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Why are you talking to me?

I'm bored. And everyone else is talking to someone.

Well, beat it Grayson, I'm actually listening to the teacher.

Yeah right.

I am.

I believe you….

It's amazing how you can put your sarcasm into writing.

Why thank you, :)

Good-bye, Richard.

Party pooper.


I've figured out why Mr. Fargo is so weird.

Talking to me again? You must be bored.

Yes I am. Who the hell cares about advanced physics?

You're the one who took the elective.

Only because it was between this or algebra.

Point taken.

So, do you want to hear why Mr. Fargo is so weird?

Do I want to…?

Argh. Will you shut up long enough for me to tell you?


His dad was Darth Vader.

Oh for Pete's Sake, Grayson. Is this what goes on in your head?

You call me Grayson when you're annoyed.

Goodbye, Grayson.



Quick! Send me a note! Anything!

You're an idiot.

Awww, I love you too. Thanks.

Why do you suddenly need me to do anything?

I always need you!

Not since 7th grade, Mr. Subject-Changer.

Yeah, well. I'm trying to get Kori jealous.

Kori. As in Kori Anders?

Yup. She's really hot.

She's too nice for you.

That's not nice!

..Well it's true, Mr. School 'Bad-Boy'.

Why is it that I seem to have multiple last names today?

Because they all suit you? Now shut up. This is interesting.


You blew me off yesterday.

Did I?

You said Mr. Fargo was being interesting. He was talking about moles.

Which is…interesting.

Um, sure. If you're like a dermatologist. Then I suppose it's the most exciting thing in your day. Removing moles is fun!


Freaky girl who finds moles interesting.



Now what?

Still find moles interesting?



I heard that you and Kori went out on Saturday.

Le Gasp! You started a note? Call the National Enquirer! No! Call the CIA! She's a clone forced to break into Jump City High School!

and you wonder why I don't talk to you.

No I don't. I know exactly why you don't talk to me. You tell me repeatedly every time we meet.

And yes, you heard right. Kori and I had a very nice time. :)

I hate smileys. They seem to imply something.

Maybe they do. ;)

Ugh. Goodbye, Richard.

Hey, you were the one that started this. Don't make it seem like I'm bothering you.

You always bother me.



Oh. My. God.


Oh. My. God.


Oh. My. GOD!

Fine. Don't tell me.

Was that YOU I saw with a GUY last night?

I always knew you were a gossipy girl at heart.

Ignoring that. Was it?

God, Grayson. Is it any of your business?

That means yes! Who was it? When did you start dating?

How does that mean yes?

Raven Roth is now unavailable. I've gotta tell everyone!

Why would you do that?!

I love it when you get angry.


I'm going to ignore that.


Thank you VERY much, Richard.

You're welcome.

That was sarcasm, you ignoramus.

Ooh…new nickname. Can I safely assume that you're angry with me?

Brilliant, Mr. I-get-a-C-Average.

And a new last name? You must be super angry.


'Was his name-o!' But seriously, why are you angry?

You told the whole school that I'm secretly dating someone.

No I didn't! I just told Kori! And Victor. And Garfield.

Which is basically the same as telling the whole school. So thank you. I have gotten three date proposals, four squealing girls asking if he's hot and one 'I am going to kill him.' I don't know which one to be annoyed at most.

That's weird. You'd think the news that you're unavailable would make people back off.

No, Richard. That's not how the teenage mind works. This makes people think I'm 'hot' or something. I really hate you.

Well I wouldn't say that you aren't hot.


Besides, all I did was inform select members of our school that our resident Goth is unavailable.

I am NOT dating anyone! It was ONE date.

So it was you on Monday night?



Have you cooled down yet?





Guess not.


You and Kori went on a date again.

Why, yes. Yes we did. And it is so good to talk to you again. :)

I haven't forgiven you yet. I got a proclamation of love this morning.

! From WHO?

Malchior Drakkon

I never liked that guy.


He's way too creepy looking. White hair and old-fashioned clothes are not in style, and they never will be.

That's not very nice.

You're the one who called me 'Mr. Resident Bad-Boy'.

You are. But people have called me weird looking before. And it isn't the nicest feeling in the world.


Again with the demanding. You need to realize that you can't get everything you want all the time.


Teacher's looking.


I've never gotten detention before…

Really? No wonder Ms. Cruncher didn't treat you like a criminal.

Judging from her treatment of you, you get thrown in detention a lot.



She's always cracking her knuckles.

Then wouldn't she be Ms. Cracker?

Cracker doesn't sound nearly as scary. It just makes me hungry.

If you say so…


Heeeey Raven!

What now? Contrary to popular belief, Miss Scrattern is actually a good teacher.

Please, no one with the name 'Scrattern' will be good at anything.

..How does that have anything to do with anything?

I don't know.

Why are you bugging me today anyway?

A little birdie told me that you've got a date tonight. With Malchior.

Your 'birdie' must have slammed into a tree and gotten a concussion.

Always the charmer, Raven.


I still can't believe it.

What? That you made it out of kindergarten or that you can walk and talk at the same time?

Ha, ha. Very funny, Roth.

Oooh…someone's in a bad mood.

I can't believe that you're dating that freak.

He's not a freak. He's much nicer than you. And he doesn't think that Edgar Allan Poe is a brand of table cleaner.

Hey! That was ONE time! And I was 13.

Once an idiot, always one.

Oh, shut up. I can't talk to you right now.

Fine by me.


I waved to you last night.

Right. How convenient that you managed to be at the exact same movie theater, at the exact same time as we were.

It's a small world.

Uh huh…

Anyway. You didn't wave back.

I was busy.

You were staring at his nose.

I was not!

I don't blame you. It is kind of dragonish.

I was admiring his…skin.

Why would you do that? Looking for pimples?

You are gross and excruciatingly annoying.

That's what Roy says.


Congratulations, Richard.

For what?

For getting a girlfriend who actually has something in her head. I'm proud of you.

As easy as it is to be offended by that, I'll accept your congratulations with grace. Because that's what nice people do.

Just know one thing, Grayson. Kori is one of my almost-friends. And she is the nicest person anyone ever met. And if you hurt her in any way, I will hurt you so hard that you will feel it.

…Don't you mean, 'hurt you so hard that your grandchildren will feel it' or something?

No. I'd hurt you so bad that I wouldn't wish it on anyone but you.


Just keep that in mind.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be able to forget it.


Hey. I just had a great idea!

Uh oh.

No, this one is good.


You have Malchior and I have Kori. Why don't we double date?

Double date?


As in, go out together with our significant others?

Uh huh.

As in, having to see you outside school walls?

….Oh just forget it.


…Really? You want to?

I'll ask Malchior.



He says that it could be fun.

Cool! So, Saturday?

Sure. At the movies. I want to see the new James Bond.

Really, Raven? You?

Shut up.


Can I borrow your notes?


Because I don't have any.

Idiot. Instead of bugging me with notes, you might want to take a few that will actually help you in the future.

Who knows? Maybe these conversations will help us in the future.

Right…and I'm a super-powered Goth who only wears leotards and cloaks.

I like the mental image.



You never lent me the notes.

You were too busy being a teenage boy.

If I don't get those notes, I can't finish my homework, which means I won't be able to go to the movie.

There is such a thing called a 'textbook'.

Please…I lost that back in October.

How did you get out of 3rd grade?

My mom asks the same question. So can I have the notes?

I'll give them to you after class.



That was horrible.

As much as I hate agreeing with you, I agree with you.

We are never doing that again. Ever.

I still can't believe Kori forced us into the Bolt movie. I could have gone my whole life without seeing that. I hate Disney.

Oh, come on. Nobody hates Disney.

I hate Disney.



Raven? I heard what happened.

Yeah, you and everyone else.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure some of the kids in senior year haven't heard about it yet.

Thanks so much, Grayson. That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I really am sorry. He was a jerk.

Just go away. I really don't want to talk to you right now.


Thanks, Richard.

For what?

I saw you punch Malchior in front of the school yesterday.

That wasn't me!

Really? So it was another guy with spiky black hair?

You're being sarcastic again. You are feeling better!

Well, it was kind of satisfying to see Malchior in Algebra with a huge, red nose.

I think we should call him Rudolph. :)

I still don't like smileys.


By the way…what did Malchior do to you anyway? All I saw was you slapping him in the face. Rumors can't always be trusted.

I saw him making out with Heather DeMont.

The slut? Can I punch him again?

Didn't your parents ever teach you that fighting is wrong?

But if you want to, go ahead.

…Hey Raven?


Do you want to go see the James Bond movie with me tonight? For old time's sake?

What about Kori?

No! Not like that! Just as friends!

Judging from your multitude of exclamation marks, it leads me to believe that you're flustered.

But yeah. I'd like that. For old time's sake.

Cool. Meet you at the mall at 5.


I had fun last night.

Me too?

What? You didn't have fun?

You paid for my movie tickets….and my popcorn….

It was weird.

Well sor-ry. I'll never pay for you again.

It just made me feel uncomfortable.

You used to pay for me all the time!

In 7th grade, it doesn't mean anything.

You didn't think I did all that stuff because I liked you, did you?

No! I never thought that!

Your face is red…

And Mr. Fargo is being awesome!


I think your brain exploded.


Is Mr. Fargo still 'awesome'?

Shut up!

Bad mood, much?

I'm not talking to you!

You sound like a four-year old.

: P

Real mature.


I can't believe how stupid this is….I'm the one trying to get you to talk. The world has come to an end.

I'm talking, aren't I?

You want to get technical about that?




Oh God, are we really going back to this?


What is your problem?

Nothing. Go away.

God. No need to tell me twice.




Hey, Richard.

…We haven't talked for two days. I thought you'd be happy to get rid of me.

Garfield told me what happened.

Garfield told you?! Since when you guys ever acknowledge each other?

We've seen each other around.

Anyway, why didn't you tell me that Kori dumped you?

It's not exactly the subject I want to talk about!

Well, if you ever do feel like talking…

YOU are comforting ME? We've officially entered a weirdo backwards world. Do you think I'm no longer cool? Maybe I'm a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie! Which makes you a Prom Queen!

Oh my god, Grayson. I'm trying to help you! But every time I try you just make some sort of backwards world/Raven clone comment!

I am not talking to you anymore.

Wait….I'm sorr-

Thursday After School (Detention)

So….detention again….

Oh, go away! I really don't want to talk to you. Not only do you make me madder than a barrel of chainsaws, but you also go me in detention. Again. Do you have any idea what my father will do to me?

….I suppose this is a bad time to mention that I'm really bored?

I guess so…


It's Friday.

Wonderful, Richard. You know the days of the week.

I'm getting some serious déjà vu, here. I thought the past month and a half of note passing had gotten us past the insults.

That was before you became a jerk. How familiar.


Yeah. This whole situation is very familiar, isn't it birdbrain?

I am sorry for all that. You know I am.

Save it. You hurt me, idiot.


I've been thinking about what you said all weekend. And I've come to a conclusion.


I've decided that we can't keep doing this. We need closure, Raven.


What happened in 8th grade….I have never forgiven myself for that. I never meant to do that to you. I could say that it was a huge misunderstanding. But it was more than that. I was so caught up in the popular crowd. It's the most cliché friends-turning-enemies in the book. I didn't mean to do that to you. Well, at the time I did, but now, I'd do anything to take it back.


That night that I completely made fun of you behind your back…I'd do anything to take it back.

I just want us to be friends again. We were friends since we were 6. And you were always a better friend than anyone in the popular crowd.


Yeah, so I want you to know….Raven?

Umm…no. Raven's out sick today.


So is this why you and Roth stopped being friends?


I am going to go kill myself now.

Have fun!



Uh oh.

Would you mind explaining to me, how the story of you stepping all over my feelings and ruining an 8-year friendship is now all over the school.

There is a VERY good explanation for it….

I'm waiting.

Um….uhh….The school is psychic!

You are the world's biggest idiot. I'm gone for ONE day, and you completely ruin my reputation.

How so?

There are random people coming up to me in the halls. They are either sympathetic, or snickering behind their hands. I swear that our school has some of the biggest jerks ever.

I'm sorry. It slipped out.

Oh, so they weren't psychic?

…Did you actually believe that? 'Cause if you did, then I never said anything.

Of course I did, Richard. I also believe in yellow dwarves and pink, child-eating marshmallows.

Sarcastic…got it.



The Spring Fling is coming up…

Yup. A stupid dance with bad music and terrible food.

Uhhh…yeah. That's exactly what I thought.


Sooo….you got a date? Not that I care.

I've gotten a few offers.

From WHO!? I want names, ages and social security numbers!

God! You are SUCH an older brother!

I am NOT!

No, you're right. You're way too immature.



Raven, I have a question for you.


It's been bugging me for awhile…


I've wanted to ask you for a long time.

And all the Spring Fling stuff made me remember to tell you.

You aren't asking me to…

When did people come up with the idea for Prom?


Do you know?

You are such an idiot!

Why? What did I do?!

C'mon! Why are you mad?


The Spring Fling is in a week…

Uh huh. What's with all this interest in a stupid dance all of a sudden?

Nothing! I just wondered if you had a date yet.

What's with all the interest in my dating choices?



I don't have a date either.

Really? That's weird. I could have sworn that any girl in school would go with you. I never understood the appeal a resident bad boy gives off.

..And bad boy makes a sudden reappearance.

You really want to go to the dance, don't you?

No I don't! It's stupid.

Tell you what. Since you're so into going, how about we make a deal?

I like deals…

If neither of us gets an acceptable date, we'll go together.


Unless you'd rather go alone…I could care less about going.

No! I think…I think that'd be a good idea.


That. Was. The. Most. Embarrassing. Thing. Ever.

You're in shock…

How can you not be fazed by this?!

I'm part of the martial arts team and I'm in the popular crowd. I'm used to people staring at me.

Hel-lo! There was a huge banner in the cafeteria that says 'Raven and Richard 4evah!' This is the end of the world!

Whoa…calm down.


Of course you are…

It's not that big a deal. Someone must have heard that we're 'going to the dance together'. It'll blow over soon.

No it won't! This is the worst thing since the invention of cheese in a can!

I LIKE cheese in a can.

Besides…would it really be that embarrassing to date me?


Come on, Raven. You have to admit that it could possibly be as bad as you're making it seem.

…would it really be that bad?

Please say something!

No…it wouldn't.




Would you like to see Transporter 3 with me tonight?

On a school night?

Well, we don't have to watch it tonight! We could wait until the weekend! Or, you know, not at all. That's cool too.

I'd like to go. But I'm paying this time.

I can't argue with that, can I?

Not really.

Alright. I'll see you in front of the school at 4.


How long have we been doing these stupid notes?

Ehh…a few months? Why?

So we've been on speaking terms for a few months….and you still haven't apologized.

Is this about last night?

You kissed me!

Yeah…isn't that the usual behavior for the end of a date?

Who said it was a date?

I never got the memo!

Well…sorry. Next time I'll spell it out.

Next time?

….Well, I was sorta hoping there might be a next time. I had fun.

Richard, this is really strange.

Why? We've been friends for over 10 years.


Umm…no. 10. We met when we were 6, and now we're 16. You're not secretly 14, are you?

No, stupid. But you're forgetting the fact that I wouldn't exactly qualify you as a friend, the past 2 years. Something you haven't even apologized for yet.

Yes I did! There was a long note, with many 'I'm sorry's' in it.

Oh. Wait. No. You never did get it.

No. No I didn't.

Wait a minute…maybe I still have the note. Hang on.

Do you keep all the notes?

No! Only the ones I like.


Hey! Be nice or I won't show you!

Forgive me, wise man. Please, continue.


Took you long enough.

I had to wade past all my old homework assignments AND not let Fargo catch me.

There is such a thing as 'organization'. Heard of it?

Just shut up and read the stupid note.

I'll be here…waiting.



Who the hell were you writing with?

Oh…right. Ehh….Terra Markov.

She is the world's biggest gossiper. No wonder the story was all over the school!

…I never did tell you the real reason the news spread, did I?

I am appalled, I thought that you SWORE it was because the school was psychic.

You are so busted.

Later on Wednesday



I forgive you.


Hey Raven? It's Thursday.

Yes it is. A+.

Well, I was just wondering….


D-O Y-O-U W-A-N-T T-O G-O T-O T-H-E D-A-N-C-E W-I-T-H M-E?

.what the hell?

I promised that the next time I ask you on a date, I'd spell it out for you.

I made other plans…


Just kidding.


So do you?

Is this a real date? Hand holding and all that mushy stuff?

Only if you want it too….

The dance is lame…

We could always go somewhere else! Like out to pizza or something…?

But I guess going with you could make it a bit less lame.

Are you saying…?

I'll see you at the dance. Pick me up at 7.

Now it really is time to stop these stupid notes. My B average has dropped to a C.

I'll see you after class then.


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