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Kagura, you are a nurse?!

As Kagura returned the winds seemed to be playing a game with her she didn't much like. She felt that some thing had gone terribly wrong. As she approached her tavern she could see that a strange glow was being emitted from it. Her thought at once drifted towards Sesshomarou.

"Hey Sesshomarou, you allright?" she asked as she entered her tavern.

On the bed lay a semi-awake Sesshomarou, although it seemed for a moment that he was delirious yet one glance at his face confirmed that he was well aware of the happenings around him. Kagura approached him nervously and placed a hand on his forehead, earning a disgruntled look from the lord of the western realm. It was obvious that he was burning with fever but his dead pan expression almost teased her and tried their best to deceive her. But even his craftiest of attempts failed to make an impression failed in front of the Red eyed wind witch that stood in front of him.

"Sesshomarou, you have a fever!"

Sesshomarou kept quiet, although he had been more than happy being a quirk loner all throughout his life but still there was something inside him that was attracting him towards Kagura with utmost earnest. If it had been someone else then he would surely have been more content dying rather than asking for help, but with Kagura it was different, he didn't feel the same anymore, it was as if that this was the day that was creeping so far in the shadows of his desires, he wanted to be with her, to feel her touch, to hold her close to him and make her his, to …

His train of thoughts was derailed as Kagura started untying his wornout body armor. He would have almost jumped but he then for the first time almost forced himself to realize the fact that he was indeed in need of the special care that Kagura was bestowing upon him, at that moment she felt like the angel of light and dark both blended in one. Sesshomarou had always thought that it was a sign of weakness to ask for or be helped but he actually felt more relieved and strong with Kagura by his side. As Kagura carefully placed his armor by his side she gently helped Sesshomarou go back to bed.

'This is more complicated than I thought, no matter what I do nothing seems to work out' thought Kagura as she sat beside Sesshomarou's bed gently stroking his hair whose glow seemed to outshine the shiniest of diamonds. She had somewhat anticipated this and had collected some medicine but still she wasn't a good doctor. 'Atleast I can fan him without using that stupid method that the humans do', she thought, as she motioned at the wind it started blowing in a rhythmic fashion and calming the delirious youkai's senses! But not even in her wildest dreams did she stitch up an incidence such as the one that was about to occur. As the fever rose Sesshomarou's childish activities started increasing proportionally.

"Kagura", his voice never seemed to miss her attention it seemed as she immediately helped him sit up and instinctively waited for the rest of the sentence.

"Kagura I'm sweating, I want a bath, I am sure a nice hotspring will placate my nerves." He clasped her hands like it were the hands of a goddess, as he increased his pressure Kagura's cheeks turned a fiery red. "Can you please arrange one for me?" his request was full of earnest.

"Yes of course you just don't worry, I'm gonna arrange your bath and you will get better in no time!" But no sooner than she finished her sentence than her senses struck her. She gave in to his babyface and promised him what?!

'Oh no, how am I going to pull THIS off?' she thought to herself. 'Sesshomarou and me! In a hotspring!' she bit her lip as the thought started moving on a rollercoaster ride down her head.

But still she was determined, she wanted him to feel better and so she tried not to think about the obvious possibilities. She prayed to the gods to help her as she somehow supported the much larger youkai onto her feather and made for the nearest hotspring.

Sesshomarou felt quite composed as he leaned with his back against Kagura's, as they started floating above the various mountains and valleys, the evening scenery seemed to be teasing them. He felt powerful and vulnerable both at the same time. He had never been a conversation starter and hence most of the journey couldn't see them talk yet when ones eyes seem to do the talking what's a poor mouth to do?

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