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"You're sure there's no such thing as werewolves?"

"Don't be such a scaredy–cat Dustin"

"Dude, I'm not a cat, there are no cats in the forest...look...it's a full moon tonight so if a werewolf pops up, I told ya so" The yellow ranger said with a small shrug. It wasn't his fault if Hunter wanted to plead ignorance on the fact that a carnivorous werewolf could possibly attack them both.

"Whatever you say bro" Hunter wore a small smirk as he looked at his friend then he looked back to the path they were following. Sometimes, staying behind to help Cam on the Tsunami Cycles had its draw backs, especially when they finished with tune ups and modifications at such a late hour. He didn't mind being with Dustin but he did mind being with a paranoid Dustin. It's full and well standing alone in a dark hallway but when you have someone with you every step of the way telling you every possible thing, from Nosferatu to Kyoko, that could come at you from the dark...you start to get that flight or fight thing going on.

A ways later the two ninjas finally stepped foot on the road that lead away from the woods and into town. "Finally"

"We're not out of the woods yet"

"Hello, we just walked out, see...the woods," he pointed to his left "The road" he pointed ahead with a huge smile.

"Right" Hunter shook his head and continued walking. He didn't know about Dustin sometimes, the guy could be really...out there. Besides, he had meant though they were technically out of the woods, they could still be attacked by the earth ninja's 'werewolf'.

"Check it out" Dustin pointed almost half a mile up the road to a group of kelzacks.

"What are they doing out here?"

"No clue dude, C'mon"

"Yeah" The two of them streaked and stopped before the pawns in their ranger forms. "Let's take these guys" He never brought it up because it was sorta random but aside from the whole saving the world thing, he actually enjoyed fighting kelzacks, he like fighting the kelzack furies actually because they were more of a challenge but whichever Lothor sent was fine by them, they'd beat em' anyway.

His grip on Dustin's wrists tightened as he spun the earth ninja in a circle so his kicks could land on the surrounding enemies. A few of the kelzacks fell to the ground and vanished but there were two left. The yellow ranger attacked with his lion hammer while the thunder ranger attacked with his thunder staff. "That was easy"

"Too easy?" Dustin powered down followed by the crimson ranger and he raised a brow. They only went in ranger mode because they were both expecting more.

"Yeah..." Hunter shrugged and they continued walking along the moon lit road.

"Aw man!"

"What is it?"

"I totally forgot something at Ops" Dustin pushed back his hair and bit his lip.

"Just get tomorrow bro, it'll still be there"

"No...I gotta go back" He turned around his head back in the nick of time to catch a silver blast hurtling toward Hunter and he shoved the crimson ninja to the ground.

"Dustin!" He looked up from the ground to see the yellow ninja surrounded in a silver light then he vanished. The crimson thunder looked over to his right at the goon he knew was going to show up sooner or later. Getting to his feet, Hunter's eyes narrowed on his enemy, he threw his hand straight down to his side, "Thunder stor-"

"I'm not here to fight you ranger, my deed is done" The goon was a pale grey in the light, craters covered its body, it had no eyes but it had razor point teeth.

"Where is he?!"

"Gone..." It looked up the stars then began to glow the same silver Dustin had only moments ago and he knew what was coming. A crimson streak crossed the two hundred foot length in a split second but the lunar foe was gone. So was Dustin.