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I can't believe I've forgotten to publish this piece! DX Wrote this piece back in November 2008, and I was thinking that Christina Sierra needed some lovin' too. Bonus Feldt at the end!

Takes place in Season 1 (of course =P) referencing to episode 6, "Seven Swords." Spoilers for the end of said season, with a bit of segue to Season 2.

a Gundam00 fanfic by Cielo

There was no other place in the world that Christina Sierra would rather be than in an entire avenue full of shops, beckoning her to swipe her shiny and flashy credit chip, as she would walk away, wares and things that other people may deem useless and excessive piled and hooked onto her tireless arms. From Manhattan, to Licester Square, to the 10ème Arrondissement, to Hong Kong's perpetual flea market and Shinjuku - no place in the world were spared from her spending.

To the unknowing individual, her fluttering quips of, "Ooh! Do they have that in my size?", "Oh my God, those shoes are to die for!", "I just have to get the latest from that designer!" and random exclamations of excitement and material desire make her the ultimate example of the culture of consumerism. They took pity on the exhausted and unwilling pink-haired pigtailed girl whom she dragged along with her. Strangers have judged her to be very shallow, as she is excessively funded by some rich old man or getting her fortune through hush-hush means. Little do they know how correct they were - except that the old man is actually dead, and her being a crucial crew member of a feared organization's space ship is what all the hush-hush is all about.

Some may have seen a toned down version of this shopaholic - despite their difference in appearance, one could swear that the pink-haired girl she was with could be a younger sister - a relative, or a very reluctant best friend. The latter had no desire to buy anything. At most, she could be seen clutching a newly purchased book or take-out food. If ever she had shopping bags with her, they were Christina's purchases.

But these strangers have never seen the Chris that her workmates have grown to know and love...

"Chris-chan... let's go back to the hotel already..."

It was a little before sundown - and considering it was summer in a northern country, it was already late. Feldt and Chris had been up and out since lunch time.

"Just a little more, Feldt, I just have to get a last pair of shoes..."

Yawn, "But you said that seven pairs ago..."

After a sheepish smile, a quick word of apology, and a promise to a treat that Feldt decided to block out, they entered another shoe and bag shop. At this point, all these shops looked the same to Feldt.

The nice thing about shoe shops is that they had benches, and Feldt gratefully plopped her butt down on one and leaned back. She let her mind go into a blank, after thanking some higher power that she had worn her most comfortable pair of sneakers that day, while Chris mulled over the "last pair" she was going to buy, cheerfully chatting with an attendant. She closed her eyes, the shop's showy lights penetrating her eyelids, doing nothing much for her tired vision. She could make out Chris gleefully try out a pair... and another... and another... as Veda-text started to swim in her mind's eye. She shook her head as she opened her eyes, her gaze settling at some empty point by her toes.

"Feldt... Feldt? Come on, let's go home."

She heaved a sigh of relief as Chris had tapped her shoulder - the bag contained two pairs of shoes. She mentally rolled her eyes as they walked out and hopped onto a cab that would take them back to the hotel they stayed in.

Sumeragi had ordered dinner for them before she went down to the bar. Feldt had just wanted to sleep. She could be angry at Chris as she was not able to review the files they needed for the next intervention and encode relevant information into Veda, but she just sat on the bed, like a discarded doll.

Chris, still full of energy, opened all of her shopping and had fun playing dress-up in front of the mirror, randomly putting tops and skirts up on Feldt, "This would look so good on you!", "... and this!", "Oooh and this one!"

Feldt no longer knew at what time she fell asleep - or how she actually managed to in the midst of Chris' cackle & gaggle. Next thing she knew, Sumeragi was rousing them up, as Wang Liumin had arranged to pick them up to get them into her place for the mission.

First thing she noticed was that she was comfortably tucked into bed, her socks taken off and hair undone. Next was that all the shopping that had seemed to have sprouted like grass last night were all gone - only two very new, albeit very innocent looking red suitcases were sitting by the door, ready for pickup by the bellboy. And third...

"Thank you for shopping with me yesterday, Feldt."

Chris had sat down on the bed, tapping her hand by the area of Feldt's leg - there was a very chic ensemble of a shirt and skirt, a wide brimmed hat and a matching purse.


"I figured you don't like shopping at all - not even for yourself. So I took the liberty of expanding your wardrobe a little bit."

The brown-haired girl pointed to another suitcase - yellow in color - this time by the foot of Feldt's bed, "But the real 'thank you' gift is this."

Chris held up a pair of sandals - one that Feldt had figured to be one of the last two that she had purchased. The younger girl immediately tried them on - the heels weren't too high and were age-appropriate, and stylish enough to be worn with a variety of clothes and for different occasions. She gave in to a smile.

"See? You should smile more often, Feldt!"

"Thank you, Chris-chan."

"You're welcome - come on, get ready and let's get some breakfast."

At Wang Liumin's house, compact Veda terminals were already set up for the day's scheduled intervention.

"Oh no," Feldt fretted in her seat, "I've forgotten about the documentation and data encoding last night."

"Don't sweat it," Chris cheered up her comrade, "they're done and ready!"


Feldt got a wink, "Last night!"

For years to come, Feldt had wondered how Chris harnessed all that energy. She was a person full of positivity that the extreme situations they encountered in combat easily got to her. But other than that, Chris was someone the Ptolemaios crew could count on - she was a fast thinker, and her reports were clear and always on-time. Feldt had also wondered why she placed so much importance on the crew and Meisters' bonding - she would find that Chris never really had a family to speak of and longed for that warmth and sense of belonging.

As for romance - well, who did not want some?

Feldt grew out of the shoes and clothes she had been given. But as she tied her hair back, looking at herself in the mirror with a confident smile, she is reminded of a sister's attention, and of a friend's unmatched generosity - one that would give up her life so Feldt can live hers.

- END -