Broken or Shattered

This prologue is done at the point of Toshiro.


Do you know the difference between broken or shattered? This kept me up all night. To me broken is just something you can fix, while shattered is when everything in broken even the soul, so that it can't be fixed.

I feel my life is broken. I've lost the one I love, Hinamori, to death and Aizen. Hinamori was in love with him. It made me sick. After the winter war, I found out she had died, but she died protecting Aizen. Right then I felt broken. To me Hinamori was shattered because of Aizen, I will avenge her by killing him. That is the one reason and goal that stopped me from being shattered.

Each day I knew I was being colder and harsher. I became withdrawn from life. Well that is until I met her.

Rukia Kuchiki