Once the girls entered the school, they each went to their respective lockers to change their shoes. Dallas held out a piece of paper that held her locker number and combination. 'Let's see, locker205 must be… Here?' She stopped, gazing in the two hundred areas and spotted the number head on. Walking over to it, she started flipping through the numbers on that paper, and got it opened. "Let's see what's behind door number two." She chuckled, opening her locker.

She placed her book bag down, unzipping it so she could out her school shoes. After all, they were smelly when she skateboarded to school… Hold up, skateboarded to school?

The young American's face paled, the principal or any other staff member would kill her if carried it around. Plus, the locker was too small to fit it. Not a good first day, now was it?

Usagi was in a rush, but noticed the new student caught in her thoughts. Seeing that skateboard and change in skin tone, it didn't take the odango-princess long to deduce some things. "Dallas-chan," She spoke, walking over her and smiled. "If you need to hide your skateboard, just give it to Haruka." She suggested.

Speaking of a certain wind senshi, the tomboy poked her head out and smiled at her princess. "Does my koneko-chan need any help?" She asked in her charming voice.

Michiru rolled her eyes, but shook her head in amusement. "Mercer-san needs to take care of her skateboard situation." She pointed out to her lover.

Dallas blushed slightly, being surrounded by older women she barely knew, going out of their way to help her. "I should've thought this through." She muttered, her green eyes gazing at her prized skateboard.

Haruka waved her hand, placing on hand on the smaller girl's skateboard. "Fear not for I, Tenoh Haruka, will make sure your board is safe." She said, her charming voice having effect on the youth, touching her hand, and smirked inwardly. After all, it was rare to find new girls to flirt with, and Dallas would have to do for now.

Michiru covered her mouth, doing a fake cough "You have seven minutes before class starts, Haruka." She informed her lover.

Haruka's charming face quickly changed to a comical frantic face. "Sh-Shimetta!" She cursed, turning her attention to her love. "Save my seat!" She said, running out of the locker room like the Roadrunner.

Dallas was left with her jaw open, her eyes bulging out of her eyes. She turned her gaze to the violinist, smiling shyly. "Arigato, um…" She didn't know Michiru's name when she first met her in the front of the school yard.

Michiru bowed in politeness, smiling gracefully at her. "My name is Kaioh Michiru. I hope we meet each other on better circumstances... Mercer-san" She introduced and walked, but not before tracing her finger on the young girl's cheek. After all, it wasn't fair that her 'shining knight' Haruka were to tease the new girl. She left the brunette blushing like crazy, moving ever so elegantly to boot.

Dallas's was left in an embarrassing situation, quickly getting on her school shoes quickly, stuffed her regular shoes and lunch into her locker. "I'll see you around Tsukino-san, and tell Tenoh-san I said thanks." She said, continuing to blush and wondered if she'd die on her first day. That was a new one, death by flirts from the tomboy and violinist.


Soon the day rolled by fast, and lunch arrived just in time. Dallas went to one of the lunch tables, one that she saw the familiar group she ran into this morning. The only person missing was the school nurse, Setsuna Meioh was it? Well, it disappointed her, but she hoped that she would meet her again after school hours.

Minako was the first to spot Dallas, waving over to her enthusiastically. "Mercer-san! Come and sit with us!" She said, feeling a hand on her shoulder.

That familiar hand belonged to Rei, forcing the hyperactive blonde to sit down. "Minako, I swear, control yourself!" She scolded her in a low and hissing voice.

Minako pouted slightly, immediately rushing over to the brunette and wrapped her arms around the other. "Don't mind her, she's always like this." She joked half-heartedly. After all, it was easy to get the priestess all 'fired up' in Minako's case.

Dallas laughed nervously, her green eyes turning to the steaming raven haired girl, who was being soothed by Usagi to calm down. 'Aino-san really needs to lay off the sugar.' She thought, having that expression her friends when she points out obvious things. She saw a taller brunette, the one she met earlier, shaking her head at the goddess of love's insistence.

Makoto sighed, patting a seat for Dallas to sit next to her. "Don't let the 'daddy's girl' image fool you, Mercer-san." She muttered, but quickly stood up. "My name is Kino Makoto, but everyone calls me Mako-chan."

Dallas gave Minako a look while blushing, watching the blonde pout again and bowed to Makoto. "Nice to meet you Kino-san." She said, smiling gently. "And your name sounds very pretty... Like your appearance." She added before she took her seat.

It was Makoto's turn to blush, but it was natural for her to blush. "Um, t-thank you." She stammered, quickly taking her seat.

Michiru cleared her throat. "Usagi-chan, why don't you introduce the others to Mercer-san?" She suggested to the blonde, who was busy gobbling down her food.

Ami sighed, blushing slightly and decided to introduce herself before her princess talked with her mouth full. "My name is Mizuno Ami." She said, bowing her since she was engrossed in one of her books.

Hotaru smiled somewhat shyly at Dallas, bowing as well. "I'm Tomoe Hotaru." She replied. She was slowly growing out of that shy nature, when being around new people. However, with Dallas around, it wouldn't be so bad. She felt her hair being ruffled, and that played her in a giggling mood.

Since Haruka was ruffling her hair, she couldn't help but grin. "Our firefly here is me, Michiru, and Setsuna's pride of joy." She explained to Dallas.

Michiru nodded, wanting to elaborate on what the handsome racecar driver was saying. "What she means is, as Hotaru's adoptive parents, we're glad she brings out the best of things." She stated matter of factly.

Dallas couldn't help believe these two were very mature, and responsible for their age. She wondered if she missed out on something; such as, since when teenagers started acting like adults. "I'm to guess that you three look after Haruka." She joked, thinking it was fair that some of the girls did their light-hearted jokes.

Rei smiled gently and turned her gaze to Dallas. "My name is Hino Rei." She introduced herself, bowing her head out of respect.

"Oh, you're the pyro who Minako was teasing." Dallas pointed out.

Rei gave Minako that annoyed look, the one that spelled out 'I will rip you a new one', as her eye twitched. However, the older raven haired girl quickly turned her attention to the new girl. "No need to fear me Mercer-san" She assured with a kind smile.

Dallas sighed, revealing a nervous smile and made sure to not to get on Rei's bad side. "Say, where's the other person that was with you earlier?" She asked. The brunette wanted to meet the older woman after school.

Haruka perked at the mention of her housemate's name, thinking that it was best that Dallas figure out for herself… That, or her and Michiru could just flirt with the time guardian nonstop until Dallas confessed that she liked her. "That you'll have to find out on your own." She replied casually, grinning slightly.

Dallas' lip slightly curved into a semi-pout, but was determined to know more about

the nurse that helped her up.


Soon school was over, as Setsuna was busy finishing up her paperwork. It was alright being the school nurse. Although, it wasn't the most thrilling job to have. She wanted to be a professor at Tokyo University and teach what she knew… Well, secretly knew, decades and centuries of any subject that came to her mind.

Dallas was rushing through the hallways, trying to find the nurse's office. Waiting class after class drove her nuts, but mostly on the inside. She hid it with her quiet persona of being the new student, but wanted to see Setsuna. It was gnawing at the back of young American girl's sub-conscious, like a dog wanting it's master to throw the damn stick already. 'Come on legs, move a bit faster… No wait, I can't because I'll get in trouble for running in the hallways!' She exclaimed in her mind. She found what looked like to be the nurse's office, and smiled to herself. She soon paused at the door, knocking on it.

Setsuna jumped from the sudden noise, after being so engrossed in her paper work. She gazed at the clock, chuckling to herself. How the time flew by so quickly. "You can come in." She announced.

Dallas opened the door, poking her head in. Her cheeks started to boil up again, gazing at the dark green haired nurse. "M-Mu-Mushi Mushi," She replied, trying her best to smile and epically failed. However, she instantly dropped her tongue to Japanese.

The time guardian blinked, and it clicked to where she recognized that face. "Oh hello, I almost forgot about you." She said, smiling warmly at the new girl. "Dallas Mercer, that is your name, isn't it?" She asked

Dallas blushed, nodding her head nervously, bowing in front of the beautiful woman in her eyes. "Hai, I'm Dallas Mercer. It's nice to meet you… What was your name?" It was her turn to ask.

Setsuna covered her mouth, giggling slightly. How silly of her to forget her matters. "Meioh Setsuna." She introduced herself, getting out of her chair, walking over to the girl and bowed to her. "Please, come on in. My… Housemates and daughter will be here. I could use some company." She offered.

Dallas smiled shyly, but her mind triggered of a recent event of Haruka flirting with the older woman. Nonetheless, she walked in, but stumbled a bit. "Waaaaahh!" She wailed.

Setsuna moved quickly, catching the brunette elegantly ever so elegantly. By being on the opposite side, her right arm was extended with her hand supporting Dallas' upper back, and her other arm around Dallas waist. All the while, Dallas' arms were wrapped around Setsuna's neck. Her garnet orbs gazed into the other young woman's green eyes, trying to see past all the emotions, and her cheeks became slightly flushed.

Dallas was blushing as much as the time guardian, having this close contact to her. She had read somewhere that it was impolite to touch another person in public… But it was just the two of them in the nurse's office, right?

Many thoughts were running through Setsuna's mind. A mixture of emotions were starting to form within the mysterious woman, wondering why she was feeling this way. She was gazing at the brunette, in a different light. She felt her presence to be familiar, in the past life maybe? Still, some part of her seemed to secretly enjoy this attention.

"Well, well, looks like we just other selves two love birds." A familiar husky voice spoke, her physique leaning against the door frame, with her arms crossed, and a smirk widened on her lips.

"Sets, if you wanted Dallas so badly, all you had to do was ask." Michiru teased, standing next to Haruka and smiled sweetly.

Dallas' blush increased, gazing at the older woman. "So, you wanna go to the night club… As my partner in crime?" She asked.

Setsuna helped straighten Dallas out, smiling gently. "If you let me go, I can prep up back at home." She replied, slightly teasing Dallas.

Dallas blinked a few times, unwrapping her arms around Setsuna's neck, and smiled gently. "… That sounds great." She said softly. In the back of her mind, she was feeling glad that she tripped up, and landed in the arms of a rather beautiful woman.


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