Chapter 43-(Cleaning Up)

After the long hard day of fighting against Atreus, The Demon Dragon Slayer, it was time to return back home to Drake's Castle. People were happy to see them back, bu all noticed that DL Mark was not with them. Godith knew that her husband was dead so she took it lightly this time. "I'm so glad that you are back in one piece my sweet darling angel." spoke Godith as she hugged her daughter. "Yeah, I guess so. Say you know anything about Dragonballs?" asked Galadrial. Godith only smiled and laughed lightly. "Don't tell me. Your father told you to find them so that the damage can be undone." said Godith. "Yep that's right!" smiled Galadrial as she got treated for her wounds by her older sister Grace.

"Well, I'll help you out on this one. Despite me and your father using it, but seeing that without him and the amount of damage done, it seems worthy enough to find them all." said Godith with a smile. "So you're going to help me find them all?" asked Galadrial. "Of course, my angel. I will help you with this one." spoke Godith.

For the next few weeks that passed by, Godith and Galadrial had both flown off to find the seven dragonballs of Earth. With some little help from a home-made Dragon Radar, the two of them were able to find them in no time. By the time all seven of them were found and brought back to Drake's Castle, a couple of things had happened while they were gone. Masami gave birth to her child and so had Cynder. Masami had a pure white male dragon that looked similar to Takeshi, who was her husband. Masami and Takeshi both agreed to name their son Anthony, and Cynder and Spyro had decided to name their purple boy Uther.

"So...looks like you girls got the dragonballs. Very well then, we should take them outside so we don't blow a hole in this place." spoke Spyro. The Kings and Queens all went outside of Drake's Castle, out into the open. They placed the seven balls out in a circle. "So...what do you have to say?" asked Spyro. "Allow me to demonstrate." spoke Godith as she raised her hands in front of the ever glowing dragonballs. "Eternal Dragon, by your name I summon you forth, SHENRON!" yelled Godith.

The dragonballs glowed brightly and the skies went dark. From the seven dragonballs a large humming and shape shot straight out of them and into the air. It twirled around and around until it finally reached size. With a bright flash, Shenron, the Earth's Eternal Dragon floated above their heads. His gigantic green body shocked the entire group. His large red eyes looking down upon the group. "CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY AS I SHALL GRANT YOU TWO WISHES." spoke Shenron. "Two? I thought things that can make wishes come grant three!" said Lethak. "Don't temper Shenron Lethak!" hissed Godith. "Shenron! Please revive all of the innocent people that Atreus has killed, except for the really bad ones." spoke Galadrial. "THAT WISH SHALL BE GRANTED." spoke Shenron as his eyes glowed red. Throughout the lands, dragons that were killed, came back to life. They all gasped at one another, amazed to see that they were alive once more. "THERE IS A PROBLEM." spoke Shenron.

"What problem?!" asked Godith. "ONE OF THE PEOPLE ATREUS KILLED IS NAMED DREYANOR. HE IS NEUTRAL. SHALL I BRING HIM BACK?" asked Shenron. "Well should we guys?" asked Godith. "Well, Dreyanor was really the reason why Galadrial went all out crazy on Atreus, not to mention what the hell happened to him, so I say yes." spoke Spyro. "Yeah, don't forget now that his mother is alive and well, she might as well be happy to see him again." spoke Lethak. "Great! Shenron, please bring back Dreyanor!" shouted Galadrial. Shenron did not speak but his red eyes glowed and hummed and right in front of the entire group, Dreyanor appeared before them. He opened his eyes in shock and gasped for breath.

"Huh..what..where am I?" asked Dreyanor. He looked around and noticed the whole group. "Galadrial..." spoke Dreyanor softly. He looked above him and noticed Shenron in which case he sort of chickened out and hid behind Godith. "That's something." smiled Demitri. "WHAT IS YOUR SECOND WISH? I AM WAITING." spoke Shenron. "Hey..isn't DL Mark alive?" asked Cynder. "No...I am afraid not." said DK Mark. "What? How is that so?" asked Galadrial. "Ask Shenron, he knows why." replied DK Mark. "Shenron, can't we use our whole second wish to revive DL Mark?" asked Lethak. "AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO GRANT THAT WISH, I CANNOT DO IT. REASON WHY IS BECAUSE THE ONE YOU CALL DL MARK IS ALREADY ALIVE." spoke Shenron.

"WHAT?! He's alive?!" asked DK Mark in shock. "Then how come you can't sense him?!" asked Galadrial. "I got no idea. But if Shenron says he is, then that means he is somewhere on this planet." spoke DK Mark. "EH EM, YOUR SECOND WISH?" asked Shenron. "Well what can it be guys?" asked Spyro. "I got no idea." said Godith. "Yeah me neither. I got a few, but they are mad dumb." said Lethak. For a while the group where wondering on what to wish for.

"I have a wish." spoke a voice. They all looked at Dreyanor who had a smile on his face. "Shenron, can you please let Galadrial have her reproductive system back?" asked Dreyanor. "THAT WISH IS WELL WITHIN MY POWER TO GRANT." spoke Shenron as his eyes glowed red. Galadrial rose to the air and she felt something inside of her. She felt the empty space of her body being filled up with internal organs. She was now a completely healed girl.

"YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. I HAVE GRANTED TWO WISHES TODAY. I MUST BE GOING. FAREWELL." spoke Shenron as his body glowed and suddenly shot up high into the air. A large yellow beam shinned off and soon the seven dragonballs scattered across the planet, waiting to be found once more. The skies returned to their normal color and all was quiet. Galadrial landed back onto the ground, feeling whole again. She looked at Dreyanor who was already far away from the group, going down his path. "Dreyanor wait!" yelled Galadrial as she ran to Dreyanor.

Dreyanor stopped and looked at Galadrial. "Yes?" asked Dreyanor. "Thank you Dreyanor...I don't know how to repay you." spoke Galadrial. "You don't have to. This is my way of saying sorry for what I have done to you. Tell my mother that I am alive, but father is not. Tell my mother that Atreus is burning in Hell." said Dreyanor with a smile as he turned around and continued his path. "Wait...what are you going to do next?" asked Galadrial. "I don't really know. I just hope that I can restart my life. Do some good. Maybe I will go back to Azeruth, my home. Perhaps I can change the way of all Slayers back to the way that my grandfather had before." spoke Dreyanor.

"Okay then, see ya later." said Galadrial as she kissed him on the cheek. "Yeah see ya later too princess." smiled Dreyanor as he flew away from the group.

A few days had passed by after the events of Shenron, and Godith was giving birth to her 561st child. This time, it was going to be the child of Agorak instead. As usual, like any woman would do, she would sweat and take breaths deeply. "If only your father was here to see this." spoke Godith to Galadrial as her daughters and servants helped her give birth. "I already am here my love." spoke a voice. Everyone stopped dead in there tracks and looked to see at where the voice came from.

On the side of a balcony, a man stood. He had short black hair, but her had a halo on top of him. The funny thing was that he looked exactly like DL Mark. " that you?" asked Godith. "Yes silly. It's me." smiled DL Mark. Galadrial couldn't help but cry as she ran to her father. "Daddy!" cried Galadrial. DL Mark picked his daughter up and hugged her tightly. "Ohhh Galadrial, my savior. You made me so proud." smiled DL Mark. "Uhh hate to brake it to you two, but I got a baby that is about to come out of me." said Godith.

"Right sorry about that hon." smiled DL Mark as he went to his wife and watched as she gave birth to his 561st child. To their surprise, she gave birth to a son, a purple son. "Wow! We got a great combination here!" shouted DL Mark in surprise. "I know, one female purple dragon, and now one male purple dragon who shall be named Leonidas." smiled Godith. "I'm so proud of you Godith." smiled DL Mark a he held his newborn son in his hands. "Me too, my king." smiled Godith as the two kissed each other.

Later on during the day, everyone was stunned and surprised to see DL Mark back so quickly. "DUDE! How are you alive so fast?!" asked DK Mark hugging his friend. "Oh it was nothing really. Just had to give a little something up so that I can be with my family and friends." smiled DL Mark. "And what was it that you gave up?" asked Spyro. "Well it wasn't easy to do. If I wanted to be back down here on Earth till my body would fully regain power, I had to actually sacrifice my power just so I can keep my promise to my family." spoke DL Mark.

"You gave your own power just to be with us Dad?" asked Galadrial. "Yes my darling angel. I did just that." spoke DL Mark with a smile. "Well at least you are back here with us." said Cynder. "Yeah I know, and plus I can rule the lands with you guys no problem at all, now that we all know who is the strongest." smiled DL Mark as he looked at Galadrial. "Thanks Dad. For everything." said Galadrial as she hugged her father.

A/N: After a long and hard fought war between dragons and slayers, it seems like as if everything was going to be alright. With DL Mark being alive and well, peace is brought back to Dracovia, for many years to come. (I rushed the last chap so if it kind of sucks then it is my fault since i rushed it xD)

THE END! (See yas!)