Kingdom hearts : Part 2: Rising Dreams

By: Cauryn Terenkey

Chapter 13:

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Part 2: Sora's nightmare has become reality when he wakes from the explosion. He is forced to continue alone, but he's not the only one with problems. Each member of the group had landed somewhere different, One in the grasp of Shinya, another in the waiting arms of the Guardian. To reach his friends again, Sora must fight his way to them, and find the strength inside that he didn't know he had.

Iakkah didn't talk as much the second day, so Sora left her and Dylan alone, glad they had met up again. He wandered the woods, in no particular direction, thinking.

"Keyblade Master."

"Hmm?" Sora turned to see Ahsayuni beside a tree, her usual basket empty. "Oh, just call me Sora." Ahsayuni smiled.

"Very well, Sora."


"I think I know what you are looking for. But only you and I can see it, I have asked the other three to remain at the house."

"Um…Okay." Sora said, confused. Ahsayuni beckoned with her hand, and began to walk off, deeper into the woods. Sora followed watching as the trees grew bigger and closer together. Ahsayuni said nothing on their way, so Sora didn't either. It was relaxing though, and Sora didn't mind. He paused though, as he passed a part of the woods that was darker than the rest.

"Uh, hey Ahsayuni, what happened there?" He asked, looking at the battle scarred landscape. Ahsayuni sighed sadly.

"It is where a great battle against the darkness took place, when the world was still in one piece. It is also where that darkness was sealed away for the first time."

"Wait, I thought this world was made up of light!" Sora said, looking after Ahsayuni as she began to walk again.

"Every light, must cast a shadow." was her simple answer, and Sora couldn't get another word out of her. He sighed and followed in silence for about 15 more minutes. "It's just around the bend, here…" Ahsayuni said, stepping over a fallen tree. Sora followed, careful not to step on the tiny plant growths that were using the dead tree as nutrients, and froze in shock.

Before him stood a massive tree, so tall he couldn't see the top, so wide he was sure several average sized mansions could fit inside. There was a large double door carved into the trunk, and on it, seemingly sealing it off from the rest of the world, was the image of a Phoenix with silver markings instead of gold.

Sora felt a twinge of sadness, and wondered who this had been.

"Was this your body, Exodous?"

No, it was a dear friend of mine. The Phoenix replied sadly. Sora frowned, looking up at the large bird.

"This is Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Keyblade Master." Ahsayuni said, touching the door carefully. Sora gazed at the tree in awe, blown away by the fact he was actually able to see it.

"Is it really?"

"Yes, you are only the third Bearer to have seen this place." Ahsayuni smiled. Sora looked up at the tree, thinking.

"For a place with so much light, why do I feel so sad when I look at it?" He asked. Ahsayuni sighed.

"Many lives were spent and many tears were shed during the time of it's construction." Ahsayuni said. "It was a very troubling time, the beginning of Kingdom Hearts…"

"Can you tell me about it?" Sora asked. Ahsayuni smiled, and sat down, indicating Sora do so as well.

"It all began many, many years ago, when the world was whole, and everyone lived in peace. There was a man and a woman who were very close friends. The man loved the woman, but she did not love him in the same way. This became apparent over time, as she came to love the phoenix that chose her as his human.

"The woman and Phoenix married, and the man lived on in silence, bottling up his grief, sorrow, anger, and hate. Then, one day he couldn't handle it anymore, He ripped the one thing causing these conflicting emotions from him, creating such a mass amount of darkness, that it swallowed his body, mind, and most of his soul.

"The part that was not swallowed, was his love for the woman, and his wish for her and his friend to be happy. The Phoenix collected the heart, and ordered the construction of Kingdom Hearts, so that the man could rest in peace, safe from the darkness.

"However, this manifestation of darkness, Shinya, would not stop. It succumbed to the desire of all heartless, and even though it was intelligent, it still sought the heart it lost. Many died, and when Shinya came close to finding Kingdom Hearts, the Phoenix of the world came to fight and stop it. The one married to the woman was the only one left alive in the end, and he sealed Shinya away, promising it would never find Kingdom Hearts no matter how close it was.

"The Phoenix then journeyed home, to his family. He died on the beach after giving a gift and instruction to everyone he held dear. He sealed his soul into a blade he created, and there he has resided, the true form of the Keyblade." Ahsayuni fell silent, and Sora could feel the resonating sorrow of the Phoenix in his head.

"Such a sad story." Sora said, looking towards the top of Kingdom Hearts. "What happened to that mans heart?"

"It still resides within." She said. Sora tilted his head, feeling drawn to the tree, yet he didn't dare get close.

"Wait, you said he died on a beach?"


"Exodous, did you live in the Destiny Islands?"

Yes, Sora…I did… Exodous said sadly. It was the only place my family and I could have any type of freedom.

"What do you mean?"


Sora sighed and didn't press the subject. He turned to Ahsayuni and smiled. "Thank you, for showing me Kingdom Hearts. I have waited a long time to see it."

"You're welcome, Sora Keyblade Mater. May the light guide you in your quest."

"Same to you. I suppose we should get going now."

"If that is what you wish. I will lead you back to the house." Ahsayuni turned from the massive tree and headed back to her small home. Sora turned to look at the Phoenix on the door again before he hurried to follow the Guardian of Kingdom Hearts.

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