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Written back in September 23, 2008, this is a ficlet in response to a prompt at the Mechaphiles Forum, "Comfortable silence... or the lack of it." And also, methinks Saji needs a little more love. ^_^


a Gundam 00 fanfic by Cielo

Saji Crossroad did not know many things. He took life in stride as he and his sister, Kinue, looked after themselves after their parents died - at this, he learned the true meaning of "hard work" and how it "pays off" at an early age.

Not that it fazed him. As long as Kinue had her job at the news agency, as long has he was keeping up with his engineering scholarship while earning his keep as a pizza delivery boy, all was well. It was simple maths - hard work paying off, after all. Everything else, was in the background - like elevator music.

But there were a few things that he learned to pay attention to, to his dismay, too late.

"Terrorism," for him, was confined to the headlines - something that he was supposed to study, reflect upon, write a paper & make reports on and work on to get a good grade. That was, of course, until an exploding bus took lives right before his very eyes; lives he had seen so carefree - and quite as ignorant as he was - just for a second, now gone.

"Love" and "affection" were trivial. He could not tell for himself why he was with Louise Halevy in the first place. He did not bother trying to figure out why he would bend over backwards for this blond European "princess." He never thought that he would long for her cheery laugh, her bright smile, her very animated mobile messages, and actually having her by his side until she said goodbye.

Then there was Kinue, brutally taken from him. If Fate had pulled the rug from under his feet with Louise's break-up, then Death followed up with a swift and hard kick in the gut, laughing, spitting at his face. Kinue was the only family he had left, the only face he had come home to...

Despite the high definition TV switched on at an uncharacteristically loud volume, watching the unified attack against the Gundams, he heard nothing, saw nothing. His mind was a void, his heart a desert of nothingness. All was gone, taken away from him - never had there been so much noise, but all he could hear was static.