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Kagura, you are a nurse?!

Admists the endless beautiful meadows that in a way mystified the already solemn and somewhat lonely atmosphere one could clearly make out the tall youkai's ever omnipotent form. The long silver hair, the ever present expressionless face only did to increase the mystery and romance of the dark night. Even though he did not seem capable of any violence his body armor told the story of their exploits in countless battles with the ageless war veteran. Although it seemed as if nothing was wrong yet somehow his half brother was able to sense that all was not well.

"Whats wrong with you?" yelled Inuyasha "I've never seen you like this."

"Its non of your business" replied Sesshomarou without even bothering to look at his half brother.

"Look, its not like I care" he retorted "It was only because Kagome asked me to check you out, you been acting somewhat strange lately, its not like you to leave Rin and Jaken to Kaeda's village"

"I can do what ever I want, I am in no mood to listen or answer any of your questions" said Sesshomarou as coldly as he could.

"Well if you won't tell me I have no choice but to go ask Myoga what the problem is."

And before his brother could answer the hanyou took off. Sesshomarou walked on as if nothing had been disturbed but deep inside even he could feel the pain inside him but he just couldn't admit that he was hurting.


"So all of a sudden he drops out of nowhere leaving behind a human girl and Jaken, asking us to take care of them from now on. This is certainly not like Sesshomarou." described Inuyasha as Myoga looked on, "Do you think you know what the problem is?"

"When did his strange behavior start?" asked Myoga with curiosity and a bit of superiority.

"I think it started last month. So what do you think?"

"Its that time." replied Myoga as if the sky could fall at any instant, "It's a curse that had been acquired by the Tashio's long ago. Your great great grand father once crossed paths with an extremely powerful witch, however before the old hag died she cast a curse upon your family, the curse goes that during their lifetimes each male member of the family would fall seriously ill for a certain amount of time. During that time he would be most vulnerable towards his enemies."

"What? You mean Sesshomarou's about to die?" said Inuyasha, the shock on his face almost said a thousand words.

"I never said that! Besides none of your ancestors has died of the curse but still he would feel great pain, and he may even act as if he was drunk and throw some of the most mischievous tantrums"

"So what do you suggest we should do? Bring him to our village and look after him? If he feels like it that is."

"Well I would not suggest bringing him to a human village! Considering his powerlevels some of his tantrums could harm even a strong guy like you." Myoga was cut off immediately by Inuyasha who stared angrily at him, "What do you mean by that you little wench?" he growled coming towards Myoga.

"Heh Heh…..Eh….what I meant to say was that it could be harmful to the villagers!"

"So you mean to say there is nothing we can do?"

"You can do one thing! But its gonna be the greatest challenge of your life."

"Hey I killed Naraku remember that, what can be a bigger challenge than that?" Inuyasha retorted.

"Just cause you really wanted to know…"

….Back at the village….

"What?" yelled Sango in disbelief "He really expects us to do it?"

"Yeah! He told me to find a nurse for Sesshomarou" said Inuyasha.

"What could be so hard about that?" replied Kagome innocently.

"Well for starters we will have to find someone who would be strong enough to withstand his 'tantrums' as Myoga calls it, which includes high power energy blasts coming from his body while he sleeps"

"What?" now it was the turn for every one else to gape.

"Not only that, he even said that it would be better if it is his well…Eh…..how can I put it? Well it has to be one of his love interests or he could turn violent all of a sudden and start destroying everything in sight" sighed Inuyasha "I don't know why you all are persuading me to help him? Its not like he wants or should I say deserves any help."

"Well and if you or rather we don't help him and he does turn violent then he can perhaps destroy even the sacred Mount. Hakurei with the sort of power he yields." stated Miroku hoping instill some common sense in the hanyou, "And he may even destroy the village we call our home!"

"Miroku is right Inuyasha, a calm and quite Sesshomarou is bad enough in battle mode, if he switches to 'The Destroy Everything Violent Mode' theres no telling what he might do" Sango said supporting her lover.

"Well fine but where are we supposed to get a nurse like that, I doubt whether he even felt a little attracted towards someone!" yelled an already annoyed Inuyasha, "And I cant recall any female who could keep a check on a twisted Sesshomarou."

That day was a particularly silent day, except for the Nurse incident and the night was perhaps quieter excepting the occasional sound of a slap due to a certain Houshi's roaming hands. "Miroku, if you spend a day without groping Sango then I promise I will name my children after you" yelled Inuyasha.

"Why are you bothered my dear friend! Besides it's not totally my fault, my father had a harem in which we always had atleast twenty beautiful women around us, you know what I first groped a woman when I was thirteen!" Miroku said almost proudly but his heroic exploits were certainly not taken in good humor by a certain Tajiya.

"And if you don't shut your mouth in five minutes today I will kill you first and then burn myself alive on your funeral pyre" cried an angry Sango.

A few more smacks were heard but everyone was quite used to them by now and hardly took any notice.

…..The Next day…..

"Inuyasha I think I found the perfect lady who can be of use to us in your brother's case" cried Miroku to Inuyasha.

"What happened did the slaps convert your perverted brain into a better one?" he replied jokingly but the expression on his face clearly implied that he did not take the monk lightly.

"Why don't we ask Kagura?"

"What? Are you serious? Besides we don't even know if the wind witch would want to look after an ailing Sesshomarou"

"I am sure she will agree! I think both of them secretly likes each other but are afraid to say so."

"Are you sure? Besides if your explanation is true will Kagura agree to look after him, after all it will practically be a confession"

"Well Kagura doesn't need to agree" said Miroku with a sly grin.

"Hey everyone I think Mr. Holy one here has got a plan…"

"Are you sure it will work?" shouted everyone after hearing his plan.

"Any of you have a better idea?"

"Lets go on with it, he is right besides it wont hurt anybody just to try" sighed Inuyasha.


'I wonder what everyone is doing?' thought Kagura as she sailed the winds on her feather 'Now that Naraku is dead and I finally have my heart back and freedom still I don't know why I am not happy? Besides what can he be doing now?'

Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of a certain Miko, as she looked down she saw Kagome and Sango in a hot spring.

"So you heard the latest gossip Sango? Every one is saying that theres a wind demoness who landed in the northern mountains, she claims to be the most powerful there is."

"Really I thought Kagura was the best" replied Sango making sure as if no one could tell that they were aware of Kagura's presence.

"You think she fell for it" asked Inuyasha to Miroku watchig Kagura's feather race towards the northern mountains. "Miroku are you even listening" cried Inuyasha not getting an answer from him. As he turned around he saw Miroku's eyes were fixed upon the hotspring and the naked girls rather than Kagura.

"Well are you ever gonna change? Your wedding is just two months away and still you are gazing at women. I am starting to doubt that the real aim of your plan was to get the girls to the hotspring." shouted the irritated hanyou.

"I am just gazing at my would be wife" said Miroku turning over to Sango, "Whats the wrong in that?"

"God! Help us all" cried the hopeless hanyou as he looked towards the heavens.

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