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Captain Gold-Eye

Pirate and Princess

In Tokyo 1620, The Higurashi manison

-Miss Kagome. It's time to wake up...

She groaned and opened her eyes slowly. It was one of her maidens that had woken her up.

-Miss Kagome your father wishes to see you m'lady.

-YAWN! Okey, I'm coming...

She went up and got her robe. She went out of her GIGANTIC room and down the stairs to her ENORMOUS dining room where her father waited for her. The maiden that followed her bowed deep to her father.

-Master Higurashi.

-You can leave us Anna.

-Yes my lord. Do you wish breakfast?

-Yes please.

The maiden Anna left the room and Kagome sat down on a chair.

-Yes father, what is it?

-Kagome. Today is your fifteenth birthday and you are now ready to marry.

-Um, yeah, I guess so...

-Therefore I have picked you a fiancée.


-Yes and don't you dare shout at me like that young lady! His name is Hôjo Bakasama and he's coming here today and tomorrow, you'll get married.

-B-but ...

-No buts. Go and dress properly. He's arriving soon.

-Yes father,she said and got up. Just when she was about to leave the room her father talked again.

-Oh, and one more thing.

She sighed.

-Yes father?

-Happy birthday!

She sighed again and left the room.

Somewhere on a ship outside Tokyo

-Captain! Wake up!

He groaned and rolled over to the other side of the bed.


His ears twitched and he knew that he wasn't getting away. So he groaned again and sat up.

-What?he growled and bared his fangs at his advisor Myoga that woke him up.

-It's time for some planning sir. We're closing in to Tokyo.


Myoga bowed and left the room. Inuyasha yawned and got dressed. Before he left his cabin, he tied a bandana around his head to cover his ears and then put his hat on. He stepped out on deck and everyone of his crewmembers saluted or bowed deep to him.

-At ease, he said and raised an clawed hand as a sign that said "go back to work". He went into the planning room where his closest men sat around a table.. They quickly rose and saluted him when he approached. He waved with his hand and sat down. Everyone did the same.

-Well, any news? asked Inuyasha and reached for the map on the table.

-Yes captain. The great lord of the city has a lot of goods that he got just the last week.

-And? What is it? If you say tea and sugar instead of what I really want then you're dead.

-Um, um...

-The thing is sir, said his first mate Miroku and rose from his chair.-The men is starting to feel a bit restless. They want to do something and fast.

-Feh, whatever. Let them raid and have their fun. On a second thought, I need some fun too. Make the ship ready!

-AYE CAPT'N!they all answered and rose up and ran out of the room.

-Well, even if it's not here then I guess that I could need to steal some things and feel free for a while,he thought when he was alone and smirked at the thought.-This is gonna be fun...

Hi, sorry if I'm interrupting but before you say something about Hôjo's name, I want to tell you that I DO know that it means Honorableidiot but I didn't remember his real name. Now chapter 2

The meeting

-Miss Kagome, this is Mr. Hôjo Bakasama, the maiden Anna told her as he arrived.

-Oh,great, she thought when he took her hand and gently kissed it.

-You look very beautiful miss Higurashi, he said and she forced herself to smile.

-I have waited so long for this day miss Higurashi. Come, let's go and eat with your honorable father shall we?

- You can go in there. I just need to have a little time for myself if you know what I mean...

-I see. Well then I'll see you soon,he answered and bowed befor she left.

-She went into her room.

-Sango? You there? she whispered.

-Of course I'm here! said a maiden that had been hiding.

-Well? How did he look? Handsome? Rich? Strong?

-He looked like a fawning guy with a big ego.

-Oh, I see, it's that bad eh?

-Yep. I really don't want him, what am I going to do? You're like a sister to me. Come on help me!

- Wish I could. No one listens to a servant you know.

-Yeah I know. I'm just so tired on my life. It's boring and now I'm gonna get married to that pompous guy without a real life just like me.

-Don't say that Kagome! It makes it sound like you're planning to commit suicide which I really hope that you don't!

-No need to worry about that. I'm too afraid of death to do that.

-That's good to hear you know. I bet you can take on this pompous fawning guy with you're right hand tied to your back!

-Thanks Sango. But please, can you be there with me? You know, as moral support?

-Is that an order misstress? giggled Sango.

-No, it's a pleading from a friend, giggled Kagome when they left the room together.

On the sea just outside Tokyo

-Is everyone ready for some fun!? screamed the captain of the ship Kare no Kokoro(The heart of darkness) and raised his sword over his head as he stood on the rail of the ship and encouraged his crew.










Back in the manison


Kagome jumped in her chair.

-What was that? she asked.

-I don't know but it sounded like canonfire to me, said Sango.-Are we under attack?

-I really don't hope so.

-Kagome! Sango! Go and hide! That's an order! said her father and called for the guards.

-Yes father!

-Yes sir!

They ran into her room and closed the door and locked it.

-I wonder if it's pirates, whispered Kagome.

-I think so. I'll see if anyone of the other maidens knows anything, answered Sango and went out through a secret door in the wall. After a while she came back and she was pale.

-What is it Sango?

-It is a pirate, and not just anyone, it's captain Gold-Eye!

-C-captain Gold-Eye? As in the ghost-stories? He exists?

-Isn't this proof enough?

There was another explotion and they rushed over to the window to see what was going on. Big parts of the city was onfire and there were people screaming and running.

-This is terrible! whispered Kagome and placed her hand in front of her mouth.

-I agree...OH NO!


-Can't you see!? They are coming for us! HIDE!

And she was right. A great amount of pirates was rushing up the hill towards the house. In front of them ran a black shape way too fast to be a human. Kagome and Sango could just stare in awe, which they did for a while until they realised that he was heading for them and they completely forgot to hide themselves.

-Hide! hissed Sango and hid behind the secret door in the wall and Kagome wasn't far behind. About two seconds after they closed the door, they heard the window break.

-What!? How did he get here so quickly? We're on the third floor for god's sake! Kagome was going to go along in the secret tunnel but they discovered that it was blocked.

-Damn!thought Kagome.

They heard someone walk around in the room. They sat and tried to not even think. They heard a strange sound.

-It sounds like he's sniffing? thought Kagome and looked at Sango who seemed to think the same. Then it became quiet. Too quiet. Suddenly the door oppened and they saw a pair of golden orbs staring at them. He grinned and they saw that he had fangs.

-Well hello there ladies. Wonderful evning isn't it?

They were scared. He loved it. He loved when his prey reeked of fear and a desire to hide from him.

-S-stay away pirate! screamed Sango and held out her arms as if she wanted to protect Kagome with her own body.

-Now now, aren't we a little fiesty? Don't worry, I won't hurt you. As long as you're not planing to bring some of your little guards here...he smirked. -Well, as if that matters. My crew is probably enjoying themselves down there.

-You...FILTHY PIRATE! Sango screamed and jumped forward. He caught her hand and threw her away. She slammed in the wall of one of the corners of the room and lay unconcious on the ground.

-SANGO! Kagome screamed and rushed to her. She was surprised that the pirate let her do that. She turned to the pirate.

-What did you do!? she screamed.

-Feh, she was stubborn enough to attack me.

-Leave us be! I promise you I will scream and my guards will get here.

-Oh, really? the captain smirked.-And you're sure you want that whench?

-Why wouldn't I?

-Because I'd kill them all with one sweep of my claws.

He held up his hand and it was really did have claws, and they looked very sharp. To see them made her remember some of the tales that she had heard about him:

Fangs and claws, as long and sharp as knives he has.

His hair is white like death itself and his eyes like the gold he hunts.

For 250 years he has haunted on the seas and never got caught.

Some say he's the devil, some say he's a demon or even a ghost.

But whatever you do, don't ask him about his name or ears.

If you do, you'll never again see the sun rise.

-Wh-what do you want?she almost screamed.

-I want to let me and my crew enjoy ourselves. It's actually great fun to be a pirate you know.

-Don't come any closer pirate!

-Was that an invitation? he smirked.

-Are you deaf? I said the opposite!

-Oh, really? Well then I'll just...

He stopped dead and turned his head to the window and cursed.

-Damn, it's that mangy wolf-bastard!


-I'm not the only pirate in the world you know. You're being attacked by "the great captain Kôga" as well . This isn't going to be nice for women eyes...


-Heh, I hate him, he hate me, we try to kill eachother everytime we see eachother and so does our crews. If you think what we've done is bad, just wait.

She looked out through the window and got absolutely terrified. There was even more fighting in the city and many fell and there were blood everywhere. A black figure approached the manison and captain Gold-Eye draw his sword.

-Here he comes. If you don't want you and your maiden to get hurt then hide!

-What!? He's caring for me? Kagome thought as she hid in the closet and took Sango with her. When she closed the door, Sango woke up.

-Sango you're alive! whispered Kagome.

-You better be quiet in there if you don't want him to hear you,said the captain outside.

-He's caring for us? asked Sango. Kagome nodded and shusshed her.

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