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"Dustin...wake up" The earth ninja groaned and rolled over on the squeaking cot and buried his face in the sterile flat pillow. So the board he was laying on the sad excuse for a pillow was totally uncomfortable but he was tired so lying on the hard floor would scream comfort. "Duuustin..."

"Five minutes Tor" He hugged his pillow tighter and sighed in content at the growing silence.

The blonde quirked a hint of a smirk and leaned down closer to him, lips brushing his ear. "C'mon Dustin"

"Mmm" He smiled slightly then rolled onto his back and opened his eyes. "Whoa!" Dustin scrambled back, almost falling off the cot when he saw, "Hu-Hunter!"


"What-what are you doing? I...you...dude!" Dustin scratched his ear and watched him for an answer.

"Waking you up bro, it's already one and Tori's...yeah" Hunter looked away to the door and shrugged. He came in here because Tori continuously hinted at him and Dustin being...something.

"Oh...Okay..." He got up and walked out of the room, the awkward tension followed him out and Hunter let out a long sigh as his back hit the cot. This was insane...he and Dustin shouldn't be acting like this, they're best friends, and he didn't want that to change that just because he let his feelings out.

Giving up wasn't something he did...at all, he wasn't about to start now, not because he didn't know how to give up but because he knew Dustin was worth the effort. And he was going to put in 110%.

"Can we...Can...Break dude" The earth ninja said between panting breath as he held his hands up, forming a 'T'.

"Okay..." Hunter crossed his arms over his chest and when Dustin brought his arms to the top of his head then turned around, he grabbed him.

"Hey!" He protested as his arm was pulled behind his body, limiting his mobility greatly, "Dude!"

"Lothor's not gonna give you a break Dustin" Hunter said, pulling his arm up higher forcing their bodies closer.

"You're not Lothor man" He reminded, trying to get out of the hold the thunder had on him. Unfortunately for him it was one of those holds that the more your struggle, the more it hurts like hell. He clenched his eyes and his head fell back on the crimson streaked shoulder.

"Remember what sensei said...never turn your back on the enemy" Hunter reminded, his breath dancing across Dustin's ear, causing the earth ninja to shiver.

"Got-got it" The thunder finally let him go and Dustin rubbed his shoulder as he took a step forward and turned around.

"You okay?"

"Yeah...fine, that just...yeah" Dustin was more affected by their proximity rather than the searing pain in his shoulder.

"Okay..." He got into a fighting stance with an arm out stretched. Dustin shook his hands, loosening his wrist before attacking. Considering how different the thunder style was from the wind he thought he was doing a decent job, compared to when they first fought. He was usually getting his butt kicked but after training with the two, he's gotten better. Dustin's self appraising thoughts were cut off when Hunter tripped him then straddled his back, knees on his hands and palms flat on his shoulder. "You gotta be faster" He tipped as he got to his feet then helped Dustin up.

"Yeah...hey, where's Tor?" He asked.

"She's with Blake" His answer was aided with a kicked aimed at his head.

"Serious?" Dustin moved to dodge but when the light clicked on that Tori was outside and he wasn't he blanked out and the heel of Hunter's foot connected with his head.

"Dustin!" He ran over to him, kneeling at his side he slapped his cheek a few times, "Hey, you okay?"

"Seriously...rung my bell" Dustin complained as he brought a hand to the side of his head.

Hunter smiled, glad he didn't seriously injure him, "I'll get some ice for you"

"Kay" He watched him walk off and when he was out of sight he got up on unsteady feet and dragged to his yellow pillow at the table. By the time his bottom connected with the cushion Hunter walked in, either he moved really slow or the crimson ninja streaked. The thunder sat with crossed legs, facing him, crushing the pack between his hands before pressing it to the younger ninja's right temple. "Thanks"

"No problem...um, sorry about...kicking you in the head" He felt bad but the sound of stifled laughter put a crack in his guilt, "What's so funny?"

"Dude, it just sounds weird when you say that...'um, sorry about kicking you in the head'" Dustin mocked in his best 'brooding-Hunter-voice'.

"I guess" He shook his head and laughed. Repositioning the ice pack on the red, near purple, spot on Dustin's head he ignored his numbing hand and focused on the blue pack he was holding. He was doing a pretty good job on the whole not-stare-at-Dustin-thing but the earth ninja's flickering eyes kept pulling his attention, they'd moved down slightly then back up a bit. What was he looking at?

Hunter licked his lips and sighed, he spotted Dustin's gaze drop and ivory upper teeth come out over his bottom lip. That's what he was looking at. The thunder ninja idly ran a thumb over his bottom lip and he watched Dustin follow his thumb back and forth, his brows pulled together when the thumb vanished into his mouth and popped out again. "Cut it out man"

"Hm?" He asked innocently.


"Is it bothering you Dustin?"

"Yes...no!...What?" The earth ninja closed his eyes in defeated confusion, he tried to keep his eyes closed but the warm hand over his cheek coupled with the slick cool thumb sliding over the crease of his lips push his eyes open to meet liquid blue eyes. At first when Hunter told him how he felt, he freaked out, what else was he supposed to do? Throw himself in his strong arms and ride away into the sunset...NO! But now, after he had time to think and find his way through what Tori had initially told him before all this took off, he realized how he had felt the entire time.

"Dusti-" Soft lips pressed to his own caught him by surprise, that's for sure, but it didn't go unwanted, he really wanted this. He pushed his tongue past his lips and slipped his hand in his messy hair, pulling him closer.