~Alice pov~

Today was a typical day like any other, not any less exciting but just to be expected Alice deemed. Renessme even though was still very young (3 human years) but now she looked like a ten years old and she wanted her own room.

"She's growing up so fast!" Edward stressed

"growing like your drugs does help the process" I teased

"Do you have to remind me" he huffed letting his untidy bronze hair fall across his face.

I giggled, today me and Esme planned to renovate Edwards old room so Nessie could stay in the house, I already bought her a new bed and dresser so-

" Louis!" a girl yelped before being elegantly scooped up into the mans arms.

"Gotcha mon cherrie" Louis grinned giving her cheek a kiss. The girl flushed despite the cold skin "are you sure my aunt is still alive?" she asked softly.

"Positive immortality has its way you know Melody"

"Alice!" I vaguely heard as I snapped out of my vision.

"Melody… your more beautiful than I could ever have dreamed…"