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There's Something Stuck Up in the Chimney
December 24, 2008
Doctor x Elli

Stu sat at a chair near the counter where his older sister and her husband were preparing food for the ever nearing Christmas. The kitchen was a mess. Ingredients were splattered all over the place, and just a few moments ago, what looked like a miniature mushroom cloud of flour had risen up into the air while the two were working away on a few batches of cookies. "Elli?"

"Yes, Stu?"

"Do you think Santa will visit our house this year?" Stu was only ten, and Christmas was the one thing he looked forward to every year. He'd never been able to catch a glimpse of Santa since staying up late wasn't something that was easy for him, but he hoped he'd be able to soon.

Elli looked up from her bowl of cookie batter and gave Stu a warm smile. "Of course he will. He always does."

"What if he gets stuck in the chimney?"

"Santa is a magical person, Stu. I don't think a chimney could stop him," Elli reassured him and patted his head affectionately.

Satisfied with her answer, Stu hopped down from his chair and walked over to where Doctor Trent was working on another batch of cookies. He peered up over the top of the bowl and stealthily stuck a finger into the batter when he was sure that Trent wasn't looking. At that moment, the Doctor turned back around and Stu quickly stuck his finger in his mouth and licked off all the batter before he could be stopped.

"I saw that," Trent said with a small smile and shooed Stu out of the kitchen.

Sitting in front of the fireplace, Stu tried to imagine what Santa would look like if he ever met him. Sure, there was the basic red suit and white beard, but that never really described his real appearance. After pondering that, Stu moved onto the chimney. What would happen if Santa did get stuck? But Elli did say that Santa couldn't get stuck in chimneys. And Elli was always right.

Finally, Christmas day rolled around and Stu rapidly annihilated the wrapping paper surrounding his presents, eager to find the prize inside. He was not disappointed with his new toys, though he was a little upset that he hadn't been able to see Santa last night, either.

Elli and Trent watched on as Stu raced his toy cars along the floor and tested out his mini plastic robot. They had bought gifts for each other, but right now they were just reveling in one another's presence.

Suddenly, Stu looked up from his toys and sniffed the air. "Do you guys smell something burning?"

At this, the couple sniffed the air, too. "It's probably just the wood from the fire," Trent explained and leaned back on the couch, putting an arm around Elli.

Stu went back to playing with his gifts, though he knew that it wasn't the wood he had been smelling.

That night, Elli's younger brother snuck out of bed and over to the fireplace, curious. He couldn't see anything, but it sure did smell awful in there. One thought popped into the boy's mind. Santa Claus. He must have gotten stuck, which meant that Elli was wrong. There was no other explanation. Stu slipped quietly back into bed with a smile on his face.

Perhaps he hadn't been able to see Santa, but at least there would be the comfort of knowing that he would be there with them for every Christmas.