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By the way, Sakuno's in her late teens (18? 19?). I don't have in mind a specific age for her in this story.

By indistinguishable

She calmly weaved her way through urban Tokyo; the auditory mesh of honking cars and pedestrian chatter was a source of comfort to her ears. It was in the middle of December with Christmas fast approaching. She suppressed a shiver as an especially icy wind whipped by. The parka she wore was doing its job if she was able to prevent herself from shivering. She had her grandmother to thank for that.

All at once, she noticed the absence of her bouncing twin plaits and smiled faintly. Whatever would her friends say if they saw her now? It was a change for sure. She had to admit that it took quite awhile to get used to the lightness, but there was more to it than just that. Cutting her hair had, in some way, symbolized her initiation into adulthood. The long braids were of an awkward and bumbling girl. She was no longer that person.

But I wonder... if this change really was for the best? I was happy then, but am I happy now?

She shook her head. I'm over-thinking things again...


"Mmph!" Her blood ran cold for that split second before she fell onto concrete... until someone grabbed her hand and pulled her back up.

"Oi. Watch where you're going."

She promptly stepped back and bowed. "I'm sorry." But the stranger merely waved her apology away and walked off.

Before she bowed, she remembered catching a glint of honey from his eyes. Cat-like eyes...

Heeh... You forgot me? Tch. Mada mada dane.

Then the strangest thing happened. A... heat flooded her cheeks. Was she blushing? Impossible. Nobody made her flush like this. Not in years.

But there was one man who could.

She whirled around, but he was already long gone. The sea of passers-by didn't make it any easier to find him.

That was him though. I'm sure of it.

Body still, her gaze shifted toward the heavens. Gray snow fell with languid speed as she gave herself to darkness.

Okaeri... Ryoma-kun.

And perhaps she was still a child after all.