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Author's Note: So, I have never written a Dustin/Blake story because I have never been comfortable writing Blake because I think he's a bit of a flat character and I didn't think I'd be able to write him that well but the seed that griffin blackwood planted grew and I had no choice but to write this. Plus Duske needs more fans, no? well I hope you like my addition to the (hopefully) growing fanbase :o . enjoi

"Dustin, hey, can you cover for me today?"

"Um...yeah sure" Dustin was squinting at the younger of the two thunders like he was half way across the sun scorched parking lot instead of right in front of him where he was standing almost like he was being pulled in the opposite direction. He was clearly in a rush, maybe Tori planned something that had a time schedule, "Dude I got you covered, go ahead" Dustin laughed, watching Blake look like he had to go to the bathroom but not knowing where it was, was funny but the wind ranger rather the two blue ninjas get to where ever they had to be on time.

"Thanks man" A soft pat hit Dustin's chest twice then the navy ninja ran off across the lot. The earth ninja leaned back and moved through the door to Storm Chargers then walked toward the front counter.

"You're late Dustin" His boss emerged from the back as she stuffed something in her back pocket.

"What?...I was here, I really was! I-I was outside talking with Blake" he explained.

"Where is he?"

"Out with Tori, I'm gonna cover for him today"

"Alright...I'm going to get lunch, can you guys handle the shop?"

"Yeah" Dustin looked around the shop while his boss nodded and left, she said 'you guys' where was Hunter? The ninja walked to the back and spotted the crimson clad man sitting atop the silver counter, hunched over staring at crossed ankles with his elbows on his knees. "Dude...what's up?"

"Nothing" his tone and body language screamed something was up, and something was bothering him. Dustin didn't have to be Cam-genius to realize that, he just had to be a good friend.

"Yeah," he hopped up onto the counter that ran parallel to the wall, "...right. What's eating you?"

"It's nothing" Now you didn't have to be Cam-genius or a good friend to know Hunter could be as stubborn as the tree Dustin ran into last summer when he wanted to be.

"Whatever you say dude," he shrugged and slid off the counter, what a waste of energy, jumping up on it when he was going to get back onto the ground anyway, "I'll be here if you wanna talk or whatever...or till...five...then I'm out of here" he said with a small laugh before walked back to the front of the shop to sweep or something.

Hunter had brooded his way around the shop, restocking, pricing, checking displays and working on bikes pretty much his whole shift. It was painfully obvious he was avoiding the patrons that moseyed through and Dustin didn't really have a problem with helping the customers and working the register, he loved talking to people, it was fun.

"Thanks for shopping at Storm Chargers" He waved to a small group of girls as he closed the door behind them and flipped the 'open' sign to 'closed'. Those girls had no idea what the store sold, he figured they were here for his good-looking-ness or Hunter, but he was being -social. Dustin rubbed his hands together as he walked back over to the register to make sure it was locked up. He spotted the crimson ninja from the corner coming out from the back and heading for the door. "Bye Hunter"

"See ya later" The glass door shut behind him and Dustin rubbed his face. He didn't like when his friends didn't talk to him, it made him feel lonely, and he couldn't really explain it. Sure he didn't know the Bradley's too well but they were among friends. What's the deal?