Leafstar- brown and cream tabby shecat with amber eyes
Apprentice; Nettlepaw

Snakefang- tabby tom with dark hazel eyes
Apprentice; Blossompaw

Medicine Cat:
Echosong- silver tabby shecat with green eyes
Apprentice; Sagepaw

Cherrytail- tortishell shecat

Sparrowpelt- dark brown tabby tom

Patchfoot- black and white tom

Clovertail- light brown shecat with white belly and legs
Apprentice; Mintpaw

Petalnose- pale gray shecat
Apprentice; Starpaw

Rocktalon- black tom

Tinyfire- small white shecat

Bouncestep- ginger tom

Bearshadow- muscular brown tom with amber eyes
Apprentice; Foxpaw

Nightshine- older black tom with blue eyes

Mudpath- brown tom with amber eyes

Stormblaze- gray shecat with yellow eyes

Thunderspirit- golden tom with blue eyes

Mintpaw- gray tabby shecat

Sagepaw- pale gray tom

Foxpaw- red-brown tom with amber eyes

Blossompaw- white shecat with bright pink nose and hazel eyes

Starpaw- black shecat with yellow eyes

Nettlepaw- brown tabby shecat with hazel eyes

Fernleaf- dark brown shecat with bright green eyes
Kit; Lotuskit

Lotuskit- white shecat with green eyes