Chapter 42-(The Final Battle Part IX-The Last Stand)

As the two beams rumbled and thundered their ways down the barren wastelands, everyone else left the battlefield. Revan picked up his brother, Demitri took Aurelia, and Spyro took Ryuu. They were just lucky enough to escape due to the fact that when the two Kamehameha's collided, the shock wave had knocked them straight from the sky. Rocks literally jolted up into the air. The ground was shaking and the monstrous beam was shredding away the land as it continued to grow in size. "Holy's so big." spoke Lethak in awe. "They just won't give it up." spoke Vergil. "One will." finished off Demitri. 'I hope it will be you my love.' thought Demitri.

Throughout the world, lands rumbled and more rocks fell down inside of Drake's Castle. "Next time, I am building this place somewhere else!" shouted Sedro as he took cover. Buildings fell down and the mountains created tons of rock slides. People screamed in panic and horror. Meanwhile, the people that were watching the fight remained calm, and continued to watch the fight.

As the monstrous Kamehameha's ripped the ground, changing the face of the planet, DL Mark was speaking to his daughter. "Galadrial! Hang in there! You can do it!" yelled DL Mark. Atreus laughed evilly, knowing that he has the advantage. "This must be hard for you with all of those wounds. I'm sure this makes them HURT!" yelled Atreus channeling more power into his attack. The center of where the two attacks met, was slowing going down towards Galadrial. Atreus laughed evilly, knowing that he would win. "Now this is where you END!" yelled Atreus putting even more into his attack. The beam pushed even farther towards Galadrial. She grunted in pain, feeling her muscles tighten quickly and screaming in pain. She did not let go. She was all that was left for the Earth. If she gave way, who could stand up and defeat Atreus? Definitely not her lover, nor her mother. There was no one else left. It was all up to Galadrial. The beam was getting closer and closer until it was right in front of her own. She grunted in agonizing pain as she desperately tried to hold on.

"What's the matter Galadrial? You already have the power you need! Just bring it out!" shouted her father. "I can't...I just can't hack it Dad. I am only a's too much for me to handle!" spoke Galadrial as she was down to her knees. "Can you stop saying that?! I don't know if you got it in your head, cause there is nothing wrong with you! You saved so many people, many times! You are going to do it again today!" yelled DL Mark. "What the hell are you mumbling about?! Chanting a prayer before you die?!" shouted Atreus. "Bring it out now!" ordered DL Mark. Galadrial grunted in effort and she yelled out in effort and her beam quickly stabilized Atreus'. It slowly began to tilt over towards Atreus.

As the fight continued, the guys were continuing to watch. DK Mark was being healed by Morrogh, and so was Ryuu. "It seems so intense, I don't know who might win." said Malefor in shock and awe. Demitri stood over the cliff. He watched as is girlfriend was slowly over-powering Atreus. "Argh! Do you really think you can beat me? I am a God! Nothing will stop ME!" roared Atreus as he blasted tremendous amount of energy into his attack. 'No way!' thought DL Mark, feeling the attack. "Too...strong!" spoke Galadrial. The beam quickly pulled back and was back in front of Galadrial. 'There is no way that Galadrial gave everything she got! She must be holding back!' thought DL Mark.

"Galadrial, listen to me, if you are holding back because you are worried about the Earth, forget about it!" spoke DL Mark. "Forget about it? But Dad why?!" asked Galadrial. "Remember earlier in the day, when Ryuu found a Dragon Ball? If you find all seven of them, then fixing the Earth will be no problem. Understood?" asked DL Mark. "Yeah but-" "HAHAHAHAHHAA! I can feel you slipping!" laughed evilly Atreus. The rest of the gang watched on, hoping that Galadrial can hold on. Demitri however thought differently. "Screw this, I'm going in!" yelled Demitri as he flew off to the battlefield. "Demitri! Come back!" yelled Malefor, his father. "DEMITRI!" yelled Lethak. Demitri continued to fly towards the battle and he landed behind Atreus. "There is no way I am going to let you take my love away from me!" yelled Demitri as he fired out a beam towards Atreus.

It landed upon impact and Demitri thought that he damaged Atreus, but instead Atreus looked back at him with an angry look. "Shit not good." said Demitri. Atreus growled in anger and he raised his demon wings. His aura then blasted straight at Demitri who felt his body being electrocuted. "Demitri!" yelled Galadrial seeing her boyfriend being hurt. Demitri landed hard, and his body felt weak. He grunted in effort as he got back up. "No...I will...not...give up!" shouted Demitri as he got back up. "What the hell is Demitri thinking?! He can't beat Atreus on hos own!" shouted Malefor seeing his son giving everything he got to help his love. "He didn't think he can but at least he he tried to Dad." spoke Lethak. They all looked at him as if he lost his mind as well.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Dante. Lethak had a dark aura shroud his body. "Don't tell me that you are going off to son!" shouted Malefor. "Sorry Dad, but I am not going to let my younger brother take the fall." said Lethak. "Casue you are a man of honor." said Spyro with a smile. "Yep that's correct. Ready to roll?" asked Lethak. "Let's do this." said Spyro. The two of them had flown off to help Demitri and Galadrial succeed. "I'm probably going to regret doing this." spoke Revan as he flew off after his friends. The three of them had flown off towards battle while the rest of the gang watched.

DK Mark was fully healed and he got back up and watched his brother and friends fly off. "Foolish really. Do they actually think that they will make a difference?" asked DK Mark. Lethak, Spyro, and Revan landed next to Demitri and they all fired a beam at Atreus. "Guys please! Not too close!" spoke Galadrial. "Don't worry about them hon, just focus on your energy!" spoke DL Mark. Atreus growled in anger as he felt 4 beams hit him. "Would you stop interfering!" yelled Atreus in anger. "Could...this actually work?!" asked DK Mark seeing how it was actually slowing Atreus down. "You're all so anxious to die, well all you had to do was ASK!" yelled Atreus as he fired another Aura Blast at the four of them. They yelled in pain as they were thrown to the ground.

Galadrial seeing her friends and family being hurt, yelled out once more in effort and she put more power into her beam. Atreus nearly lost his footing, but he was lucky enough to even out the beam. Demitri grunted as he got back up. He lifted his head up just barely and watched across the battlefield, seeing how hard his girlfriend is trying to save them all. "No...Galadrial...I will not let you die all alone out there. Cuz girl, you showed what it means to love." smiled Demitri.

Spyro staggered back up as well and looked at his niece. "This takes me back to when I was young, when I was destined to save the world from total destruction. I am glad that DL Mark was with me when I had to go through all of this." smiled Spyro. Lethak and Revan got back up and resumed their attack. They fired their beams once more and yelled in effort. 'I may not Galadrial as much as Spyro or the others, but her being the last chance of Earth to stop Atreus, I will not let her die!' thought Lethak. 'It was fun being enemies with Mark, but now that Atreus is here, I will not let him destroy the world that DL Mark had worked on for so long!' thought Revan.

"Why won't you people just stay the fuck down?!" yelled Atreus as he fired his Aura Blast at the two of them once more. "Galadrial, raise it higher! Atreus is slipping! You can win this one!" shouted DL Mark. Atreus yelled in anger and Lethak and Revan lost their ground and they finally fell down to the ground. Demitri and Spyro got back up and took their place and the two of them continued to fire as well. "They just keep lining up to die!" yelled Atreus. DK Mark was watching in anger. He knew that one powerful attack from him was all it took for Galadrial to win. So DK Mark decided to transform into his Dragon King Form.

As the fight continued, Galadrial felt herself weakening. The wound on her left arm was still gushing out blood and a large pool of blood was surrounding Galadrial. The longer Spyro and Demitri held, the more aggravated Atreus became. Lethak and Revan got back up and continued to fight. "ARGH! No chance, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE!" yelled Atreus as he fired his Aura Blast once more. The wind speeds increased dramatically and their wings were flapping. They slowly were losing ground till one by one they all fell back and flew far into the abis.

Galadrial growled in anger, trying desperately to hold her ground. Atreus could not help himself but laugh evilly as the Kamehameha was quickly shrinking down upon Galadrial's. Galadrial felt her feet being driven deep into the rocky ground. 'Please...don't give way now.' thought Galadrial. With sheer luck, the rocky ground held. With each second they two continued to fight, the Earth was starting to become more and more unstable. Rocks just simply flew up into the air like bubbles, earthquakes split many lands across Dracovia into 2 or more pieces. "Release it hon, release everything! Remember all the dragons that he slaughtered, the innocent people that he killed, now make that your power!" yelled DL Mark.

Atreus knew that the end was near for Galadrial. "SAY GOOD-BYE!" yelled Atreus as he laughed evilly. His Kamehameha began to ripple across the land and Galadrial was just about to lose it all. "BIG BANG ATTACK!" yelled a voice from above. Atreus looked up to see a large yellow ball coming down straight at him. He could not move so he took the blow which wounded him heavily. Galadrial looked up to see who it was and it was DK Mark. "MARK!" yelled Atreus in anger.

"NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!" spoke DL Mark. With that said, Galadrial let out all of her power that she had left inside of her. She yelled out in anger and effort as a bright, flashing blue beam of the Kamehameha went through her and completely overpowered Atreus. Atreus was to stunned to speak nor yell. He watched in horror as a female dragon was walking towards him with one hand. The rumbling, whooshing of the Kamehameha, soon began to rip away Atreus. Atreus knew by then that it was not the Earth's end, but rather his end. Atreus began to yell in pain as bit by bit his so called 'perfect body' began to rip away in Galadrial's attack. The last of Atreus' attack was soon blown away, and the Kamehameha swallowed him up completely. "Don'!" yelled Atreus before his body was completely demolished and blown off far into space.

Back on Earth, a crater about 5 miles in diameter was all that was left of the final battle between Atreus and Galadrial. Galadrial panted for breathe before her power died out completely and she fell down, at least 60 feet from the air, and landed hard onto the ground. Everyone was shocked and stunned as to what just happened. "She...did it. Atreus' energy is completely gone!" spoke Spyro. "You...mean...we're really safe again?" asked Demitri. "Yeah can say that again." smiled Lethak.

The remaining group had flown down and surrounded Galadrial, they all had a smile on their face and so did Galadrial. She was laughing, despite the pain she was in. Demitri ran to his girlfriend and hugged and kissed her. " sweet did it." spoke Demitri with tears streaming down his eyes. "I know I have my love." spoke Galadrial with a smile. 'Thank you Dad.' thought Galadrial as she looked up out at the sky. 'I am so proud of you Galadrial, you made me so happy.' thought DL Mark from above.

A/N: At last, the War was finally over. Atreus is now dead completely and the Dragons of the Universe were safe once again. Despite DL Mark being dead, the world will miss him for what he has done. Galadrial now is considered a hero, just like her father.