Chapter 2-(First Dates)

The next morning came by quickly and Godith and Galadrial were properly dressed up for a date. As they looked out the window, lines of male dragons and men were lined up with roses, chocolate, gifts, and more. "Well is the first thing you should know about dating. Even if a guy has so many gifts for you...he is a complete idiot who just wasted his money and is a bad date. Always go for the ones that hardly have any gifts. Like that one over there..." spoke Godith spotting a nice red male dragon who looked nice and only had 3 roses. "That guy?" asked Galadrial. "3 roses...good looking. I will give him a try." said Godith as she walked out of the room.

Galadrial took her mother's advice and scanned every single young male dragon that was supposedly in love with her. She was lucky enough to find a blue dragon who was nice and gentle. So Galadrial decided to go with him out on a date. Many of the other boys groaned as she flew off with the ice dragon. They went to a nice restaurant and had a lovely dinner. Surprisingly, her mother was at the same restaurant as well. Turns out the guy that Godith was dating had the looks, but was completely stupid.

Galadrial and her date watched from the side as Godith angerly slapped the male red dragon. "Ouch...he's going to feel that in the morning." spoke Galadrial. "Indeed. You wouldn't do that to me would you?" asked the ice dragon who's name was Darius. "I'm not sure Darius, tell me more about you." spoke Galadrial focusing back onto her date. "Well for family comes from the north. I am the only child and my father supposedly died in battle many years ago." spoke Darius. "That's terrible. My father also died...just trying to save us all." spoke Galadrial. "We all know how great of a man your father is, Galadrial. My father too was a strong fighter, but a surprise attack by the Dark Armies took his strength away. I guess you and I are sort of the same." spoke Darius with a small smile.

Galadrial smiled back and noticed that Darius had caught attention of yet another dragon who was better looking then her. "Darius?" asked Galadrial. Darius did not listen and he only got up and left. Galadrial gasped softly as her date just simply left her for a cute yet clueless female dragon. 'How dare he! Just walking off like that for some stupid bitch!' thought Galadrial angerly. She walked to Darius and slapped him across the face before leaving. She stormed out of the restaurant and flew back home.

Galadrial arrived back home but Godith had not. Turns out that she went off with another dragon. " is for idiots who are too eager for sex." spoke Galadrial angerly. "So you are basically calling your mother an idiot." spoke a voice. Galadrial turned around quickly to see Demitri standing before. "Demitri...don't scare me like that. Please...I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was that guys are just simply...oh forget it! You wouldn't even understand." replied Galadrial and she turned away.

Demitri sighed and placed a wing over her. "Don't worry Galadrial. Someone is out there for you. You just need to look carefully next time. Another thing about dating, even though the guy is cute...make sure that he got the brains and attitude of a gentlemen." spoke Demitri. Galadrial scoffed. "And how am I suppose to know what kind of idiot to look out for?" asked Galadrial looking back at her friend. "This may not be a good example but perhaps...ah forget it. Just make sure you find a guy who is a proper gentlemen." spoke Demitri before leaving.

Galadrial was about to go out again when her mother came back crying. "Mother! What happened?!" asked Galadrial seeing her mother cry. Godith weakly went to her bed before collapsing onto it and letting out a yell of pain. "Mom...what's wrong?!" asked Galadrial again. Godith quiet down a bit and looked at her daughter tearfully. "Ohhh Galadrial...I was hurt on my second date. This one was hot-headed and he got into a fight with another dragon and he then attacked me, just because I wanted him to calm down!" cried Godith. "Mom...where did he hurt you?" asked Galadrial. Godith turned over onto her back, revealing her chest to have 3 large slashes that ran deep into her body. No wonder she was in pain.

Galadrial only placed her hand over her mother's chest and healed it. It only left 3 faint scratches but Godith was still crying. Cynder and a couple of servants came in and asked. "Galadrial...what happened to her?" asked Cynder. Galadrial sighed and she walked towards them. "Bad date as usual." spoke Galadrial and walked past them. She walked out to the balcony and noticed that there were still a few dragons left for Godith and her. She ordered all of them to go home and rest. With them being such idiots and following their lovers words, they all left and peace and quiet was brought back to them. "Jeez, talk about dating...these guys in Warfang are just simply horrible." spoke Galadrial. "Not all of them." spoke another voice. Galadrial sighed, figuring it was Demitri, but instead it was the former Dark Master Malefor.

"Malefor...what are you doing here at the Palace? You know that some of us are still not equal with you." said Galadrial. Malefor gave her a gently smile and he sat down next to her. "I know...but do I seem to care about that? No not at all. I just simply want to see my children grow up, get married, and have a family." spoke Malefor. "I can clearly see that." spoke Galadrial. Malefor gave a small laugh. "Haha, yes Kira is already a mother and wife, Lethak is already a father and husband, and Kurthnega seems to have found a girlfriend for himself already. All that is left is for my boy Demitri." spoke Malefor. "You did not come here to ask me to go out on a date with Demitri?" asked Galadrial. "Why not? You two seem nice together. Maybe you are made for one another." spoke Malefor with a smile. "As much as I want a boyfriend...Demitri and I are happy to be simply friends. Thank you for the offer...but not today." spoke Galadrial.

Malefor got up and stretched. "Well...I will leave you with your thoughts and a small advice. You can spend days, months, even years looking for your man...or you can try and go out with Demitri. Your call princess." spoke Malefor as he flew off into the wild. 'Maybe he is right...but me and Demitri? That is just pushing it. I like him as a friend and so does he...but if I was to go out on a date with him...will he even agree to it?' wondered Galadrial.

She thought about it for a while before she left to see how her mother was doing. Godith was okay but she was not going to go out on another date ever again. Galadrial thought about it before she had her answer. Tomorrow she was going to ask her friend Demitri...out on a date.

A/N: It may be a disaster for Godith, but is Demitri really Galadrial's true love? Will Demitri even go out on a date with her? Find out next on War.