The Calling

Chapter one: First born daughter, Second born son

Author's note: The original one had so many errors I just decided to rewrite it as well as clear up some of the corners I had written myself into.

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Jareth felt as a smile crossed his face as he regained his human form after Sarah had forced him into his owl form. "Well played Sarah." He said. "But if you think that this is the end then you are sadly mistaken." He whispered as she took himself from the Escher room silently making his way through several halls barely noticing the goblins that not so silently scrambled out of his way. Until he reached a room with several portraits, there where ten in total all of them depicting a fuzzy image that gave a hint as to what they contained but still left the viewer guessing as to the paintings subject. His attention was focused on the first portrait that depicted a wedding portrait of an unclear woman and himself "It has been centuries since you have been taken from me, my love but now I have found you once again and all the necessary signs have been reached to bring you back to me along with all of our children." He said as he gestured to the other nine paintings without really removing his attention from the wedding portrait. "It is finally time." He intoned as he moved toward an alter that had been set up in the center of the room. "From bloodlines past I call forth the bearer of the desired soul. Return to me, my wife Charmia." He chanted as he placed a peach that bore a perfectly formed set of teeth marks on the alter. His words started to echo even more throughout the room as the bride's image started to become clearer revealing an older looking version of Sarah. "Soul awaken, power given to old reborn in new. I call upon the unions shared to awaken the chosen of my bloodlines awaken the most powerful of my bloodlines come to me, my children one by one you will change, bound by paint to show me the way." He intoned as he turned his gaze to the portrait directly to the right of the wedding portrait.

It showed a young girl sitting in an enormous library as he watched as her features started to become clearer and clearer. She had a long riotous mass of honey brown curls her eyes where three different shades of brown going from caramel to dark chocolate. She was wearing what looked like a shear top and hoop skirt under a strategically pinned robe. She also wielded a staff topped by a bird head similar to the one that topped the wise man's hat. But her most truly striking feature were her eyes, them seemed to hold all of the world's secrets. Once the picture had resolved itself into a crystal-clear image a plaque appeared below it declaring her Hermione Granger, the keeper of secrets. "Let's see just what you have in store for me my dear."


Hermione was sitting behind her house in the shade, trying to study despite the fact that her parents had driven her out of the house. Unfortunately, she wasn't having much luck for the past couple of minutes she had been having a sense of foreboding. Similar to what she had felt during her second year and just before the troll in her first year. That feeling was the closest she would ever emit to having the sight, it was also the reason she signed up for the iffiest of Hogwarts classes. She had long since learned to listen to that feeling and a practice that has served her well. So, when it started going off like crazy she was expecting something big like a rampaging magical creature maybe a muggle gang of some sort. What she wasn't expecting was a David Bowie look alike that was dressed like an escapee from a renascence rock opera to suddenly appeared in front of her.

"If it's not too much trouble, "She said to what was obviously a magical creature. "Might I ask exactly who are you?" she asked as she started to back away from him.

"I am known by man names, and by many titles." He said as he slowly started to stalk towards her. "I have been called King, Devil, Savior, and Conquer; I am King Jareth of the Labyrinth, the Goblin King, High Lord of the Court of Dreams."

"I hate to tell you this but you don't exist." Hermione said as she slowly made her way to her back door, hoping that some of the Old Wives tales that her mother observed would keep him out. "The court of Dreams was a part of the Fae Empire, which faded out of existence thousands of years ago around the time of Merlin. Of course, the fae still exists but the courts have broken up a long time ago."

"Unfortunately, I do exist. Which is a good thing don't you think?" he replied with a mischievous glint. "I mean after all I am your ancestor."

Hermione paused as she let that sink in. "The haunted fae." She whispered.

"Excuse me." He asked as he continued to creep up on the now oblivious witch.

"The family legend," she explained. "Well not exactly a legend I mean there has been proof of it. One of my ancestors attracted a fae husband shortly after the first Great War. She bore him a child but he disappeared shortly after she had died. Unfortunately for the child the second war started and she was placed in the concentration camp. It was there that she caught the attention of a dark wizard that worked alongside the Nazis he experimented on her merging her with several different magical creatures. She was rescued by a unit made up entirely of muggles if was there that she met her future husband he was a war correspondent attached to the unit. But each generation has someone who is born showing a trait of one of the creatures. My Aunt Meredith has the power of a vela, my great uncle can read the stars similarly to a centaur." She explained completely oblivious to the shortening distance between Jareth and her.

"And you will have the power of a fae." Jareth said as he took his final step towards her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Hermione turned towards him her shock at his closeness written plainly across her face. Jareth smiled as he teleported them away.

Back down the Rabbit Hole

When they reappeared in the underground he only had a moment to take in Hermione's scared eyes before she was engulfed in a blinding glow, when it faded it left him looking at her now calm gaze. He took a step back in order to get the full effect of her transformation. She now resembled the portrait and while she was still physically twelve years old she seemed to have an almost ancient air about her.

"You were wrong." She said as she stepped away from him. "I didn't get just the power of a fae I got attributes from every creature that were forced upon my great great grandmother." She said just before she opened her mouth and let off an earsplitting scream that drove Jareth to his knees after only a few seconds. Hermione looked down at him and watched as he climbed to his feet. "That was for the Chaos that you have just brought into my life. And before you act on your thoughts of causing me harm, you should know that my reaction is going to be the calmest of the lot."

"And how do you know that." He asked as he let his temper leak into his voice.

"Because you have turned me into a seer." She said as if he had committed the greatest crime in creation.

"You don't sound pleased with that." Jareth said as he tried to reign in his temper.

"My culture has a definite stereotype as to what a seer should behave and look like." Hermione sneered in her best Malfoy impersonation.

"Which you don't like?" Jareth drawled out as he slipped out of his guarded pose. Her response was to create an illusion of a woman who looked like she was crossed with a grasshopper.

"You have got to be kidding?" He exclaimed.

" Nope." She replied " you had better hurry and go claim my brother before he does something stupid."

" Your brother." Jareth said.

" Yes, Zelgadis Greywind." Hermione replied, as she pointed toward the painting next to her own. It showed a slender young swordsman with pale skin and violet hair who was standing in front of a mirror. His reflection on the other hand showed a swords man of the same build only his skin was blue with what appeared to be darker blue pebbles attached along the sides of his face and hands. As well as a full head of what appeared to be grayish wire. He was in what Jareth recognized as the treasury room. "And if you want to make it easy on yourself mention the shape shifting abilities that are natural to our mother's line." Hermione added drawing Jareth's attention back to her.

" You are taking this surprisingly well." Jareth said

" I know everything that is going to happen. So, I really don't see why I should expand the energy of getting upset when my other eleven siblings are going to more than make up for it."

" Eleven siblings." Jareth asked weakly.

" Yes, eleven there is a set of twins in there somewhere. And you better hurry Zel is about to bring about his own demise."

" We will finish this later." Jareth said as he vanished from sight.

" Ya, between Zelgadis Graywind trying to perforate you, Sonya Blade and Ranma and Ranko Saotome attempting to beat you black and blue, Wendy Darling, Ryotaro Nogami, and Willow Rosenberg having a panic attacks, Kagome trying to purify you, Nani's glaring, and Chloe trying to blame this all meteors we will have plenty of time to talk." Hermione said with a heavy amount of sarcasm to herself.

Zelgadis sat on a rock staring at a demonic temple, preparing him for what he was sure to be the final great battle of his cursed life. He would either emerge cured or dead either way he would be free. As he gathered together his resolve he also took a moment to study the temple in front of him. At first glance, it appeared to be nothing more than the tomb of some warrior. All across its front where scenes of battle and what appeared to be victory celebrations. It wasn't until you took the time to real look at it that you realized that the battles depicted where of those demons and humans fighting against each other and the demons where winning, the victory celebrations where of the demons devouring the bodies of the fallen warriors. " All right demon Trumic of the fifth gate let's see what your trials are made of." Zelgadis said as he pulled himself to his feet and readjusted his hood and mask. As started to take his first step towards what he viewed to be the accumulation of his destiny he was grabbed by the back of his hood and yanked backwards. When his world finally settled he found himself nose to ankles with a tall blonde man in black tights and tunic.

" You take one step towards that hell pit and I will tip you head first straight into the bog of eternal stench." The man snarled at him in a voice that for some reason brought Xellos posing as a noble to mind.

" What are you gibbering about?" Zel snarled as he rolled away from the stranger and quickly regained his feet.

" She said you were about to do something stupid but I didn't think she meant suicidal." The noble ranted. " What in the world could you have possibly been thinking, what could drive you to trying to resurrect a demon at the cost of your own live? Are you mental deficient or are you just that stupid?"

" WHO DO YOU THINK ARE?" Zelgadis roared as ripped his sword from its sheath.

" I am your ancestor the Goblin King." Jareth replied.

" Poppi?" Zelgadis asked incredulously as he let the point of his sword the Astral Vine fall toward the ground.

" Oh gods, that ridicules nickname survived." Jareth demanded as he buried his face in his hands. " I swear that woman's screws weren't just loose they missing all together." He muttered to himself.

" I take it you are talking about my too many to mention Greats Grandmother Antonia Greywind the Lost." Zelgadis replied as brought Astral Vine back to bear.

" Did you ever wonder why they referred to her as Antonia the Lost?" Jareth asked as flicked his wrist summoning a facsimile of his throne to him, which he soon took a seat on.

" It was because of the fact that she was often lost in thought, which in turn resulted in some of her best theories." Zelgadis stated.

" In part but it was also due to the fact that she had lost her mind quite a while ago." Jareth replied as he summoned a smaller but just as grand chair, which Zelgadis ignored. " She was the most mentally unstable of my wife's reincarnations." Jareth explained as he swung a leg over one of the arms of the throne. " I won't deny that she was brilliant at magical theory, it was everything else she couldn't understand."

" In what way." Zelgadis asked his curiosity being piqued despite himself.

" Well after our marriage when she found out she was pregnant she started leaving birdseed all over the place, she didn't want the stork to leave hungry." Jareth replied as he started to spin a crystal about his fingers. " Another time we were holding a ball and she attended in her nightgown."

" I think I heard some of that before but I never linked it to her name." Zelgadis said as slipped Astral Vine back in its sheath. " So why have you returned after all this time?"

" The signs where finally right for the return of my family." Jareth replied just as he suddenly flung the crystal at the chimera enveloping him in smoke, when it cleared Zelgadis was confronted with his greatest wish he was human again, right in time for him to get socked in the stomach. " Now that I have your attention allow me to explain how this affects you." Jareth replied as he circled the swordsmen that he had just felled. " You are the product of a union between myself and the second reincarnation of my wife. As such you are now able to become a fae to be precise an unseele, this includes the ability to shape shift, sense dreams and desires, and a hand of power. At least that is what I am aware of." Jareth replied as he picked Zelgadis by the scruff of the neck. " But your older sister Hermione might know more about it." He said as chucked him through a portal. " Well that wasn't so hard." Jareth said to himself as he flicked his wrist and vanished the chairs that he had summoned, he then flipped off the demon temple and vanished back into the underground.

To be met with a stone fist to the face, " I take it you have mastered shape shifting." Jareth replied from the floor where he had been knocked flat.

" Seems like it." Hermione said from off to his left. Jareth turned to find her stretched out on a chaise flipping through a large familiar looking book whose binding declared it the BABOE " We have been bonding." She said as she looked up with an impish smile.

" So I see." Jareth said as he pulled himself to his feet. " So Mr. Greywind lets see just what you can do." As he turned to face his newly awakened son. The Shamanistic sword man stood proudly in his chimera form his clothing went from his matching beige ensemble to well-fitting tan leather pants and a loose white shirt that had golden embroidery on it. All in all, he looked like a refuge from a dime store romance novel that mortal women seemed to like not that he had ever read any of those of course. " So, what can he do?" Jareth asked.

"Geomancy, he is an earth elemental." Hermione replied. " Fortunately, the only creature DNA he has came from you. Now I believe you have an appointment on the Hellmouth." Hermione said as she pointed to the third portrait that had started to take shape. It depicted a young red head woman in a pure white shift that was solid from the waist up, from there down she appeared to be liquid and was rising out of a well that was situated in what was obviously a dungeon. " Her name is Willow Rosenberg." Hermione explained. " She is an amateur demon hunter so be prepared to duck."