-Melody POV-

I dreamt about her again tonight… It was when I was a child with hands too tiny to hold onto her.

I was in the store with her one minute and the next she was walking away from me. I ran as fast as my little legs would carry leaving my white sundress flowing as feet swept the ground.

Then abruptly she turned smiling toward me. It wasn't as heart warming as usual, almost… sad. Then she vanished never to warm me again with her smile. Oh god I miss her…

-next morning-

'Its that time again' I thought as I once again woke up from that dream. I haven't had it in awhile. I wonder is today the anniversary?

"Good morning Melody!" greeted two peals of bell voices.

It was 3 vampires. Louis, Alexandra, and Ferdinand. I assume Ferdinand was the one who hadn't greeted me he really was the strong and silent type but I knew he also didn't care for me as much as his mate and Louis did.

" Etes- vous bein?" * Louis asked perturbed my mood. "I'm fine Lou" I say softly but he hugs me to his chest. Only Louis would understand that I was depressed today we have a bond unlike any other.

I cracked a smile just think of him "When do want to start my training?"

Ahhh sorry for not updating sooner! And that's it so short.. But it's a cliffhanger for next chapter! What do you think will happen next?

1. "Etes- vous bein?" is French saying "Are you well?" both Louis and Alexandra are from France ^_^