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Alexis POV

Will- Your in*runs back to his car speeding off*

I just watched Will as he left. I'm in. Did they doubt that I was pregnent. I look at Carlisle now confused, more than ever.

Alexis- Does he always do that?

Carlisle- Only when he is being impatient

Alexis- Did one of the council members not believe him?

Carlisle- Billy wanted proof

Alexis- Oh

Will's POV:

I get out of my car grabbing the bag I had placed the pregnancy test in and start for the door. Damn how did this get so fucking out of hand. I stop and think about everything that had happened up until now. I remember hearing in Edward's head one time that he thought Bella was a magnet for trouble, but what if it wasn't her, what if its this town. I mean every time I've been here there has been some sort of problem. But that is something to ponder on for another time, right now I had to go inside and convince this tribal elders that Alexis is pregnant and one of their own was the father of the child. I swear if I drove hear with a used pregnancy test and it doesn't convince them, I am going to kill every last one of them. I run in and rush past Jacob tossing the test to Billy

Will- There is that proof enough

Billy looking at it.

Billy- How do I know this isn't fake?

Will- Want proof ask Jacob to smell it..

Jacob- Ewww dad please do I have to?

Will- JACOB!

Jacob growls disgusted now

Will- This is for Seth, Jacob

Jacob- You so owe me for this

Jacob quickly smells looking at his dad

Jacob- Yeah that's her scent

I glare at Billy wondering if he was going to keep his word or if I was going to have to kill them all.

Billy- The vote is yes

Finally! I turn to leave. Sue stands up quickly following.

Sue- Wait!

I turn back around staring at Sue

Will- Your welcome

Sue- How is my daughter in law?

Will- She is in pain and grieving

Sue- Is what Leah said true? That her father killed her?

I close my eyes trying not to remember the images of New York. Trying not to remember the hurt in her eyes.

Sue- Please..I got to know

Will- Yes, her last strands of sanity were cut and she died in New York

Sue- Can I see her?

Will- She is free to return here. I'll tell her once I get back

Sue shakes her head and I walk out and to my car thinking that maybe this can finally let her move on with her life.

Alexis POV:

I again continue to play checkers with Renesme and I manage to finally win.

Renesme- Yea!...

Alexis- I think you let me win

Renesme giggles as I give a small smile as Renesme takes my hand asking me to show her what happened

Alexis- I don't think that is a good idea Renesme

Edward- No Renesme! That is something you don't need to see...maybe when you are older

Renesme shakes her head as I sigh looking out the window

Alexis- Thanks Edward

Alice- Will is back...

I look at Alice and then at Edward wondering what happened.

Alice- Don't look at me I dont know the outcome

Edward- I'll leave that to him

I nod as I finally found out the outcome. I was back in the tribe and a few monthes I had a boy, just like Alice had saw. There was only one name I could give him and that was Seth Jr. Sue and Leah ended up helping me out a lot and well Will and Tiffany didn't stick around for long but they stilled called to check in on us. My Education was complete, the pain, sorrow, love, and loss. It was all wrapped into one.