Name: Raven La Swan

Age: 15

Looks: long black hair with gold streaks, Violet eyes, white and slightly tanned skin, thin body

Special Abilities: mind reading, invisibility

Chapter 1-Welcome home….Not

"What in the world are you doing" I yelled as my mother tried to move the couch to the other side of the room. "Jezz you were supposed to wait for me" I said as I made my way over and helped her.*hey my names raven I live in littleroot a small town on the outskirts of LA, I live with my mother alone since I was five, I am an outsider when it comes to friends and all the other kids because my skin is so pale it scares most people, they think I'm a freak

It doesn't help that my teeth are to sharp too so people think I'm sick yet I feel that I could lift a thousand men( but I would not dare it) when I was young my father had left us and that left a void in my heart and I never really knew him well just his soft face is all I remember of him but I don't care I never wanted to see him again I told myself over and over till it sunk in*"raven….raven" "yes" I answered as I snapped out of my thoughts. "Can you go to the butcher and pick up some meat plz dear" my mother asked passing me twenty dollars. "sure no problem" I replied as I walked to the door. On the way I started to think about why all my life I had been an outcast but as I was walking I had a feeling that someone was watching me, I looked around as I made my way back home with the meat, as I kept walking I had passed by an ally and as I did someone pulled me in. it seemed to have been a young man with black hair and gold streaks like mine. I stood there and stared in awe at him while he stared at me…"ra...rav...Raven is that you omg you've grown" As I took a step back I answered him but with another Question "who are you and how do you know my name",While I was answering him he had taken a step forward he asked me "do you not remember me my dear Raven, I have longed for the day that I would see you again, but now is not the time to chat I came to see your mother but she had moved, will you please bring me to her dear" he said. I stopped fury building up * why now, why did he come all of a sudden, after all these years why did he come home now*, the fury that I had built up came out at that moment, "Go away we don't want you here so just leave" I yelled at him, "please dear just…" he said before I cut him off to yell some more. "we don't need you or want you here, we've been fine without you for the past 10 years" I yelled again before bursting into tears in front of him. As he started forward to hug me he said "please Raven clam down everything will be answered after, now will you please take me to your mother". "No I wont" I yelled voice shaking as I started running from him, as I ran away I started feeling weird all over, *yes* I thought as I turned just in time to see him stop dead in his tracks. The only thing he could see was my cloths, so I ran in to the nearest shop, took them off and threw them in the trash, as he ran in he started yelling my name over and over, I ran back outside grabing the bag from the ally and running home…20 minutes later… I made my way back home, throwing the meat in the fridge and then running to my room, throwing myself on my bed I burst into tears running everything that had happened that day. Wakening up shortly before midnight to the sound of my mothers voice at my door,*she must have gone crazy* I thought but at that moment I heard a mans voice and had I bad feeling I knew who it was as I heard my mother say "welcome home hunny we missed you"