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To The Best of My Knowledge

Chapter 1:


It was a perfectly normal day for Danny Phantom. The birds were singing, the crowds were chasing him, and the Box Ghost was out to play.

Box Ghost: BEWARE OF MY….MY….—

Danny: (listening to Living Dead Girl from his Mp3) what!? I can't hear you? Oh okay, no more doom?

Box Ghost: DO NOT MOCK ME! (Charges a box at Danny).

Danny: (Fakes a yawn and deflects the box) is that all you got? Okay then, let me show you my move.

Danny grabbed the Fenton Thermos and sucked in the Box Ghost. This earned Danny the pleasant cheer of the crowd that was watching. Danny nodded slightly, soaking in the warmth from them. But alas, this did not please him. Danny wished they would not cheer. All Danny wanted was to be normal. He cursed his "gift".

Why me? Why did it have to be me? Danny thought to himself. When he looked down, Danny saw his two best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. They were standing a little ways from the crowd. Sam grinned as Danny floated towards her.

Sam: So….What else should we do today that we already haven't done?

Tucker: (Glancing up from his PDA)…Run…(Looks back down at the screen)

Sam: Why would you say…..—

Girl in the crowd: There he is!

The next moment, Danny found himself flying down the street with Sam and Tucker in hand. He was hoping to lose the obnoxious crowd. Then he thought of it…a roof. Nobody could get them there. So he phased them through and into Fenton Works, landing safely inside. There, the crowed massed outside screaming his name. The loudest voice that Danny could here was Paulina's'.

Sam: (Going over to the window) Wow…I've never seen this many people after you Danny.

Danny: Na…really? Come on Sam, I just defeated a ghost in front of them and you expect them to do what? Just sit around and watch T.V.? Not when they could be watching me defend the town.

Tucker: He does have a point. 97% of Amity would rather watch and or chase Danny than watch T.V. To them he is more interesting than the morning news.

Danny: Gee, that makes me feel loads better Tucker. But one person caught my eye, someone with a camera.

Sam: It was probably nothing. Most likely they just wanted to get a video recording of the "Famous Danny Phantom".

Danny: And what if they got more than the fight? What if they record me changing?

Tucker: The chances of that happening are very astronomical. Since we….well more like you….were chased after the crowd and someone would have seen.

Danny: Hope that you're right Tucker.

Sam: Oh come on, let's go downstairs and do something.

So the trio went down into Danny's room and talked about other things. Unaware that as Danny changed from Danny Phantom into Fenton, that someone was in fact recording it.

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