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"Yuuki" kaname sighed, the name rolled sensually off his lips as his eye focused on the sight before him, he swirled a glass full of the blood substitute, slowly raising it to his lips and taking a sip. He sat in a high backed chair behind his desk slowly working through the pile of letters and forms littering it, he glanced out of the window and there, as he knew she would be, sitting on the railing looking out over the school sat the object of his thoughts. He ran his eyes over the form of his dear girl checking to see if that beast zero had dared to take another bite out of her neck drinking the blood that was meant to be his , but he allowed it only for the sake of her , as he continued to watch he noticed it had started to snow , watching to see what yuuki would do , and to his surprise she looked straight at him eyes widening as she saw him , her cheeks flushed pink as she took in what he was wearing , he wore a dark green shirt that , and as he looked down he noticed he hadn't buttoned it up, completely showing a clear expanse of his snowy white chest and defined stomach and dark fitting trousers that clung sexily to his thighs , as her eyes where busily checking him out he took this opportunity to look over her and was very deliciously surprised at what he saw.