was going on behind their backs. It was time, Kiryu decided, to let them know the truth.

While he clutched his left arm, which was glowing bright purple, he looked at his comrades with a pitiful look in his eyes. What he was about to tell Yusei and Jack made him nervous. Two of his comrades had finally discovered, though only partially, why he had formed Team Satisfaction. He knew that these two would find out the truth eventually. But, to think that day had to be today after Crow's life had been endangered . . . it was just unbelievable.

Kiryu's heart was heavy with grief and fear. He didn't want his friends to know anything about his relations with these people, but the kidnap of Crow left him no choice. He had to explain everything to them. He sighed and began to recall the events that his three comrades had no idea of that led to this very moment.

Kiryu's Flashback

"This emotional destiny had begun as soon as Zero Reverse happened. Although my parents and I had lived in a different part of Japan, far away from Neo Domino, it had affected all of us. Father had relatives that lived there and when he had heard that they all died, he had become an irrational person, the opposite of the loving father that had raised me for the first two years of my life before the accident. One of casualties of that accident was his sister, my aunt, whom he had adored and loved and protected. His sister was younger than he was. That must have triggered his anger and irrationalness inside of him. He had lost someone he cared about.

Unfortunately, I had become the 'object' of his anger.

'You goddamned asshole!' He screamed at me that day. 'Why didn't you do anything to stop this?! Why didn't you predict this would happen?!'

"I was born with the power to predict future events that were going to happen. No one knows where that power came from. It had just been there, inside of me. For instance, I had once predicted that I would become sick with fever, though I did not tell anyone. But then, I did come down with a fever one day. I had told my parents this and they were amazed, acknowledging my ability to predict the future. But, Zero Reverse was one thing I did not predict. But Father couldn't understand that. Without giving me a chance to say anything, he started beating and kicking me, like I was an object of amusement and not his child.

'Dear, please! Don't do this to him!' Mother protested. 'He's only two years old!'

'Are you kidding? He deserves this!' Father snapped furiously. 'He had known this would happen, but he didn't tell us! He didn't say my family would die in Neo Domino! He knew this would happen!'

'Father, I didn't know . . .' I protested through tears. I kept saying this over and over, but he acted like I couldn't be heard.

'I'll teach you to lie to me, you bastard!' Father yelled at me, continuing to kick me in the stomach and beating my face with his hands.

'STOP!' I screamed, but it seemed to be only more of an incentive to him to beat me.

"Suddenly, at that moment, my right arm began to glow, just like it is now, and a purple aurora appeared around me. It had pushed otou-sama away from me and he only got angrier.

'What's this, another damn superpower of yours, Kiryu?!" He yelled. "Use it to resurrect my sister, dumbass!'

"I was completely controlled by this aurora, so I didn't care then what he said to me. A duel disk appeared on my left arm and a card was glowing purple inside my deck. I had no idea how to duel at that time or at that age even, but the aurora was in complete control. I didn't have time to worry about any of that.

'Appear before me now! Jibakushin Ccapac Apu!'

"A monster appeared in front of me and it was gigantic. It had broken the roof of our house and it was as tall as the buildings of Neo-Domino. It looked like a humongous giant, but it had the pattern that is on my arm right now on it, except it was blue.

'Ccapac Apu! Attack Father!' I yelled, though I heard someone else yelling along with me. At the time, I did not know who the other voice was.

"Ccapac Apu stretched out its hand to crush Father and before I could return to my normal self, it had killed him.

When I did return to normal, Ccapac Apu disappeared, along with the purple aurora, the duel disk, and my birthmark. I was confused about what had happened.

'Mothe—'I started to call out for mother, but she had disappeared. The only person in the room that was alive was me, for otou-sama had died. I started to break down and cry, for the only family that I had was gone. I was alone. Completely alone. It was a terrible and disgusting feeling. There was no one to comfort me now. When I had walked outside, there was nobody in the neighborhood but me. Loneliness became a majority of my life at that moment. But I knew that I couldn't just stand there looking like a pathetic fool for the rest of my life, so I left my house. I left the neighborhood that I grew up with. I left to explore an unknown world.

"As I grew, I learned how to play Duel Monsters. I was able to enjoy the game and make friends. And as I also grew older, I had forgotten the incident that killed otou-sama and made okaa-san disappear. Those times were happy times. But, this emotional destiny didn't end when otou-sama died or when okaa-san went missing. It was only waiting to claim my soul. Waiting for the perfect moment to swallow me.

"When I became fourteen years old, I was confronted by a man that wore black attire, whom I now know as Demak. He spoke to me in a gruff voice.

'Do you want to know what happened to your mother?' Demak had asked.

"I was too frightened by his sudden appearance to say anything. How did he know about my mother? Does he know where she is?

'Y-Yes!' I stammered. Was he going to do something awful to me afterwards? Why did he confront me? I only thought these things as I allowed him to lead me where we are now; The Old Momentum. There, I met another man wearing the same kind of attire as the other one did, only the lines that were on the clothing of the man that lead me here were yellow and this man had red lines on his clothing.

'Demak, well done.' The other man, whom I now know as Rudger, replied. 'This boy is perfectly capable of joining us in our quest.'

'Quest for what? And who are you that is speaking to Demak?' I inquired.

"The man replied to my question, introducing himself as Rudger. He explained to me that he and Demak were Dark Signers, people who are opposed to the Crimson Dragon and its followers, who called themselves Signers, which is what you are, Yusei and Jack.. He interrogated me about what happened twelve years earlier.

'Young boy, do you remember what happened to your parents twelve years ago?' Rudger inquired.

'Sorry. I do not recall the events as well, for they slowly escaped my mind.' I replied. 'All that I do remember is killing Father with this huge monster and Mother disappearing.'

'Huge monster? Would that huge monster happen to be Ccapac Apu?' Demak asked, smirking at the same time.

'I said I didn't remember. It might have been. I remember calling out that name when I was two years old.' I replied, totally confused about why I was asked such a question.

'Rudger-dono, didn't you say that you mind-controlled this boy when he was young and placed Ccapac Apu in his deck?' Demak inquired.

"When I heard those words, they had surprised me. Rudger had brainwashed me? By what force? And why? Why did he force me to kill Father? How could he brainwash me without even seeing me until now?

'Wh-What? You controlled my mind to kill Father?' I gasped. 'Why did you do it?'

'You had amazing potential for your age, Kiryu." Rudger replied. "However, if we had come to you personally, you would have screamed in terror and your parents would have been worried and tried to shove us out the door.'

"At the mention of my parents, I became indignant.

'Mother would have cared, but Father wouldn't have. He blamed me for causing Zero Reverse. He blamed me for destroying his family because I didn't predict it would happen. He beat the living crap out of me for it. There was no way he would care. You didn't have to worry about that.' I scowled. Whenever anyone mentioned my parents, I always treated Mother with respect. After all, she wasn't the one who abused me. However, with my father, I tried to give him as little of respect as humanly possible. What he did to me was unforgivable in the eyes of Fate.

'The darkness in your heart is surprisingly strong, Kiryu.' Rudger smirked. 'You would be a perfect Dark Signer. That's why I mind controlled you when you were young, to see if you had the potential to become one. Even without my mind-control, you seemed more than eager to kill your father after what he did to you, despite being so young and naïve.'

"I was appalled at what he said. I had never wanted to kill him. I just wanted to hurt him, so he could feel what I had felt while he was beating the hell out of me. I had told Rudger this, but he only laughed at me along with Demak. I only stared at both of them in disbelief.

'Kiryu, your conscience is confusing you. You didn't know what to do with your father with Ccapac Apu. But clearly, your conscience at that age was telling you to kill him. Your conscience knew what was best for you.' Rudger replied, with a hint of maliciousness in his voice.

"I decided to accept this answer for now, but there was still one thing that bothered me. So I inquired, steering our conversation to a different matter, 'But, I didn't plan on killing Mother and she's gone now. What happened to her?'

'Every time you summon a Jibakushin, there always have to be human sacrifices. Other wise, it cannot be summoned. Though, there has never been a time where a Jibakushin failed to appear because it can gather a myriad of sacrifices from a city at one time. Since your mother was not a special being, she was sacrificed so that Ccapac Apu could appear.' Rudger explained.

"At this, I became distressed. Even if my mother's sacrifice wasn't intentional on my part . . . I still killed her. This news would haunt me for the rest of my life.

'However, whenever a Jibakushin is defeated, the souls that it sacrificed to appear are returned to the Earth. And if you had defeated someone using a Jibakushin, that someone's soul also returns and . . . the holder of the Jibakushin also dies.' Rudger added, his voice serious.

"I did not know whether to rejoice at this news or to be burdened by it. Of course, I wanted Mother to return. She, after all, did love and support me, where as Father did not. I didn't want a brutal man to be brought back upon this city, for people like him deserve punishment in Hell. And I certainly didn't want to die.

'So, what you are telling me is . . . you want me to be a Dark Signer.' I concluded, my voice cracking. By Demak's reply, however, I was proven rightly.

'People like you are very rare, Kiryu. Many people feel hatred and anger towards others, but instead of acting on that anger, they hold grudges. Whereas, you had acted as instinct on your anger against your father. Fate has chosen you to become one of us.. With you, we can dominate this world! You even have the birthmark of one on your arm!'

"I sighed, glanced at my left arm, and then, looked at both of them, saying, 'Look, I know how much you want me to be a Dark Signer . . . but I am only fourteen years old. I can't make a decent decision these days, let alone deciding whether I want to be a Dark Signer or not. Let me ponder on this for a couple of years. Maybe I will have an answer for you by the time I'm eighteen.'

'Alright then, Kiryu.' Rudger nodded. 'We will give you time until you are eighteen years old to make a decision. You better have one by then.'

'Yes!' I nodded. Then, I exited the Old Momentum, pondering about the events that had happened. I was just asked to be a Dark Signer, but there are so many pros and cons to being one. I just didn't know what to do. Whether to live a miserable life or to be a Dark Signer, which seemed to be my only two choices . . . until now.

End of Kiryu's Flashback

Kiryu closed his eyes for a moment before he looked at his audience, Crow, Yusei, and Jack. He knew he had thrown out facts in their faces with no time for them to ask any questions. The truth was, he didn't want any questions from them. He didn't want to make the situation any worse.

Kiryu first glanced at Jack, who probably looked the most shocked out of the three of them. He had been well aware that Jack had regarded him highly ever since Team Satisfaction's first days. Jack had refused to believe that Kiryu had something to do with Crow's kidnapping, only to find out Kiryu had everything to do with it, even when he had no idea it was going to happen.

Then, Kiryu glanced at Crow, the victim of his Dark Signer allies. This kid had gone through so much hell in his life, only for him to show up and give Crow more of it. Kiryu may not know the full story of Crow's life, but as far as Kiryu was concerned, Crow's life may have been the most similar to his out of his three comrades. Crow may not have been abused. Zero Reverse had left no time for that. However, Crow grew up lonely before the discovery of Duel Monsters, just like he had. To drag someone like him into this, it was depressing.

Finally, Kiryu glanced at Yusei, the one who knew everything from the start of this chaos, even if Yusei himself didn't know it. Kiryu had not considered him his follower, like he considered Jack to be, or someone to lighten the situation, like he considered Crow to be. Rather, Kiryu considered Yusei something he never had in his life: his best friend. This fact alone made it harder for Kiryu to even look at Yusei in the eye. Yusei had probably trusted Kiryu the most before this day. But, since Kiryu had revealed everything, his trust in him probably dwindled by a long shot. To think Kiryu's Dark Signer status would affect his bonds with these three.

The silence was long and no one spoke for the longest. There were all kinds of emotions in the air. Anger, depression, anxiety. All from Yusei, Jack, and Crow.

"And speaking of that decision, Kiryu," Rudger finally said, breaking the silence, "have you made yours? You are eighteen now, aren't you?"

Yusei glanced at Rudger, scowling at him. Then he looked at Kiryu with pleading eyes. He wasn't about to lose his friend to people like these, people that harmed Crow just so that Kiryu could make a decision he didn't want to make at this very moment.

"Kiryu, you don't have to do this. You don't have to make this decision at all. You can just refuse all of this and live a happier life with us, your friends. You don't have to be unhappy anymore! Kiryu, don't join the group that harmed your friends!" He protested, with a hint of straining in his voice, like he was holding back tears.

Kiryu looked at Yusei with an expression of shock and disbelief on his face. Then he shook his head and closed his eyes, saying, "What's the point of staying, Yusei? You and Jack especially aren't supposed to be around me in the first place. If I stay with you guys, who KNOWS what'll happen to any of you in the future? Besides, haven't you and Crow been suspicious of my being ever since the kidnapping occurred? I'm pretty sure Rudger and Demak had revealed why they kidnapped him while we were searching for him. Besides, Yusei, we've been destined to break apart. My fate to destroy you and Jack is inevitable. I can't shirk that responsibility any longer."

Demak and Rudger smirked. They were pleased that Kiryu's decision was leaning towards the fact that he couldn't escape the inevitable and that he would want to become a Dark Signer.

"That's right, Kiryu. Come to terms with who are your enemies and who are your allies." Rudger muttered under his breath.

"Kiryu, you aren't serious about this, are you?" Crow whispered. "You saved us from the terrors of Satellite, just to bring us back down again? Don't become a Dark Signer. For the sake of Satellite, for the kiddies, for everyone, don't do this."

"Crow, weren't you paying attention to anything I've said?" Kiryu snapped. "I can't escape the inevitable. Fate assigned this role in life to me. I can't ignore it any longer."

"Oh, right. So NOW you're being submissive? Bullcrap." Jack snarled. "Crow's right. Why even bother forming an alliance with us when you knew it was the 'inevitable'? Kiryu, it's not the 'inevitable'. You're not a full Dark Signer yet and you don't' have to be. Just think how lucky you are, Kiryu, that you've been given options by such maniacal people. Fate doesn't have the final say in things. YOU do. So be a man and realize that, Kiryu!"

Kiryu gasped that Jack finally decided to speak out against him. Each word that came out of Jack's mouth stung Kiryu's heart repeatedly until it was at last numb to all feeling. How can Jack say it's not the 'inevitable'? Has he killed someone and gotten away with it and been asked by these people to become a Dark Signer? No. Jack had no idea what Kiryu was going through. The fact that none of his comrades can sympathize with him made him angry. At this point, he would rather be a Dark Signer than with the three of them, who decided to turn away from him out of fear.

"The hate in his heart is building." Rudger declared. "It sounds like he is in the process of making a firm decision. It may be too late for any of you to prevent him from deciding to become a Dark Signer!"

"That can't be true! Kiryu, don't do it!" Crow protested. "These monsters don't care about you, Kiryu. Once you join them, they'll leave you in the dust. Who's going to look after you then? Don't join them!"

"Why not? Jack and Yusei are both Signers and I was destined to be a Dark Signer since I was two years old. We are destined to fight against each other, Crow. I can see it in your eyes. You're afraid of me now. I can't stand to sit under the same roof with people who are afraid of me just because my past is off the wall." Kiryu snarled. "Besides, they aren't 'monsters'. They're my friends now. They're the only ones who've truly understood me from the start."

"Kiryu . . . enough . . ." Yusei whispered.

"Even when I had saved your pathetic lives from the terrors of Satellite, you guys didn't completely trust me, did you? I had formed Team Satisfaction in hopes that I could object to becoming a Dark Signer easily. But so far, that hasn't happened."

"I said enough!" Yusei snarled. He was not going to sit and watch as his friend slowly started to betray the team he had formed, Team Satisfaction, after he had worked so hard to maintain the success that it proudly holds.

"Kiryu, listen. We all look up to you as our savior. You did save us from our former lives in Satellite and we thank you for that. However, our views of you are very different. I can't speak on behalf of Crow or Jack as to what they see you as. That's their personal view that I have no right to invade with. But, I just wanted to tell you, after all these months you had spent with us, that . . . that you were always like the big brother that I never had." Yusei continued, sighing.

"Even so, look at our birthmarks, Yusei." Kiryu whispered, showing his right arm that was still glowing with his astronaut birthmark. Kiryu was shocked that Yusei had considered him an older brother, especially since it hasn't even been a year since they met. However, it only made the situation harder to bear. "Either way, we're going to fight each other."

"But, do we have to fight each other now?" Yusei inquired with a desperate tone in his voice. "Do our bonds have to shatter right here?"

"I had avoided the option of becoming a Dark Signer because I knew you and Jack were Signers. I knew becoming a Dark Signer would cause you all pain, so I didn't even consider the option once. But, does it even matter now? Would you even care?" Kiryu moaned bitterly.

"Kiryu! Stop it!" Yusei screamed, finding it hard to believe that his 'savior' is refusing his followers. He couldn't let his friend fall here. Not in this miserable place. He went over to him and placed his hands on Kiryu's shoulders, shocking Kiryu.

Kiryu looked up at Yusei's face, which was streaked with tears. Kiryu's eyes widened at seeing Yusei with such emotion. He didn't understand why Yusei was making such a big deal out of this . . . for him. Kiryu never had anyone be concerned for him this way, not even by his mother.

"Yusei . . . why?" Kiryu whispered.

"Don't do this." Yusei whispered. Tears continued to streak down his face from his blue eyes. It was hard for him to control his emotions at this point. He didn't care if he acted abnormally in the eyes of Jack and Crow. What mattered was Kiryu's trust in them and that he stays with his team mates, his TRUE friends. "I'm sorry, Kiryu. I never took your feelings into account. I only thought of my own and didn't care about anyone else's. I'm sorry . . . Big Brother Kiryu."

Kiryu attempted to absorb, to understand, all that was happening inside of him, but it proved to be difficult. His face still resembled one of shock.

Yusei . . . really cares for me that much? He thought to himself. Does he really admire me that way?

However, he smiled and placed a hand on Yusei's right shoulder. Yusei looked up, his face tear-streaked, in surprise.

"Thanks, Yusei." Kiryu told him, smiling. "You just helped reminded me where my loyalties lie. Although Fate can't be ignored, I can still be with you guys until the very end.

"Jack, Crow," Kiryu called to them, "I'm still your leader. Remember that, alright?"

Jack and Crow nodded in unison, happy that their leader chose their side. Crow, especially, was glad.

I knew Kiryu could alter Fate once again. Crow thought to himself. Then again, Jack and I have Yusei to thank for saving our leader. I can't imagine Kiryu being with such a group of evil people . . . even if he has committed evil himself.

"But, he's forgiven of that evil, just by being with us." Crow added to his thoughts out loud, yet silently.

Kiryu, determined now more than ever to reveal his decision to Demak and Rudger, called out to the both of them, "Rudger! Demak!"

Rudger and Demak looked at him intently, awaiting Kiryu's answer to their offer.

"Have you finally made your decision, Kiryu?" Rudger inquired; disappointed at the fact that Kiryu had once again refused the offer of becoming his ally.

Kiryu nodded, and declared, "My friends have made me seen the light. Even though Mother is still missing, I know she will be saved, even without me becoming a Dark Signer. I have no desire to be one now or to be one ever!"

Demak snarled in disgust. "Damn it! We almost had one of the most formidable allies we could have in the history of the Dark Signers. We were so close! But then those Signers and that kid—''

Rudger raised his arm to stop Demak from speaking any further. "It is alright, Demak. Kiryu has made his decision and we shall not interfere with it."

Kiryu sighed in relief that Rudger did not become enraged by his decision. He, for once in his life, felt at peace.

"I am glad you understand, Rudger." Kiryu nodded, then he let go of Yusei and stood. Then, he told his team mates, "Jack, Crow, Yusei. We have no more business here! Let's be on our way and dominate Satellite together!"

"Ah!" They responded together. Then, the four of them exited the Old Momentum. Yusei was especially glad that Kiryu had decided to stay with his team mates, his friends. Yusei wouldn't have known what to do if Kiryu had chosen the side of the Dark Signers. After all, Kiryu was the only one who understood him and his feelings. But, Yusei wouldn't have to know now. After all, Kiryu would always be their friend.

Crow was more than relieved at the fact that Kiryu refused to be with the Dark Signers. After Rudger's warning that one of his friends was a Dark Signer, this was like a breath of fresh air to him. He wouldn't have to worry about any Dark Signer nonsense anymore. As for Jack, he was quick to forget about the whole thing. He was just happy that Kiryu was still their 'fearless' leader.

However, Rudger and Demak, although Kiryu told them that he didn't want to ever be a Dark Signer, were not disappointed.

"The darkness in his heart's too great." Demak commented. "Besides, it's just as he said. It's inevitable and Fate cannot be ignored."

"You couldn't be more correct, Demak." Rudger agreed. "Kiryu's darkness is greater than the two of ours' combined."

Then, a huge, evil smile slowly crept along Rudger's face, as if he was planning to do something.

"I'm afraid, Kiryu," Rudger declared, "that you will become a Dark Signer, no matter what you or your friends do to try and prevent it!"


"Kiryu? Kiryu? Where are you?"

"Yusei, what's the matter?"

"Kiryu's missing!"

"What? Have they kidnapped him too? Didn't he tell them that he didn't want to be in their crazy organization?"

"Jack, you've seen those people before. They won't take no for an answer. We have to find Kiryu. He might be in grave danger, more so than Crow was last week!"

"You mean we have to go back to that creepy Old Momentum?"

"Next time, on A Fallen Star! Chapter 4: The Gateway to Hell.

"Kiryu . . . you can't do this."