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It was the day after Naruto's return from his mission, that the village would see the likes of Uchiha Itachi wandering around the town. Though no-one saw his approach, sans one, he made a grand entrance, assaulting the Leaf's best ANBU commander in broad daylight. Said commander had been going out to get groceries, when he was engulfed in black fire that burned like a miniature sun, blistering people up to ten yards away, and immolating several buildings.

Itachi never heard the soft pop that told the story of the incident to the one who created it.

Within seconds, a blond missile slammed into Itachi with the force of a freight train, kunai out, adding damage to the hit. The slate haired Uchiha was knocked back ten yards, where he slammed into a tree, groin first. Bystanders winced, but were shocked when the Itachi that hit the tree burst into ravens.

Itachi lunged from the shadows of a building, wakizashi out, but was intercepted by a kunai knife that was buried between his eyes up to the hilt.

Naruto walked up to the corpse and said, "Pathetic Sharingan. So focused on tactics and subtlety, they forget the obvious."

The bystanders were in awe, which quickly turned to panic as Itachi again burst into ravens, which flew up and blocked their sight for an instant.

In that instant, Itachi had emerged from the earth behind Naruto, and palming a kunai, shoved it into the ANBU commander's temple.

It was that scene that the villagers laid witness to, and such was their shock that when Naruto burst into a hazy red aura, and appeared behind Itachi, spearing him upon his kusari-gama, that they couldn't believe it.

The village pariah, the one endearingly referred to as 'Demon-brat' for most of his life, had actually protected the village, instead of living up to his nick-name. Needless to say, many a villager came home that night greatly shamed, much to the consternation of their 'Demon hating' relatives.

The ANBU commander, with Itachi's body speared upon his kusari-gama, kicked the corpse off of the blade, where it fell to the ground soundlessly. You had to give him that. Itachi had unreal grace.

The blond beheaded the body, and incinerated the remains with a low class fire jutsu. He sealed the head in a scroll the size of his hand, with several eye-shaped markings on the sides.

He beckoned to the shadows of a nearby building, from which, a lone ANBU appeared, and followed.

They walked in silence until the village gates had long vanished behind them, upon which, the lone ANBU got in his commander's face and looked directly into the eyeslits of his superior's mask.

Within seconds, both were in the illusionary pocket dimension created by the Tsukuyomi.

"How long will this last?"

"A day at most."

"Good. That is time enough."

The ANBU commander took off his mask, and motioned for his underling to do the same.

The lone ANBU took off his raven mask and spoke in a dull monotone.

"It is your turn, brother."

"It is not yet time. Be patient, Raven. You of all should know, that anything can happen, at any time, or any place."

A dull pop, and a dissipating smoke cloud told the ANBU that he had ensnared a Kage-Bushin in Tsukuyomi.

The man then sat down, and meditated, not wanting to waste chakra breaking his own technique, and deciding that the day spent in Tsukuyomi could at least be productive.

The man with hair of obsidian grinned madly. At last, a worthy foe to measure his capacity against! And his brother no less! O how man would rue the day that Naruto became powerful.



While a day had passed in Itachi's illusion, it took several seconds in the real world, so when Naruto disappeared with a yellow flash of light, Itachi was already out of his nightmare-realm. He could barely see out of his left eye, and had a massive migraine, but was aware enough of his surroundings to notice his 'brother' disappearing in the signature flash of the Hiraishin.

Itachi, weakened, but still functional, began using short bursts of Shunshin to travel to Amegakure, where Madara, angry deluded Madara, was waiting.

Or he thought he was traveling to Amegakure, until his world melted away into nothing, and then bloomed into a throng of color that hurt his eyes. A few seconds later, when he could see marginally better, he noticed his brother above his prone form, kusari-gama raised.

"Brother, what are you doing?" Itachi asked, frowning, and slightly worried.

"Fulfilling my part of the bargain." The blond replied tonelessly.

"Bu-" Itachi couldn't get out that sentence, as the kusari-gama rent through his vocal cords, making speech impossible, and turning his former speech into a pathetic gurgle.

Naruto looked emotionlessly at Itachi, and spoke, "You asked to be free of Madara. Now you are. Goodbye Itachi." He slammed his heavy combat boots upon the Uchiha's ruined throat, which brought a certain satisfying thrashing from Itachi. Naruto twisted viciously, and Itachi's head separated from his body, the look on the Uchiha's face a mixture of betrayal, shock, horror, and…satisfaction?

Naruto snorted derisively, and brought out the scroll with the 'Uchiha's' head in it. A seal master, at a glance, which Naruto was, would be able to say that there was nothing in it, and he would be right, as Naruto sealed the real Itachi's head in it.

Naruto suddenly gagged and spat out a dark, thick liquid onto the Uchiha's corpse, quickly lit a match, and tossed it onto the clansmen's husk. (1)

The body burned quickly, and Naruto was left alone, as nothing was left but ash. A casual brush of his hand sent the ashes into Sunagakure, riding upon the eternal winds.

Naruto smirked at the irony. Wind to feed the fires of the Uchiha… Oh if Madara was here, would he be stroking his ego…

Enough of that, Naruto chided himself. Senile fools do not need egos, and so he shouldn't have done it, but, he guessed there was no need to cry over spilt milk. (2)

He vanished in the signature flash of yellow light, on to the bounty house. (3)

A/N (Author's note):

(1)That whole sequence came on a whim for me, and I rather like the way it came out. Pun! Umm, about the whole fight with 'Itachi' in Konoha, all done thanks to Naruto's Kitsune genshou (Kitsune illusions[more on that later])! Same with Itachi thinking he's going to Amegakure. The only way that could have worked is when Itachi had his Sharingan deactivated after Tsukuyomi, as he is exhausted. That's when Naruto took his chance. He did that because he doesn't like being indebted to people, and needed a quick-fix. While we're on about the Konoha fight, Naruto does use a kusari-gama, but it didn't get much love this chapter. It will later.

(2): Kind of confusing. This struck me a day after my uncle left, and I had to add it. For those who don't get it (most of you. Usually no-one gets my references): Madara is in Amegakure, which is on the way to Suna from where Naruto is (fact!). When the winds pick up, and Madara always has his Sharingan activated (cuz he can!), he'll see Itachi's ashes in the wind, and will smirk, because Naruto fueled the fires of the Uchiha [his rage, even though he's smirking {cuz he's fucked up in the head}] with his wind. (He knows the wind is Naruto's because of the unique shade of color his chakra has [Deep dark black…])

Whew! Hard to explain! Now on to (3)

(3): Yes, he can use seal-less Hiraishin…

Can anyone say god-like?

If anyone is wondering (you probably aren't, but I'll say it anyway), I draw my inspiration heavily from music, and my encyclopedia-like mind (which helps so I don't have to look up episodes or manga chapters to make sure my facts are correct.), but mostly music. For this whole chap, I listened to Indestructible by Disturbed.


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