The Legend Of Spyro: War And Love

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10 long years had passed by since Spyro, Cynder, DK Mark, Yulie, Lethak, Valsa, and Godith had become the new Kings and Queens of Dracovia. Galadrial, the legendary purple daughter of Mark The Dragon Lord was growing up into a fine women and warrior. Her skills in everything were getting better with each passing days. The ruling Dragon Kings and Queens are having a good time. With hardly any war going on, hardly any trouble in the Kingdom of Dracovia, it seems like the same thing and day on the which case it bored them all. Except for Godith really, the Solo Queen...she was always taking care of the kids. As a matter of fact, since she is Queen, the people decided to make her the Mother of All Dragons. As a result, she took care of over 1,000 dragons who either lost their parents or abandoned.

Spyro and Cynder, Spyro being the Master Guardian and Cynder as his lovely Dark Temptress, the two had been teaching many other dragons their powers. Their four children, Masami, Wagner, Flora, and Blaze have all grown up. Masami was 19 and so was her fiancé Takeshi, son of Ember and Flame. They were soon to be married and rumor has it that Masami was pregnant. Spyro and Cynder, soon realizing that this rumor is true, could not believe that they will become grandparents...even though they are only 32.

DK Mark and Yulie, the two of them have been great a King and Queen. They were the ones who really kept the whole kingdom together and the two were married 9 years ago. They had a child named Ryuu, who was 8 years old now, and he too is just like his father. Having the ability to turn into a dragon, Ryuu spend most of his life as a dragon, since there were hardly any humans around Dracovia expect for his parents, uncle, aunt, cousins, and grandparents. Ryuu was a gold dragon who had a dominant body and he was quiet handsome and attractive to many girls.

Lethak and Valsa, they couldn't stop expressing love. Valsa did give birth to a son just a month after she became a Queen. Their son was named Artius, who was a mixture of light gray, with a dominant body as well. As they always say...chicks dig princes. Lethak and Valsa were basically the ones that helped families pull themselves together. Simply, they were the family councils.

All seemed like the same thing for everyone except for young Dragon Lordess, Galadrial. With her father's amulet and sword, she was basically having a whole new adventure everyday. She made friends with lots of people, visit many places and learned much ever since she last trained with her father 11 years ago. If there was any trouble in the kingdom, Galadrial would always be the first to respond, quicker then the nation's defense system. With her being the hottest dragon around, she always had one problem that she can't seem to outrun...and that was the guys loving her.

Everyday she would get tons of love letters from all the male dragons that were around her age. She wouldn't even bother reading it at all so she would most likely give them to some other female dragons. As a result, many new love couples were made and Galadrial would always slip away from her fanboys mind.

Demitri, son of Malefor and Elaine, was also doing good. Despite the comments that people would always insult him with, he just simply ignore them, like his father did whenever he would walk down the streets. People would stop and stare at the former Dark Master but they would always smile, thinking to them selves that Cynder was just like them and she was their Queen. Demitri who was just as old as Galadrial was basically her best friend. Despite all the boys trying to ask her out the first time they see her, Demitri was the only one who did not care about love and dating. He hardly had any friends and Galadrial always seemed to be there for him. Queen Godith and the others would always make fun of them saying how great a couple they are which case it is true...and that one day the two would fall for one another.

Despite the comments from their family and friends, Demitri and Galadrial were always friends to one another. Whenever Galadrial felt sad, thinking about her father, Mark the Dragon Lord; who saved them all from certain doom, Demitri would be there for her. Besides being there for one another, they made great fighters. Both of them being purple dragons with immense strength, they would finish off a large ancient monster in less then 5 minutes, rather then the army taking it down in 5 hours.

As life seems to be alright for many, King Spyro who is always eager for some crazy adventure like last time...went to Queen Godith. He found her as usual in her large cozy home for kids. When Spyro went in, the kids would always gather around him and ask him for stories. As usual Spyro would always tell them a story while Godith was busy making so much food for the wounded or parentless kids. After a while Godith would call for them and they all run off to eat, giving Spyro a good amount of space.

" has been a while since we were last together." spoke Godith. "I has been indeed quiet a while now. How is everything?" asked Spyro. "Oh the same as usual for me. Even though I am a widow, I can't stop having little feets running around my home." smiled Godith. "Hahaha, yes that is cute. But enough about life. I came here to ask you, if you have sensed anything strange or unusual in the Kingdom?" asked Spyro. "I figured you might ask but my powers seem to have been worn our. I still have them but it will not be easy for me to use. I miss the good old days Spyro...When my husband Mark was here with us. He would always cheer us up and have us go on some adventures with him." spoke Godith as she hung her head low.

Spyro went closer to her and raised her head. "Godith...Mark died for all of us. If it weren't for him, none of this would be happening." said Spyro. Godith hugged Spyro dearly. He was the only man that seems to understand how she feels. "I need someone to be here with me Spyro. I know that DL Mark is immortal and all but sometimes I just can't seem to wait." said Godith softly. "Godith...relax...Mark will come back soon. You do know that next week is the annual Dracovia contest, where fighters compete to become the next Dragon Lord and your new husband." said Spyro.

"Yeah I know...and every year the same shit happens. There is a tie at the end and we got to wait next year. Spyro...I really am love sick. I had not had a husband who would comfort me, make me feel happy after a long hard and painful day at work. I got no one to make love to." said Godith. " do know that you sound like know." said Spyro trying his best to not piss her off. "Like what a slut, whore? I don't know what's wrong with me. I would usually wait for DL Mark to come back but my can't wait anymore. It keeps on telling me to move on and forget about him. But how can I when I loved him and had 560 kids with him?" asked Godith before she turned away. "There better be someone this year that would be worthy for me to have, Spyro." said Godith. Spyro placed his paw on her shoulder. "I know Godith. I promise you that this year, there will be someone for you." said Spyro. Before he was able to turn around and go, Godith brought him close to her body and kissed him romantically.

Spyro knew that this was going to happen but he did not mind. His wife and Queen Cynder, did not mind, nor anyone else. The two kissed romantically for a while before Godith broke away with a pleasurable sigh. "Yes...I miss that so much." said Godith softly. "Like I said...someone...not me but someone else will take his place and be happy to be your husband and lover." said Spyro. He kissed her on the side before he went out, back outside as his duty as king.

Godith stood there near the door. With her head resting on the side of the pillar. 'Ohhh Mark...when will you return?' wondered Godith as she looked at her ring. It was her wedding ring that DL Mark gave made for her. She kept it on ever since she was crowned once more as a Queen. Galadrial appeared next to her mother. "Mom, what's wrong?" asked Galadrial. "Oh nothing dear...I was just thinking about your father. He would be so happy if he saw you today." smiled Godith as she hugged her daughter. "I know Mom. I heard everything that you and Uncle Spyro talked about. Do you really need to have this silly contest around just to see who is worthy enough to be called Lord and Husband? Come on it like they do back in your old world. Just find some nice guy, go out on a date and see how he is." said Galadrial.

Godith couldn't help but smile at her daughter. "You really are just like your father sweety. As for you...I'll try at least. Let's hope that I don't date guys who jack off about me every night." shuddered Godith. "I thought you liked it when men thought about you like that." said Galadrial. Godith gave her daughter, 'the look' and she laughed. "I know that sweetheart, but sometimes...I think that thinking about me all the time is a just a little too much for me to handle. I just don't want to wake up to some guy who is going to brag to all of his friends how he did me. I just want to end up with a guy who is serious about everything, knows exactly what I want, and always keep me happy." said Godith. "Like Dad right?" asked Galadrial. "Yes my girl, your father is the perfect one, but he is not back yet. I did wait over a billion year just for him to return to me once, but that was a long time ago. 10 years seems like 1 billion years for me." said Godith.

" need to relax. is just your body who is eager for love. Don't let your body take over your mind. If you have what you have to do to satisfy yourself." said Galadrial feeling embarrassed. "You are right, but jeez...when did you learn to talk like that?" asked Godith. "Obviously from Dad." smiled Galadrial. Godith gave out a small laugh and smiled. "Of course. Almost everything about you is from your father. The only thing that you do have from me is my body structure, nose, horns, and mouth. Your eyes...they remind me so much about your father, that I just simply wish that he was here." said Godith before shedding a tear.

"I know how you feel mommy. But like Dad would usually say, you got to let go sometimes, even if it really does mean to let go of something so valuable." said Galadrial. Godith looked at her daughter with a tearful smile. "I guess you are right. I should try and go out on a date. If that does not work, then maybe the Contest will. Perhaps there really is another Dragon Lord waiting to be shown and become my husband." said Godith. The two sat close together, sharing a mother-and-daughter moment.

A/N: Desperate for a man that can satisfy her, will Godith be able to find the man she wants? What men will the Dracovia Contest show? Find out next on War.