Kingdom hearts : Part 2: Rising Dreams

By: Cauryn Val

Chapter One: Separation

I do not own any Disney or Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts characters.

Part 2: Sora's nightmare has become reality when he wakes from the explosion. He is forced to continue alone, but he's not the only one with problems. Each member of the group had landed somewhere different, One in the grasp of Shinya, another in the waiting arms of the Guardian. To reach his friends again, Sora must fight his way to them, and find the strength inside that he didn't know he had.

Sora woke in a forest. It was dark, and the tree's looked dead. A few leaves still clung hopefully to the brittle branches. A strong breeze kicked up, bringing the forest to life, knocking the brittle branches together and whirling the leaves around him.

It took a moment to register the fact that he was alone, horribly alone. He remembered the explosion, how he'd failed to grab Kairi's hand. He began to call out for his friends, softly at first, slowly gaining volume.

Bewildered, Sora continued to cry out, hoping beyond hope that someone would hear him, and come. Sora looked up as a shower of black feathers fell upon and around him. He bent and picked one up off the ground. It was soft and velvety, and he knew it belonged to Iakkah. He began to call out for her, though the dead silence of the woods seemed to mute his voice. Receiving no answer, his mind turned to one person only.

Sora took a deep breath and screamed her name.


Sora looked up hours later, sighed, and stood. He had to get moving. Something would come to him later, telling him what to do.

And so he began walking. Nothing much changed, and if he was going in circles, he didn't much care. As long as an idea came to him, but even that seemed hopeless as his thoughts continued to move back towards Kairi.

What felt like days later, Sora finally collapsed in a pile of leaves, a tear leaking out of his eye. He was sore from the explosion, and who knew what else was wrong with him. Axel and Mikka had probably thought fast and opened up portals near everyone, separating them. But what if they hadn't made it?

Gritting his teeth, Sora dragged himself to his feet once more, determined not to let his friends down, weather they were dead or not. He pressed on, with at least a little since of direction. Near sunset, he was limping pretty badly, but he was moving faster. The tree's had thinned, and he could see them thinning even more up ahead.

He was so engrossed in making it out of the woods and getting some help, that he almost didn't see the ball of white fluff fly at him, screaming something about; "MUNCHIES AND CRUNCHIES!" Sora was flattened out, groaning. He didn't think he'd be able to get up if he couldn't shake the tiny creature from atop him. He did eventually shake the thing, and succeeded in getting to his knees. After regaining his breath, Sora looked over at the muttering creature, and saw that he was inspecting the Oath Keeper Keychain Kairi had given him.

"HEY! GIVE THAT BACK!" Sora yelled, startling the creature. It yelled in fright, and ran off, and it was by chance that Sora caught him. He tripped and his hand stretched out to break his fall, it connected with a furry leg, so Sora latched on, tripping the tiny creature as well. Sora dragged it to him, and yanked the charm back into his possession, letting the thing go.

As Sora inspected the charm, the creature sulked beside a tree, twiddling his thumbs, smacking his lips and eyeing Sora's pockets. Before Sora knew it, He was under attack again, but this time some food stuffs were taken and moved out of his reach by the gleeful little creature. Sora glared at it, and walked over.

"Hey. You can't just go around stealing things from people, you know." He said. The creature jumped, and stuttered. Sora only sat down beside the nervous thing, to tired to do much. He looked over at the creature, who was looking at him cautiously. "Can I have some?" Sora asked with a smile. Slowly, the creature held out a packet of crackers that Sora took. "Thanks. I'm Sora, you?"

"Gurgi." The creature said, shyly shuffling his feet. "I-is master al right?" Sora shook his head.

"No." He said, slowly chewing a cracker. "Do you know if any other people are around here?"

"Yes Yes!" Gurgi exclaimed. "Gurgi see lots of people! They live in big houses too!" Gurgi excitedly pulled on Sora's hand, trying to get him to stand. Sora did slowly, hurting worse than before. He followed the exited creature out of the woods, and into a tiny back yard of a small brick house. Gurgi stopped there, apparently nervous. Sora let him stay.

"I'll be back okay? I'll bring you some food too."

"Okay." Gurgi said. He wondered if he would ever see his new friend ever again.

Sora however, stumbled to the back door of the house, raised a shaking hand, and knocked. Just as his came down, the door opened, and it went through the widening crack, landing Sora on the door step.

"HOLY SHIT!" Came a startled cry. "ANNA! GET OVER HERE!" a young man yelled. Sora groaned and tried to get up. "Don't move!" came the voice, closer to him and lower in volume.

"What is it Nathaniel? Oh, oh my..."

"Call 911! Looks like he might be hurt bad." Nathaniel said. Not long after,. Sora heard Anna next to him, telling the paramedics on the other line how he was. Before long, Sora was in a moving vehicle, the sirens blaring. He closed his eyes against the bright lights and blacked out.


Sora woke up in a hospital bed, staring at the ceiling.

"He's up." Came a hushed voice. Sora looked in that direction, seeing a nurse and two cops. Sora's brow knitted together at this. Cops? What would they be doing here? He soon found out. After he answered a lot of questions from the Doctors, and he was deemed in good enough condition, he was interrogated by the police. Apparently he'd chosen the wrong town to land next to. There had been several deaths in the past week, and the numbers were only mounting. Sora was new, and obviously a number one suspect.

"I'm sorry I can't help you more." Sora said. And he was. He hated the thought of death, had been ever since he almost lost his home world to death. The officers left feeling quite unsatisfied. Moments later, Nathaniel and Anna came in, Anna smiling happily.

"Glad your okay, almost gave Nathaniel a heart attack!" She said. Nathaniel glared at his friend.

"...Did not..." He muttered. Sora grinned.

"Heh, sorry." he said. "I'm sure I scared you both, just glad you were home."

"So...You don't remember anything?" Anna asked curiously. Sora shook his head.

"No, no clue how I got here. Last thing I remember is an explosion." He frowned at the back wall, making the friends twiddle their thumbs awkwardly. "So, any idea how long until I'm out?" Sora asked curiously. The friends shook their heads.

The small talk continued until sundown, when the doctor approached and told them to go home. Nathaniel waved as he left, with the promise they'd be there the next day. Sora sighed as the door was shut. He knew he'd get no sleep tonight.