A girl in her bed,
Slept safely,
Slept soundly,
But a creul older man
Couldn't leave it at that.

They inturded on her,
And they stole her from bed,
With only her imprint remaining.
Her family gave way,
That horrible day,
And said she had died in a drowning.

For years upon years,
That blended to none,
There she sat in the dark.
And only one day,
A pair of rubies gave way,
And stole her from the grip of death.

But death gave her death,
And haunted she stands,
As she lives out her life without knowing.
From a family caved in,
To a tragic young win,
A hollow girl searches the valley.


Like the leaves in fall,
I'd fall for you to,
I'd die to protect you,
If you'd only stand tall.

The wars of my past,
The searing scars,
Compare to nothing,
To the war in my heart,
When something can harm you.

But I know in my heart,
That if I go you go too,
So I'll do my best to be with you,
While protecting you to.

Your kind hearted warmth,
Your happy-go-lucky spirit,
The way you smile,
The sound of your laugh,
When I'm with you I'm happy,
I forget all my past,
So please take me with you,
Even to the end.

My promise to you,
No matter what,
Whoever it is,
I'll kill anyone who makes you sad,
Who causes you pain,
Who takes that sparkle in your eyes away.

I hate what I am, But as long as I'm with you,
I'll do whatever I have to,
To make sure your safe,
To see you smile,
To hear your laugh,
As long as you love me,
Which is as long as forever.

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