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Kagura, you are a nurse?!

'Well I checked the entire area allthroughout the day and still no sign of a mere lizard demon, much less a powerful wind demon' thought Kagura as shesat by a lakegazing at the setting sun, 'Theres a reason as to why we demons dislike humans, they get so blown away by a gossip that they turn it into a major issue, I'm sure that there has been some misconception regarding this whole demon thing, but even though I can't perceive a demon I can still feel the aura of a truly great demon but it cannot be a demoness, besides it feels kind of warm and familiar, I've had this feeling before too… wait is it….him?'

"So what are you doing here Kagura?" cried a voice which she knew all too well.

Turning around she saw Sesshomarou "Uh… Nothing of your concern, what about you?" she said not knowing what to expect from him as an answer "And wheres Rin and Jaken?"

"I left them at Inuyasha's village." He replied in his usual manner "I'd suggest you leave as well, it's not safe for you to be here."

"What is it that I should fear" from she replied in a comparatively harsh manner "And why do you think I wont be able to handle it, if I am not wrong I am one of the most powerful youkais in my own right"

"Not if you are fighting with the most powerful youkai to ever wander this land"

"I thought that was you"

"Who else do you think I am talking about?" replied Sesshomarou as he started walking away.

Kagura was somewhat shocked; her new heart saw the first glimpse of sorrow in a long time. But still she wasn't about to give up, she got up following him.

"Why did you leave Rin in Inuyasha's village and what do you want to prove by fighting me? You are acting differently you know." she said although her heart seemed awestruck by his magnificent form which outshone many a moon in the dim evening moonlight.

"I am just concerned about them and the same thing I would ask of you as well, leave me as I am"

"No, I won't leave till I get an answer"

"If you don't leave you will get the answer in a way I would really regret"

Kagura felt it pointless to argue with the ice cold demon. She could feel a sharp shard of glass piercing her heart slowly as she started to walk back. She was in love with a completely heartless person. But as she was returning all of a sudden she felt an urge to go back. It seemed to her as if there was some deep thought behind his order which he seemed to be giving reluctantly. She ran back to find a semi conscious Sesshomarou under a tree. Atfirst he seemed dead but deep down she felt as if he still had life in him. She tried to wake him up with out any success. Then she decided to drag him to her feather and take him to her place.

…Next Day…..

"So you are finally awake" exclaimed Kagura as she breathed a sign of relief, she was obviously worried about him but her foul pride wouldn't let her admit it even to herself!

"How did I get here?" Sesshomarou's voice seemed to soften up a bit, whether it was because of his illness or gratefulness no one could answer.

"You were unconscious, so I brought you here so that you can rest and…."

"Who told you that I was unconscious, I was just in a deep trance!" he tried to disguise his voice into an emotionless comment but Kagura was smart enough to understand his uneasiness.

"I practically saved your life and this is what I get as a reward? If I had left you there god knows what could have happened to you."

"Nothing could have happened to me, anyone with harmful intentions within a three mile radius would have been decomposed by my Bakusaiga, besides even if something had happened in what way would you be disturbed?"

That was the one question which Kagura couldn't even answer in front of her ownself. "Listen if you despise me so much you are welcome to leave" shouted Kagura as she ran towards her feather in a fit of anger and sorrow to fly away before being stopped by Sesshomarou.

"Well since we are here why don't you bring me some food" said Sesshomarou, the effect of the curse was worsening and he was actually getting weaker and more and more childish by the minute.

Kagura couldn't believe her ears, what was she hearing? Did the western lord just ask her for food? She wasn't exactly someone who could be ordered around but it was as if the mere power of his order that almost compelled he to obey. Deep inside though she was secretly happy at being able to please him. But after some time the realization of a fact came to haunt her 'Wait a minute, I did promise him food but during my years with Naraku I never learnt how to cook! How am I gonna feed a Demonlord? There must be lots of luxuries in his castle and compared to the food that I will procure! To him it will probably be like vegetables are to children!'

But she was determined, 'If this is what he wants I will get it for him, even if it means well…'

…At Inuyasha's village…..

"Hi there Kagura! Long time no see" cried Sango as she saw the wind witch approach her with almost embarrassment in her eyes.

Kagura had always considered her superior to humans but these humans were the only choice she had, "Well", she said trying to act natural and swallowing her pride, "Sango I want you to teach me how to cook."

Sango, infact everyone present were shocked to hear her words, Kagura? Asking for help from THEM?

"Well don't have to feel so full of yourselves" yelled Kagura "It's only because of your big brother" she said turning over to Inuyasha. "He wants me to feed him!"

"And you don't mind feeding him? Oh you two make such a cute couple!" remarked Kagome earning a mixed look from Kagura.

"Don't get any ideas miko, we are two extremely nasty and lethal youkais, if we want we can destroy anything and every thing so there is nothing cute or innocent about us" remarked Kagura trying to hide her enjoyment at being hailed the perfect match for Sesshomarou "Besides as bad as I am I cannot see a guy like him suffer, I owe him quite a lot, infact it was he who to me mainly defeated Naraku.

Her words earned her a nasty look from Inuyasha but she dismissed it pretty easily.

"So you are practically nursing an injured or ill Sesshomarou!" said Miroku acting to be surprised.

"Wow! I never thought you were the kindhearted nursing type Kagura!" said Sango trying to hide her smile.

"I am not, and can we get over this introduction stuff, I don't want to keep Sesshomarou waiting, besides he is ill, even though he says he can take care of himself I am not so sure, so cook me something to feed him and teach me in the process"

"I don't think you will find cooking too much of a trouble, come on let me teach you the first lesson!"

"Hey Sango, is this gonna take a real long time?"

"Well it IS gonna take some time but don't worry, today I will pack you the food for Sesshomarou, but you will have to make quite a few visits here before you can actually cook without any help."

"Well hurry up then, I don't have all day!"


"I never thought our plan would work" cried Kagome as she saw Kagura leave.

"Look who made it, did you ever misjudge a female before Miroku?" cried Sango in a mocking tone.

"I can't remember any instances except for the fact that when I grope you I can't judge what your reaction might be!" said Miroku as the furiously blushing tajiya looked on.

"Well that's about the only thing about women that I can judge all too correctly" Inyasha joked in a mocking tone.

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