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"So, how'd it go?" Hunter asked from his spot on the couch. He was curious about how it went between his little brother and his new crush.

"Nothing to report," Blake laughed as he kicked the door shut and walked over to the seat. There was a lot to report, he knew Hunter wouldn't pester him about it though; they talked about what they were comfortable with, "What about you?"

"Nothing, ditched you two lovers and came back home"

"So that thing about 'ninja stuff'?" His raised his hands for air quotes.

"Bullshit" He answered as he changed the channel due to commercial.

"I figured..." The navy thunder took a seat on the couch.

"Did you see the look on Dustin's face though? Totally priceless"

"I dunno...I thought it was kinda cute" Blake shrugged and looked over to the crimson on the other side of the couch.

"Kinda..." He emphasized the word, it's not that Hunter didn't care about his brother's love life, he did hook the two up, he just didn't get how Blake was fully attracted to him, "So, what does he have over Tori?"

"She's fine, she just..."

"Has a bigger a-"

"Easy bro..." Blake chuckled softly with a headshake, "Nah, I like her and all but...it's just, been there, done that" He really did like Tori but their time together, one-on-one, lacked the spontaneity that he wanted in a serious relationship. It was okay for a while but he was starting to get bored, he knew the same couldn't be said for Dustin.

It wouldn't be right to not replay what happened outside of the café at least twenty times a day in his head because the wind ninja felt like he just won the lottery, he didn't know what that felt like actually, but Blake pinning him against a wall for almost fifteen minutes sounded pretty close, had him grinning like an idiot.

"What's wrong with you?" Dustin tried to make his cheeks along with his grin fall in front of his dad but it was pretty much useless to even try.

"Nothing, just...good day" he vaguely summarized with a quick nod.

"Okaaay..." his dad shrugged and walked to the counter to get his car keys, "I'm going to the store, want anything?"

"Um..." Yeah, he knew what he wanted, Blake with a side of chocolate syrup and some whipped cream, right...try telling your dad that, "No thanks" He gave a short wave before walking up the stairs.