On his next thrust he slipped in another finger and spread them apart, she arched her back and let out a loud cry. Hearing this, the speed of his thrusts increased and she moved more violently beneath him as the heat got more intense and the pleasure got near unbearable. Kaname smirked, anytime now he knew she would explode, the violent trembling and the shudders that raced up and down her body told him she was nearing the edge of her first orgasm. He couldn't wait to see her reaction, his smirk turned sinister the poor girl didn't know what was going to hit her. He knew what he was going to do next would send her reeling

Kaname sucked a trail from her ear to her shoulder leaving behind marks, when he reached the junction between her neck and her shoulder he bit down. The sharp pain shot through her body the pleasure increased, yuuki panicked "n-no s-stop please STOP NO NO" as kaname continued thrusting his fingers he held her close to his body. He released her shoulder and whispered in her ear "cum for me" Yuuki's head reeled and with a shuddering cry she exploded in pleasure her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her hips jolted back onto his hand. Kaname held her to him as she rode out her orgasm.

Once yuuki had stopped moving and lay exhausted beneath him kaname removed his fingers from inside her and brought them up to his lips. He snaked his tongue from between his lips and slid them around his fingers, kaname groaned from the taste, he was sorely tempted to shove his head between her legs and drink from her folds.

Yuuki's head still reeled trying to comprehend what he had just done to her body. Once she had her breathing under control she lifted her head and whispered "k-k-kaname" kaname cut her off and bit the shell of her ear as he whispered darkly "as much as I love to hear you say my name, I don't want you to speak unless you are screaming it" yuuki shuddered and he continued on "now my dear its time for the main lesson" kaname let go of her waist and flipped her body around so she was lying on her back.

Kaname stood on his knees and brought his hands to his hips, he gripped the waist band on his boxers and slid them down over his hips, with a tug he pulled them down over his member and shuddered at the friction. And with a last tug pulled them down over his thighs and slid them off. Kaname took his member in his hand and slowly pumped, with each move of his hand he used his thumb to brush over the head of his hardened cock ,kaname let out a loud gasp and bent his head , he needed to stop before he came in his hand with that though in mind he crawled up her body and rested above her on his elbows with one hand he untied her hands from the head board but left them tied together and hooked them round his neck.

He lowered his head and softly pressed his lips against hers and kissed her. While she was distracted he slowly caressed her sides and gently gripped her thighs in his hands and spread them apart. He placed one hand on her hips and the other reached down to grab his member. Yuuki slowly responded to his kiss and tugged down with her hands and brought his head closer to hers, when she felt his hands on her thighs she knew what was coming next and shuddered in anticipation. Kaname eased his hips forward until his member was poised at her entrance.

He moved his member up and down her folds coating him in her juice and on each pass brushing against he clit which made her gasp into his mouth. When he was satisfied he had enough lubricant he slowly pushed forwards until just the head of his cock was nestled in her. Kaname pulled back from the kiss to look into her eyes as he pushed forwards. He continued moving his hips forward until he hit her barrier, when he felt it he stilled and leaned forward to capture her lips with his and swiped his tongue against her mouth to get her to open up; once she had, he slipped his tongue between her lips and kissed her. Once he had gotten her attention away from what he was going to do he pulled his hips back and quickly pushed past her barrier with a sharp thrust. Yuuki let out a cry of pain and tears sprung into her eyes, immediately kaname stopped moving his hips and kissed her tears away "shhh shhh its alright it'll feel better in a moment I promise" he whispered into her ear.

Once yuuki had calmed down and she started to move restlessly beneath him, kaname pulled his hips back and thrust into her again, she arched her back and let out a shuddering cry, kaname chuckled at her reaction but even he was having a hard time keeping quiet, he groaned she was so tight and wet it was making him come undone!

With each thrust of his hips Yuuki's cries where becoming louder and she was now meeting him thrust for thrust. She twinned her hands in his hair and pulled his head down so she could kiss him. Kaname was surprised when she pulled his head down and even more so when he felt her little tongue begging against his lips asking for permission to enter his mouth, he couldn't help but smile it seemed she had forgotten about being shy, kaname opened his mouth and engaged her in a battle for dominance with his tongue.

Yuuki arched her back pressing her breasts against his chest and with each thrust of their hips her nipples dragged against him. With this added sensation Yuuki's body wound tighter and tighter. Kaname was nearing his limit. He moved his hand that was on her waist to between their bodies and found that special nub that was gonna drive yuuki wild. He smirked into their kiss and pushed his thumb against her, her reaction was immediate she let out a loud high pitched moan and thrust against his hand. Kaname groaned she had gotten even tighter.

With the next thrust of his hips he felt yuuki become even tighter then felt her inner muscles flutter around him he heard her let out a loud cry and thrash around on the bed. With a groan and a last thrust of his hips he shot his seed inside her and arched his back at the pleasure coursing though his body, and slowly started to slow his thrusts down until he stopped and rolled to the side to avoid crushing her.

Once he had caught his breath and the pleasure had faded he rolled onto his side to see yuuki smiling at him in a daze. He laughed and said "hmm was that as good for you as it was for me my dear" although he could tell it was just by the look on her face that it was, he brought his hands up to untie her writes from around his neck and then tugged her body close to his. Yuuki was still coming down from her high and smiled at the gentleness that kaname used when handling her and when he pulled her to him she snuggled into his chest "t-that was a-amazing" hearing this kaname smirked and rested his chin on her head "hmm you done very well for your first time my dear and you look good enough to eat" yuuki blushed and said "I d-don't think I can handle a-another round"

"Do you really well? Shall we test that out my dear, as I recall I did say you looked good enough to eat" and with that he slid down her body admits her protests to partake in her eager body he slid his hand between her legs and fingered her folds and commented, to her absolute embarrassment "and I must say your mouth down here doesn't seem to be complaining."

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