Note: I admire the Twilight Series and the characters are owned by Stephanie Meyer. This is my own version of it that will eventually bring in The Cullens.

Will's POV

Oh no! Why did this have to happen? Why did this girl have to be in my class and more important, why did Matthew Badillo have to speak up to Prof Landon? He had to be still mad at the fact that I got a perfect score in History class two years ago. Not my fault that I can read minds and that my professor gave me all the answers. Then again, Professor Mitchell, was also a vampire, and now I was his TA. Focus Will Focus. I had to get out of there and quick. As soon as I saw the time I bolted almost knocking my new lab partner down in the process. It was for her own good though, if she knew what I was or how much I wanted to drink her sweet blood, then I would have to leave.

The thought drove me crazy as I headed towards my next class. At least my Biology lab was only twice a week. I can get through this. I had to. I went 200 years without drinking human blood and I wasn't about to lose my sanity over this one girl. I give a little chuckle in response to my thoughts, wondering if family friend Edward Cullen went through the same problem with his now wife Bella when they were in high school.

Alexis's POV

A few weeks go by as I soon catch up in my classes and well still being ignored or stared at by my Biology partner. He never muttered a word, he would just stare or push over the assignment we were given. Of course Mike was there to tell me that he was always a freaky guy.

History was always a fun experience, even when we were given a 10 page paper on any Indian tribe in the United States by Professor Mitchell. I had time and actually got most of it done, about 6 pages in general. This is what happens when I work in the library. Not much to do. Currently I am sitting in History next to Mike as he looks over to see some of my paper hanging out.

Mike- Hey is that your paper?

Alexis- Yeah, I have a lot of time as I work in the library.

Mike- I haven't even started yet.

Alexis- You better, it is due next week. Do you even have a topic yet?

Mike- Yeah, what is yours on?

Alexis- The Quileute tribe.

Mike- Isn't that the tribe in La Push?

Alexis- I think so.

Mike- My friend Bella knows one of the boys, his name is Jacob. Why did you pick that trible?

Alexis- My mother was a Quileute or so she said.

Just then Professor Mitchell interrupts our small talk as I notice he keeps looking at me giving me a funny look before he speaks.

Professor Mitchell- Class, next week I won't be here, but you can turn in your papers to my TA and he will give you an in class assignment.

The rest of the time, the class goes by slow as I noticed that Prof Mitchell doesn't ever look away from me. It is like he is teaching the whole class only to me. His black eyes never leaving me and it scared me in a way. He dismissed class as I quickly got up and left with Mike as I try not to think about it anymore.

Mike- Hey Alexis are you in thereā€¦Hello?

Alexis- Oh sorry Mike, I was just thinking of something. What were you saying?

Mike- Not much, I was just saying that I was going to get that nerd Eric to write my history paper.

Alexis- Isn't that the easy way out?

Mike- *laughs* Yeah but he has been bugging me for a while for a date with my sister and I am sure I can use that to my advantage.

I laugh as well but my mind keeps going back to the look at Prof Mitchell gave me. It reminded me of the same look that Will gave me in Biology. Almost like he was trying to read my mind or figure out if I had some hidden dark secret. In a way I did but I don't like to flaunt my skills to much and I have been able to control it for this long. I just have to clear my mind. He couldn't know what I did? There was no way.