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A/N: Wrote this back in November but decided that it was too short to upload to the website by itself. So, this was added to Contact as an extra.

Writing style was influenced by the novel The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.

Sidelong Glance
By indistinguishable

Now that Ryoma thought about it, he found it funny how Ryuzaki addressed him.

Not Echizen.
Not Echizen-kun.
Not Ryoma-san.
Not even Just Ryoma.

But Ryoma-kun, as if she sought the intimate familiarity that came along with Just Ryoma but shying away right when it was within her reaches.


He could ask her about it, but she would be so flustered and blustered that she wouldn't be able to make a peep. (Well, a coherent peep.)

Not that it actually mattered. Who cared about who called him what?

Ryoma stuffed the final bite of his breakfast omelet into his mouth and prepared to set off for school; the subject evaporating from memory as quickly as it had come.