It is now 1883 and Katie is 12. Sully and Michaela have been happily married for 13 years. Andrew and Colleen are still married and living in Boston. They have their own practice together and it's very successful. Colleen had the same problems Michaela did, being accepted as a woman doctor but people finally accepted her. They have a 6 year old daughter named Isabella and are expecting another baby soon. Brian is now 24 and is working as an editor of the newspaper in Denver.

Matthew is still living at the old homestead but he has fixed it up and built on to it. He is married to a beautiful, successful woman named Sarah and they have 4 year old twin daughters named Aimie and Angela. Colorado Springs is growing and expanding, it's definitely not the same town it was when Michaela first came there. There is still Michaela's clinic, plus the clinic in Preston's hotel; which is sufficient enough. There are two doctors in town but one is only there part time. He is male and is Dr. Bernard's son. He also has a practice in another town close by. Preston was able to get his bank back as well as owning the hotel. Dorothy still has the Gazette but since she is getting on in years, her daughter Christina and her family came to town to help her run it. Loren still has his store, but can't get around as well, so Matthew's wife Sarah helps him out. Sometimes Katie helps clean up. Jake still has his barbershop and his wife Teresa is still the teacher. They have a son named Jake Jr. whom they call J.J. Myra and Horace got back together after some time apart and she is back to working at Preston's bank while helping Horace. When she's not in school, Samantha helps out her father too. Colorado Springs finally got around to getting a small telephone company so Horace runs that too. Horace and Myra have a young son they named Micah after Michaela. He was born not long after Myra came back. Hank still has his saloon.

The old church caught fire so the town had to rebuild. The reverend still does a fine job of running it, even though he is blind. He does have a colleague who comes to help him out from time to time. The schoolhouse is still there but had some major repairs done to it as well as expanding it. Robert E and Grace had a daughter they named Hope. She is best friends with Katie. Grace still has her cafe and Robert E is still the blacksmith. Katie helps her mother at the clinic but also spends time with her father outdoors at the reservation and so on. She looks like Michaela but has Sully's blue eyes.

She has a combination of her mother's stubbornness and her father's heroic streak. She loves being outdoors around nature. She loves animals, helping people and doing the right thing, just like her parents. She's got traits from both her parents. She is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. When people see her, they see a young Michaela. If you look at a picture of Michaela when she was young and look at Katie, you think you were looking at the same person. The only difference? Katie's beautiful blue eyes, her father's eyes. Everyone always talks about how beautiful Katie's eyes are. Katie sees that as one of the reasons why her mother fell in love with her father. Katie loves and admires her parents so much and loves how much they still love each other after all these years. That love gave them Katie. It is no surprise that Katie turned out the way she did.

Sully and Michaela are both beautiful people and so is their daughter. They did a good job on their first try, didn't they? It was unfortunate that they lost their second baby to miscarriage, but Katie has their lives with so much love and happiness that the loss of the baby all those years ago has faded away. Cloud Dancing is still a prominent part of their lives. He is no longer forbidden to leave the reservation and Sully is no longer forbidden to visit. Katie has grown up seeing Cloud Dancing as a father figure. Just as Michaela was given a nickname by the Cheyenne, so was Katie; "young Medicine Woman". She was given that name, because like her mother, she cares for people and is by her mother's side to help. Even at her young age, she knows so much about being a doctor and that is because she has been at her mother's side almost from the time she could walk. It will be no surprise if she ends up being a doctor like her mother. She can speak Cheyenne almost as well as her father. He's taught her so much about his life with the Cheyenne before he met her mother. He has even told her about his first wife Abagail and his daughter Hanna. Katie has told her father many times that she would have loved to have met Abagail and Hanna. He has told her that she would have loved them, but it wasn't meant to be because if they had lived, she wouldn't be here. Her mother was the one person who saved him and without her, he wouldn't be the person he is today. Her love saved him and gave them Katie. It's amazing the way things turn out.
I will start my story now. I hope you enjoy it.