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Written last December 12, 2008, this is a ficlet in response to a prompt at the Mechaphiles Forum, "Cold Metal," and intended to go hand-in-hand with Mangaka-chan's Louise-centric ficlet, bearing the prompt's title.

a Gundam 00 fanfic by Cielo


2307- Saji was off to a prestigious engineering college. On a scholarship to boot. He stretched his arms upward as he walked into the college's complex. The weather was perfect - sunshine on his face with a cool breeze carrying stray sakura blossoms from a nearby cherry tree. New beginnings, new opportunities - life couldn't be any better.


... And there she was; her long golden hair the perfect depiction of everything Louise Halevy is: a bright girl, with a fiery personality; desires and ambition with the sky as the limit; he was unconsciously drawn to her like a very willing moth to a flame, and yet he lives to tell the tale. Despite her seeming supercilious character, she had a heart of gold - an unexposed quality of hers that won him over.


Saji barely noticed the chill in the evening air rise a notch - sunshine in his mind and a sparrow's song in his heart - as he went about his part-time job as a pizza delivery boy. He had never seen the sky over a small town in Spain struck down by elusive red beams of light, nor the rain as it washed away scarlet tinted leaves down a gutter of Tokyo's sidewalk.


The high-class private hospital prided itself for keeping its patients and visitors as comfortable as possible. But the corridor in which he fell on his knees chilled him to the bone; and the rings preciously kept in their pristine blue velvet box, clutched in his shaking grasp, will never feel the warmth of loving hands.