Okay..I love this book and i always wondered what actually happened after Megan left, when Finn had locked himself in the studio. Here is my idea of what happened...sorry..it's in two parts..

Dedicated to my sister Cee, Love you Hon!

After Megan Left…

Finn sat at his desk staring at his Spanish textbook when he heard voices in the yard.

'Megan's probably yelling at Evan and Doug.' Finn thought. He smiled at the thought as he remembered the incident from the other day in the studio.

Finn lost himself in his memories from the kiss…

Finn had been sitting on is stool, adding color and details to the painting of Megan he had been working on. All of a sudden the studio door flung open and in all her beauty, Megan stood there for a moment, grinning like a mad woman before she spoke as she walked towards him.

"I made Captain! I got Captain!" She said as she grabbed Finn's hand and pulled him to the bench where she sat.

Finn's skin felt on fire where she touched him.

"That's Great!" Finn said. Thoughts were racing though his mind as Megan told him about what had happened. He grinned lazily as she continued talking.

"What?" She asked. Finn grin widen.

"Nothing." He whispered as he leaned forward, closing the distance between them and kissed Megan. He felt Megan freeze for a moment before retuning the kiss.

Finn pulled back, away from the kiss. Her eyes locked with his.

"Is this okay?" Finn asked. He didn't want to hurt or push her.

Megan simply nodded. Finn barely had the chance to smile before his lips found hrs again. He felt like he was in heaven.

Finn was pulled from his day dream by the sound of a car horn and the back door slamming. Curious to see who it was he walked to the window. He saw an airport taxi in the drive as Megan's bags were thrown into the trunk and Megan sat in the back of the cab.

Finn barely got a chance to see Megan's face before the door was slammed shut and the care drove off.

Finn had gotten a glimpse of the hurt and crushed look on Megan's face. Finn hoped his eyes had deceived him as he ran out of his room and down the stairs into the yard. His eyes first landed on his brothers Evan and Doug. They weren't fighting, they were just talking. As if nothing had just happened. As if Megan hadn't just left. 'wouldn't that be a good thing though? Wouldn't that mean she didn't leave? That she's still here?' Finn thought to himself as he approached his brothers.

"Where's Megan?" Finn asked worriedly. Evan and Doug exchanged small glances before turning to face Finn. Both had worried expressions.

"Finn…Bro…" Doug started, his usual gangster accent gone. Finn felt his stomach drop. He hadn't been seeing things. "She left."

"No." was all Finn said.

"She's gone. She's on her way to her parents in Korea right now." Evan said. Finn felt his heart crack and break. The words echoing in his head.

(To Be Continued...)